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Road bicycles, which are also called Sportive bicycles, describe bicycles which are designed for moving at top speed on paved roads. Although some users call them racing bicycles, other completely exclude the term from their definition. Road bicycles share certain common features, as compared to other styles of bicycles like folding bikes, hybrid bikes etc. Some of these features include narrow, high-pressure tires, bent handlebars, derailleur gears, and disc or rim brakes.

There are a plethora of road bikes available for purchase. There are so much you may get confused so we have reviewed some of the best selling bikes available in the market for you to choose from and buy as they are trusted by a lot of users. Below is a list of ten best road bikes that is available at less than $1000.

 Best road bikes under $1000 in 2022

Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike from Schwinn with 700c Wheels

If you are looking for a great bike which would equally be an asset to your workout regimen, then the Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600. It is a wonderful drop bar road bicycle which comes with the 700c set of wheels. The bike is designed to consume trails and help users when it comes to shedding those extra pounds and burning of unnecessary calories.

This bike will enhance all of your fitness goals and bring them to the limelight. Carbon fiber is used for making the aluminum frame and it features a lightweight fork. The bike from schwinn is quite rigid and it is built to withstand the challenges of any terrain you choose to ride it on.


  1. Frameset:

It comes with a pretty standard 6061 aluminum setup. This is a pretty traditional frame size. The front fork is made of carbon fiber. The advantage of using carbon fiber in bikes is that it helps to absorb road vibrations, thereby creating a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  1. Shifting:

The shifting mechanism employs the Shimano Claris level. This simply means that it shifters are all fully integrated with the brakes. This translate to mean that all of your bike’s controls can be found in one place. You won’t need to take your hands off the brakes to shift, meaning you will be in control at all time. It comes with eight gears at the rear and two upfront. It has plenty of low-end gears which allows for hill climbing.

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike 700c Wheels
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  1. Wheelset:

This bike’s wheelset is another of its top selling point. The bike employs double-walled wheels which confers extra strength on the wheels.

Other important features of the Schwinn Phocus 1600 include;

  • -14-speed drivetrain which is full Shimano
  • -An alloy crank from SR Suntour
  • -An alloy caliper road brakes which are designed by Promax


  1. It is super easy to assemble
  2. The bike is lightweight and does great in both trails and path
  3. The bike is designed for giving riders reflexes like that of a cat


  1. It has a limitation of size
  2. It has no gear indicator on the switch
  3. The quality of the pedal straps are not of high quality

Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike from Raleigh Bikes

If you were in need of an ideal endurance bike capable of going for long rides and century rides, then the Raleigh Merit 2 should be your bike of choice. The bike comes with unique features that ensures the bike is comfortable and efficient. The bike features a responsive aluminum fork, wide tires that gives it stability, and disc brakes which gives it excellent braking power.

The bike is fast and light. It also features classic road bike design coupled with thru axles front and rear. This add stiffness to the bike giving it a more precise control and steering. This bike from Raleigh bikes is designed to take you to wherever you wish to go, as fast as you want to get there.

The bike is constructed with an aluminum frame of 6061 quality along with & custom alloy fork. This contributes to the bike’s lightness and speed. You can choose from the 16 available speeds, also the 8spd STI shifters from Shimano Claris will ensure to ride smoothly on hilly regions also. Regardless of the weather condition, the disc brakes offers tremendous stopping power, and the Strada LGG tires from Clement gives good stability.


  1. It features a lightweight aluminum frame which has built in rack and fender mounts
  2. The Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters gives 16 gear combinations
  3. The TRP Spyre C dual actuated mechnical disc brakes gives it excellent stopping power
  4. It uses Clement Strada LGG tires which gives cushion and stability when you ride
    Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike
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  1. It is constructed with an aluminum frame which is light thereby giving it fast ride
  2. The bike is quite durable and easy to maintain
  3. It offers quick handling thereby helping users to avoid obstacles
  4. It features wide tires which promote stability
  5. Compared to most other bikes in its category, this bike comparatively cheaper and more affordable
  6. It comes with Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes which promotes safety and offer low maintenance


  1. Many people prefer other bikes to the Raleigh Merit 1, one of this is that it lacks most quality features found in Raleigh Merit 2 and 3
  2. Most beginners have also complained that it is hard to shift brakes
  3. For some people, they find it hard to assemble the different parts

SAVADECK 700 C Carbon Road Bike

If you want a first-class road bike produced by a reputable and well known bike brand which only uses the best quality materials and component, then the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike should be topmost on your mind. Some of the key features that stand this bike out is the Carbon Fiber Frame, the Shimano 6800 Derailleur, and its adoption of the Hutinson tyres. It comes with a fully internal cable routing which ensures clean airflow over the entire bike. It has a tapered head tube which strengthens the rigidity of the torsion and allow riders to get a better handling.


