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Best fitness trackers 2020

Guys the main concern of today’ generation is to be fit in their daily life and it is even necessary to be fit to live a strong life. It is a necessary part of our daily life to become healthy in long run and stay fit throughout our life. Fitness is the key to success it was said by very old legend and we think he was true because fitness is really needed to live this stressful life. Body fitness not only makes us energetic and it also helps our body to protect it from this harmful diseases.

So to become healthy the one thing which really supported us is the best fitness tracker device, yes fitness tracker devices help us to monitor our regular exercise routine. And there are lots of fitness tracking devices available in the market but you have to choose the correct one for you.

There are lots of gadgets for tracking body activities and fitness and comes with different features and many of people use to buy some fitness device some basic features like some people need to regulate their heartbeat so they like to buy some devices which are specially manufactured for regulating heartbeat.

So guys here we are going to introduce you to some of the best fitness tracking devices which are available on Amazon online store with the rating of more than 4 stars. And also people who are looking for the right fitness tracking device which does not only work well but also available at affordable rate.

Another thing which requires in good fitness tracking device is it looks, it is very important that your fitness tracking devices are stylish in look. So friends you are on right place if you are finding some affordable and best fitness tracking devices which you are really going to like.

Below we are going to go to tell you some of the best fitness tracking devices which will suit to your budgets also.

Best fitness tracker for tracking body activities in 2020

fitbit-zip best fitness trackerWhen we talk about the best fitness tracking device than the most popular brand name which comes to mind is Fitbit. At this time Fitbit is one of the top fitness tracker selling the brand in all over the world. And its not only provide the fitness trackers in the market but also makes tracker as everyone’s budget. Fitbit allows you to regulate your daily life activity like stairs steps, distance traveled and calories you burned.

Fitbit also makes some awesome devices which can even track your sleep time but it is about to very high budget. And in it some devices, it offers to set your morning alarm with the facility of an alarm clock. And it is like the one-time investment means you have to buy it once and you will not need to charge Fitbit zip, again and again, its battery works up to six months.


  • It has a long battery life about to six months, so you won’t have to charge it.
  • It is available in the budget of everyone. So anyone can afford it.
  • It comes with the easy to wear form, which you can hook in your pocket or your chest.
  • There are no buttons in it, it is fully touchpad.


  • You cannot regulate your heartbeat with Fitbit zip because it is only available in the new model of Fitbit.
  • You cannot track your sleeping time with the Fitbit zip because it is an old model of Fitbit.
  • You cannot swim with it because it is not water resistance.


garmin-vivofit-2-activity-trackerAnother fitness tracking device in our list is Gramin Vivofit. It is like a basic wristband with the narrow system and has a rectangular screen which shows your daily taking steps, a distance you traveled and calories you burned in a whole day.

It is a dual device because whenever you want you can use it as your fitness device and whenever you want you can use it as your regular watch because it also shows time and date. The best part is that it can track your sleep time just you have to do is click on the option to activate sleep mode.

To motivate you daily it keeps all of your data of daily running so you can improve yourself. Its battery life is also so long for up to 5 months and you don’t need to charge it just change the battery and use it again.


  • It has a long battery life and after when its battery gets over you can change it, no need to charge.
  • You can your reminder on any day.
  • Show regular exercise chart to improve your performance.


  • You cannot track your heart rate with Gramin vivofit, it is not for that.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • It is expensive, not everyone can afford it.
  • It does not have automatic sleep tracker, you have to start it before you sleep every night.


Xiaomi-Fitness-Monitor-Wearable-SmartbandNow let talk about the one of the best selling brand, friends as we all know that Xiaomi is all famous for its awesome smartphones but now Xiaomi started making fitness tracking which rocked in the market, that’s why we put Xiaomi MI Band Pulse in our this list.

The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is one that device which can regulate your heart rate, and the very big thing it is available is the very affordable rate. Otherwise, this key features usually found only on high budget trackers.

When you will tie on your wrist it will start monitoring your heart rate. It can prove very useful in your cardio exercise just go to its right menu and wait to tell till the Mi checks your heart rate.