  1. Carbon fiber:

The bike is constructed with carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is the lightest weight bike frame available. This carbon frame allows for a much smoother ride as it absorbs vibrations generated while riding, thereby allowing the rider to focus on enjoying the ride. Carbon fiber frames have been shown to be stronger and more durable during lab test, when compared to aluminum bike frames. Aside from this, they are built to withstand bumps or scraps that any rider may face. The tremendous advantages of Carbon fibre has made them extremely popular among bike manufacturers as it is a tried and tested quality material.

  1. Shimano 6800:

This was a system developed in Japan which allows the holowtech crankset to transfer pedal power of the rider to the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road bike. This allows the rider to be able to reach their destination quicker and easier.

  1. Saddle:

The bike features a specially made Italian saddle which is designed for long distance commutes. This helps to give the rider a first class ride. The Italian company that design the saddle is known throughout the bike industry as a company that values passion, speed and beauty. The brand is a luxurious brand in the road racing industry.

  1. Tires:

The tires of SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C are produced by Hutinson. They are designed to grip firmly to the road, allowing the rider to maximize their full potential. As a Taiwan low friction hub, it offers the ultimate grip on the road.

SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike
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  1. Color:

The SAVA Phantom is offered in three key color combinations. Basically, they are black but with three choices of Orange, Grey, or Red. This translate to mean that there is a color that fits every rider. You can either go for a classic color or a distinctive and more vibrant racing color.

  1. Brakes:

The brakes of the bike are Shimano 6800 derailleur which gives full control to the rider. These brakes allow the rider to easily and more efficiently change the pace of the bike safely. It allows rider to easily perform emergency stops.


  1. It comes with a strong and efficient brake system
  2. It features a strong carbon fiber frame and wheel set fork which gives it strength and assures of smooth working
  3. It utilizes professional saddle
  4. It is an excellent choice for beginner bikers
  5. It is one of the lightest weight bikes available in the market
  6. It employs the use of latest technology
  7. It has good working tires, they are hard wearing and low friction


  1. The bike is a little bit costly for people with low budget

yyccoo Road Bike

The Highland Road Bike is one heck of a bike. Designed for enthusiasts, the bike still maintains value combined with its ultimate performance. The bike is built around a handcrafted 6061 aluminum frame and carbon fork. The bike features a Shimano 21 Speed STI shifters and derailleurs for increased mileage. The light aluminum 700c wheels help to keep the rotational weight in check.

The bike is good for a rider who wish to step up from an entry-level bike game and get themselves something more professional. The bike is basically an upgrade from the yyccoo model and their other model. The bike specs come with a considerable amount of improvements.


  1. Shifters:

The shifters for this bike are Shimano. They offer an impressive 21 speeds, therefore making the bike very versatile in virtually every incline conditions; be it uphill, downhill or when you are just strolling through town.

Most users have expressed satisfaction with the way yyccoo bike handles mildly rough terrain with no major difficulty. And if you are in search of a Libero women’s road bike, this model can equally be a good choice. This is because of its ergonomic shape which makes it a good fit for both male and female riders.

  1. Frame:

The bike has an aluminum frame, which is quite common for among mid-range bikes. What this bike has that most other mid-range models don’t have is the carbon fork in the handlebars. Although carbon is tougher than aluminum, it is more flexible. The implication of this is that your handlebars are more shock absorbent, offering a smoother ride. The Libero bike blends the rigid stiffness of aluminum and the malleability of carbon fiber to deliver the best of different worlds.

Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike
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  1. Design:

The design of the bike is one of the most notable things about this bike. Compared to most other models, the Giordano Libero 2.0 doesn’t require riders to completely lean forward, which is usually stressful for the lower back. Rather than that, users can assume a more neutral posture which would be much more comfortable. This is particularly for casual riders who don’t need to travel at very high speeds.

  1. Wheels:

The bike comes with Vitesse alloy rim which has a high quality. These wheels are bound to last a long time as they are light but very rigid and durable. They are built to withstand a lot of punishment.

  1. Saddle:

One of the complaint that is common with low-end models are their saddle. It is not same with the Giordano Libero 2.0. It comes with a Velo saddle which is strategically shaped and padded with soft materials to encourage long rides without suffering discomfort.


  1. It comes with carbon fork handlebars
  2. It features excellent design
  3. It is made from high-quality components


  1. Some reviewers have commented that the pedals need improvement

6ku Fixed gear Road Bike

The 6ku road bicycle which is apt for virtually everyone; beginners, amateurs, anyone who is looking forward to be involved in serious road biking and racing. It comes with strong and lightweight frame which can carry riders of up to 330 pounds. It comes in three different sizes and three color schemes.

There are three attractive two-toned designs that users can choose from, this includes; yellow and grey, green and black, and red and white. Each of these designs are unisex, attractive and apt for men and women who are looking towards having pop of color as they take to the roads with this unique Shimano racing bike.

It features an aerodynamic frame and wheels which are built for long distance riding. The bike’s sleek look will allow it cut through the air like a pro. With these amazing features, you can begin to enjoy your journey to serious riding or simply taking casual rides around the neighborhood.


  1. Specs:

The bike comes in three different sizes which are suitable for men and women; 50cm, 54cm, and 58cm. These measurements describe the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the top of the seat tube.

  1. Design:

The design of the bike features a light weight Aluminum frame which is lightweight but sturdy, making it perfect for the road and for a smooth aerodynamic ride.

  1. Easy saddle adjustment:

It comes with an easy set up and adjustment saddle, which is designed for comfort during long time pedaling. It makes the bike great for either daily work commutes or weekend leisure rides.

  1. Pre-assembled:

The bike arrives 85% assembled. All you will be needing to do will be to install the pedals, handlebars, front wheel and air up the tires.

Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle
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  1. Water bottle holder:

You can keep your favorite refreshing beverage at arm’s length with the convenient bottle holder. It is important that you are properly hydrated during your workouts as this ensure that your health and workout performance stay at optimum levels.


  1. The bike is constructed with aluminum, this makes it light enough for road race function
  2. The bike is unisex, making it ideal for everyone
  3. It comes with strong aluminum rims
  4. It comes with sleek and beautiful design which gives it a perfect esthetic look
  5. It is aerodynamic in nature thereby making it highly adaptive when it comes to racing adventures
  6. It gives better control and speed, this is because of its lightweight nature as opposed to having steel counterparts.
  7. You have a wide range of colors from which to choose from
  8. It comes 80% assembled, making it very easy to assemble.


  1. The bike comes with plastic pedals which are considered weak particularly with regards to a road bike
  2. It has loose handlebars which are quite far and pretty uncomfortable
  3. The brakes are of a comparatively lesser quality which can compromise the safety of the rider
  4. The front tire is considered unstable as it at times hits the pedal when negotiating corners. This can be a safety issue as it may compromise your ability to control the bike effectively when negotiating sharp bends
  5. The wheels sometimes generate a grinding noise or feel in the hubs
  6. The bike comes with cheap and poor quality derailleur
  7. The saddle equally is poor in quality. It typically wears out too soon.

Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike

This bike is a great economical road bike that you can find in the market. The Tommaso Imola Road bike is a really great looking bike. By investing such little money, you will enjoy high-quality Italian manufacturing and design. The Tommaso Imola is available only through online purchasing, therefore you can’t do a test ride before buying it.

However, there are many reviews about the bike online to give you a fairly good idea of what you get when you make a purchase. It is interesting to note that the majority of these reviews are great and heap praises on the bike for its wonderful features.

If you have realistic expectations from a cheap bike, then you should be a lot happy with the Tommaso Imola. The bike is great for someone who is just starting to cycle or for someone who is buying a road bike for the first time and wishes to test the terrain without enduring the obligations of a more expensive road bike.


  1. Frame:

The Tommaso Imola uses an aluminum frame which is standard when compared to other bikes in its price range. The geometry of the bike is one which works and the manufacturers do not see a requirement for changing it since it does an awesome job. It isn’t heavy neither is it uncomfortable. It provides an effortless ride both on uneven surfaces and uphill.

The frame of this road bike comes in three colors; white, black and burnt orange.

  1. Drivetrain:

It is quite common for bike manufacturers to use low-end solutions for their drivetrain as this is where they tend to get higher margins. This is not so for the Tommaso Imola as the manufacturers fitted the bike with complete Shimano Claris drivetrain groupset. The Shimano Claris components fitted on this bike makes it a great buy for its riders.