  • It is only the device which can regulate your heartbeat and available in very affordable price of 24$.
  • It has a vibrating alarm which is very helpful like now no another person will disturb you in your home it just vibrate on your wrist.
  • It also tracks your sleep time.


  • You can swim with this device because it is not waterproof.
  • Its battery life is just about to 10 days.
  • The material of this fitness tracker device is not that much good as compared to other devices.


misfit-wearables-flash-fitness-and-sleep-monitorMisfit is also a one of the top brand which is famous for selling fitness tracking devices and like all other Misfit’s devices, this Misfit Flash is very slim and circular disk which can be fit on your wrist so you can wear it easily on your wrist. This device has no display just has different colors of 12 LED lights around the top of the circle which shows that how close you are to fitness goals. The main feature of Misfit Flash is its battery life which is up to six months and then you can buy another battery for your device.

Misfit Flash helps to track the numbers of steps you have to take in your whole day, and how much distance you’ve traveled and also track the how much you’ve burned. Misfit Flash is full of features which you can expect from any good fitness tracker. Misfit Flash also tracks your sleep and can automatically regulate when you’re doing exercise which includes your walking, cycling, and running or any other gym exercise.

Pros of misfit flash activity tracker :-

  • You can use it for so long because of its 6 months battery life.
  • All the features in it are automatic you do not have to restart them.
  • It tracks you all types of activity like running, walking and workout.

Con’s misfit flash activity tracker :-

  • It is very expensive.
  • There is no display in it sometimes which confuses its users.
  • It is not the waterproof device, so you can swim with it.


  • Basis Peak – Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Now get fit and motivated with the ultimate fitness and sleep, tracker. This device allows you to look on your daily life activity and sleeping time. The best features of this device are that with the fitness tracking is also work as your Bluetooth device like you can connect it from your phone to get all the notification in the display of this device.

This device has the capacity to regulate your heartbeat for the whole day and also automatically tracks your walking distance, your running time and sleep. It is so sleek and easy in wear which you can even take with you in your gym to tracking your workout. It is available on Amazon at the rate of $199.99.


  • It is fully automatic you don’t need to start it to track your fitness activity.
  • It also tracks your time of workout in the gym.
  • It can connect with your phone, and alert when you will get any notification.


  • It’s Price is too high not everyone can afford it.
  • You cannot set and reminder and alarm in it.
  • You cannot use it to track your swim time and swimming activity.

So guys here we updated all the best fitness tracking devices. We have come up with some of the best fitness tracking devices which are available on Amazon very attractive discount. All of these devices have more than four starts on online shopping stores, which proves that these are the best out of rest.

So if you are looking for any good fitness tracking device then you can choose anyone of those according to your need.

How to choose a good fitness tracking device

Just like having healthy food is necessary to be fit same with fitness tracking device, choose a good fitness tracking device is very important to regulate your daily activity to know that how you are going or what you have to improve.

Sometimes people don’t aware of the fitness tracking devices so they buy as any seller convince them to their device and after buying any wrong device people not even happy with the features of it but for your information we want to share that to choose a good tracking device is like a choose your gym partner, so choose well.

Our team of expert had some research and got some points for you that how to choose any good fitness tracking device for yourself.

Guide for buying top fitness activity tracker band

First take a look on the features of the activity tracking device, like if you need a device for some specific reason so you can choose the different device. For example, if you want to monitor your heartbeat then you should buy that device which has enables heart tracking features and can show information on your mobile via fitness app.

If you want to buy any activity tracking device for long battery life then there are many options for tracking devices which have long battery life you can choose any one of them.

Another point is that keep your budget in your mind, you can buy fitness tracking device in any of your budgets just you need to research some of the sites which giving you more discount.

Final Verdict

So guys here we do with this post, hope you found all the information about the best fitness tracking devices. Hope you find this article helpful and if yes then please give reviews on us in the comment box also you can share our blog on your Facebook post. All the above information which we provided about fitness trackers is collected by our team of an expert from the top site on Google and also on the basis of ratings in Amazon store.

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So, friends, you don’t have to think about the quality and budget because all the Best fitness trackers we mentioned are good enough to buy in 2020 and beyond. So guys if you have any query about this then visit our homepage and if any question related to our blog then ask in the comment section.


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