The bike is great for beginner road cyclists as the combination of its gears is 3×8. This way, they are a lot of gear adjustment combinations for riders to grind their way uphill and keep up with friends who may be riding more high-end road bikes.

  1. Derailleurs:

The derailleurs from Shimano Claris groupset are great on this bike. This groupset is common with many bikes which are economical and budget-friendly because it provides an awesome performance without breaking the bank.

The transition between gears will definitely be seamless provides you adjust them properly. It is advised that when you buy the Imola, you take it to a bike shop near your house so the trained professional can get it adjusted.

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike
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  1. Wheels and tires:

The Tommaso Imola is fitted with the company’s self-made Tommaso Corsa TC-20 wheel. Although they may not have come with the aerodynamic shape that is obtainable in most of the high end Tommaso road bikes but they perform just fine. The front wheel features 20 spokes but the rear wheel has just 24 spokes. This means that it will support users weight without any issues.

The tires that clad these wheels are the Kenda 700x25c, which offers a good width particularly when you are coming from a different type of outdoor bike. These tires will roll without any qualms on most roads such that your ride will be smooth. It is important to note that you may need to take the road bike to a professional to truce the wheels after you purchase it.

  1. Brakes:

The Tommaso Imola falls in the category of an economical road bike so it doesn’t come fitted with disc brakes. Disc brakes tend to be too bulky & heavy on budget bikes, and most times unnecessary. Many bike manufacturers try to save more money for themselves by going for a no-name solution. The Tommaso Imola, however, have opted for mid level good quality Shimano Claris brake calipers for this road bike model thereby allowing riders to stop instantly when required.


  1. It comes with light 6061 aluminum frame
  2. It employs Shimano Claris components
  3. It allows riders to upgrade quite easily
  4. It comes in six different sizes
  5. It is available in three different colors


  1. It will require the assistance of a professional to assemble
  2. The rims are pretty heavy
  3. The saddle can be uncomfortable for some people

Haanjo 3 Gravel Adventure Road Bike from Diamondback Bicycles

The Diamondback Haanjo 3 is an adventure bike that would open you to a world of possibilities. The bike can handle any kind of road, be it paved or not. The Haanjo 3 was designed to deliver a great balance of durability and comfort. It features an Endurance Geometry which puts riders in a comfortable position, perfect for both long rides and rough roads. The bike is built with ample gearing for days when you may need to try out new routes with hills of unknown length.  There are no limits to where you can go with the Haanjo 3 road bike. The bike can handle so much more than typical road riding.


  1. Frame:

The Diamondback Haanjo 3 comes with a frame with a fairly relaxed geometry, which is slightly longer and taller than your traditional cyclocross bike. This contributes to a comfortable ride with a lot of stability. The bike performs much better than most other road-style gravel bikes, even more than those which cost three times the price.

The bike features a third water bottle cage mount, it has rack and fender compatibility and comes with front and rear thru axles. These unique features ensure that you have a bike that can transport you to work on weekdays and handle whatever touring, epic trails or century rides that you may have planned for the weekend.

  1. Build:

The Haanjo 3 bike is built for any surface, be it roads, asphalt, tarmac or any other terrain in between. The first thing that you would notice about this bike is the sexy curve on the top-tube. It continuous seamlessly along the seat stay, this gives the bike a sense of unity and integrity. It also has a practical value as it improves stability and comfort.

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3 Gravel Adventure Road Bike
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  1. Assembly:

These bikes are quite easy to assemble. The bike is packed with so much care and almost completely assembled that what is left for users before taking it on a ride is to attach the wheels, pedals, and saddle. Depending on how dexterous you are with your hands, you can complete the assembling between 15 minutes to several hours.

All the tools that you will need for assembly are included in the package. Although a pedal wrench is included in the package, the pedals come with a hex for attachment.

  1. Models:

The Haanjo series is designed for men. The bike’s body is made of aluminum and has four different sizes, ranging from 5’4” to 6’4”. This is one of the strong sides of this bike as it caters to riders as tall as 6’4″ or even 6’5″.


  1. The bike is quite affordable
  2. It is a durable
  3. The bike is very stable
  4. It comes with some nice, comfortable features


  1. It comes with only one color option

Womens Revere 2 Endurance Road Bike from Raleigh Bikes

This is the road bike from Raleigh bikes for women to go the distance and get fit. It is built for comfort and efficiency on the pavement offering great stopping power, a responsive ride, and stability which is provided by its wider tires. It comes with a woman-specific endurance geometry which helps users to keep pedaling comfortably regardless of how long the rides may be. This geometry helps users to keep sitting upright causing less strain on the back and neck.

The Revere 2 bike comes with a size-specific crankset, handlebar, and stem. It also features a woman’s bike seat which offers a great fit and feels just perfect. It features a 6061 aluminum frame and custom alloy fork which keeps the bike light, fun to ride and fast. It comes with Shimano Claris shifters which is capable of flattening any hill by offering 16 speeds from which to choose from.  Its mechanical disc brakes gives it excellent stopping power regardless of the weather condition.


  1. Comfortable handlebars:

There are majorly two types of handlebars from which riders can choose from, there are flat bars and riser bars. Flat bars are lighter as they are a bit lower on the bike. These bars are apt for riding long distances as it allows riders to be able to lean a little forward and avoid a backache.

The riser bars, on the other hand, are simple to reach and wider. These bars are excellent for when you are riding upright or downhill. The Raleigh women bike comes with both and you can use any depending on the particular place you are riding.

  1. Sturdy Aluminum Frame:

This bike is designed especially for women as it comes with a women’s specific aluminum frame. The frame is light, allowing for fast riding plus beautiful which serves as attraction for women. You can decide to change the frame of this bike as it is readily available. But changing the frame translates to buying a whole bike at once. That is why the manufacturer make sure the bike comes with a durable frame so you won’t see any need to change in so soon.

Raleigh Bikes Women's Revere 2 Endurance Road Bike
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  1. Integrated Shifters:

Previously, majority of bikes are equipped with shifters which is believed to help riders as they ride up a hill. For bikes without effective and efficient shifters, riders will have to apply much force which may then stress the chest resulting in an inability to breathe properly.

This Raleigh bike is fitted with the best and durable Shimano shifters which offers 16 speeds of choice. So when going up a hill, you won’t feel it so much as it comes with integrated shifters.

  1. Easy fit:

A bike which fits properly will guarantee a pleasant riding experience. A poorly fitting bike will result to muscle ache, inefficient riding and pains, thereby discouraging further riding.

The Raleigh women’s bike comes with adjustable parts which can be adjusted to your own choice. Research has shown that women have proportionately narrower shoulders and long legs as compared to men. The Raleigh women bike is designed to meet this purpose so women can enjoy riding.

  1. Wheels and Tires:

The bike comes with the best and durable wheels and tires. The rims of the bike are double walled. It uses a Smooth Kenda tires 700 by 28c. These tires have a little more width as compared to most other tires and this is for increased safety and comfort. These tires offer fast movement when it comes into contact with the ground.


  1. The bike comes with strong braking system
  2. The bike is comfortable for entry riders
  3. The bike offers plenty of speed options


  1. It can be a little pricey

Monza Endurance Road Bike from Tommaso

If you are interested in stepping up to the top of the line aluminum bike so you can go racing with your friends on weekends or to tackle century rides, then the Tommaso Monza road bicycle should be a bike of choice. The bike features a premium 6061 SLA Aluminum frame and a Tommaso High-modulus Carbon Technology fork. The bike is so good that it looks even fast when standing still.

The Monza frame was built to combine the latest developments in the shaped tubing and compact frame design technologies to offer the rider the smoothest, most powerful and exhilarating feeling ever. Not only does the geometry provide a smooth rider, but there is also increased power transfer when it is compared to other frame geometries. The frames obtainable in this bike are built to last and furthermore they are backed by an industry leading lifetime frame guarantee.


  1. Frame and fork:

The frame and fork found in the Tommaso Monza road bike is very much similar to that obtainable in other Tommaso road bikes, such as the Tommaso Forcella. The frame of the bike is constructed from 6061 alloy, therefore it is durable, performs well on the road, and offers good racing geometry. It comes in two colors; blue and black.

Carbon fibers are used to make the fork on the Tommaso Monza. This is actually the only part of the bike that is made of carbon. This helps to reduce the weight of the bike and improves its overall performance, by transferring more power to the front wheel.

Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike
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  1. The Tiagra Components:

One of the most notable components of the Tommaso Monza are the Shimano Tiagra components. Some of these components includes the drivetrain, dereailluers, brakes, shifters and brake levers.

The Shimano Tiagra derailleurs are reputed for their reliable solution as they give the rider a smooth shifting experience. So whether you are shifting in the wet or you are under tension, or even if sprinting, it will not disappoint and won’t give in. You are certain to get more from this bike than you would get from some other bike brands for the same amount.

The drivetrain is a blend of 10-speed cassette in the back and a 2-speed crankset. The 20 gears that is offered by this combination is more than adequate to give enough speed regardless of the terrain. This is an improvement when you compare it to some other cheaper Tommaso models which boost of a 3×8 combination as it saves on additional weight.

The brakes are a part of the Tiagra package so you can put your trust on them even when you are coming down hard on a hill. These brakes are brake calipers, this means some weight are saved there as well.

  1. Wheelset:

The lightweight Tommaso Corsa TC-40 are used for the rims of the Tommaso Monza. The front wheel has 40mm aluminum rims with 20 spokes while the rear wheel comes with 24 spokes. The idea behind the design of the rims is for it to be the most aero and at the same time the strongest of all the Tommaso Corsa line. Aside from being more aero than the previous TC-30, it also looks better, thereby giving a pro look when riders are on it.

  1. Saddle and handlebar:

The Tommaso Monza features a handlebar that is called UltraCompact. It is designated Tommaso Monza’s exclusive handlebar because it allows rider to have an ideal riding position when they are riding in the drops and maximizing aerodynamics and speed.

The saddle is a product of the relationship between WTB and Tommaso, It gives an overall mean and fast look to the Tommaso Monza.


  1. It comes with full Tiagra Groupset
  2. It comes with Carbon fork
  3. Premium craftsmanship is employed in its construction
  4. It has an awesome look
  5. It is very affordable


  1. It is not a well-known brand
  2. Slow final gear


One of the key selling points of this bike is that it is a budget road bike but looks so much like a premium road bike. The style of the entire bike, from the handlebars down to the seat and even the wheels, paints a picture of an expensive bike. But in reality, it can be purchased for as little as half any reasonable budget.

Some of the standout features of the Eurobike are the 21 speed Shimano shifting system alongside its braking system. The speed system of this bike is comparable and even better than most other bikes within and above its budget. It gives the rider more control and versatility when it comes to speed, hills and much more. Aside from the shifting system, it comes with dual disc brakes, which are usually seen only much more expensive bikes. These brakes are effective at helping riders reach an efficient stop.

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Key features

  1. Strong and lightweight aluminum frame
  2. It uses a 700C Steel Threadless Fork
  3. The front derailleur is Shimano TZ-31
  4. The rear derailleur is Shimano RD-TZ50
  5. The bike shifters is SA050
  6. It uses Aluminum caliper brakes
  7. The tires are Kenda 700x28C
  8. The dimension of the handlebar is W:420mm D:22.2m
  9. The overall weight of the bike is 28lbs
  10. The bike comes with a free pannier bag


  1. Everything that you will need to set up and tune the bike is provided
  2. The parts have good quality and they are easy to work on
  3. The bike looks awesome. It’s a real head turner.
  4. Considering the price, it’s a good beginner road bike


  1. Some reviewers have complained about the directions being too difficult to understand
  2. Although tools are provided, a few reviewers stated that it could have been better

Buying guide for road bikes under $1000

Before you opt and get yourself a new road bike, particularly your very first one, there are some of the things that you must consider. The very first of this is of you prefer fully loaded road race bike or something with a more casual approach. Some of the other important parameters include whether you like carbon frame on the bike or an bike with alloy frame, and also the level of group set that you think you may require.

1. Road Race bike or Sportive bikes:

For an experienced rider with many years of riding, being tucked into a super-aero position with a front end & long reach won’t be much of a problem. But for a new rider whose muscles are not so tuned and joints are not of great quality, such a position could pose a problem. In that case, a relaxed and upright position may be required to keep things comfortable. Recently there has been a growth in the demand for Sportive type of road bicycle, from entry level type to high end and top performance.

For you to know a racing Road Bike, take a look of the head tube length along with top tube. Sportive bikes have a shorter top tube along with longer headtube, which can provide an upright position to ride. But for the more experienced bunch, the Road Race bike is the best option. There is an aero advantage that is provided by the more geometrically aligned.

Not to forget that you can also use your road bikes for the indoor workout by using best bike trainers

2. Carbon or Alloy frame:

Another important area that must be given due consideration when buying your first road bike is whether you like to have carbon, alloy or fork frame.

Majority of the beginner’s road bikes are aluminum framed bicycles and comes with a carbon fiber fork. This combination provides a perfect balance between robust alloy frame and its reliability. The vibration generated will be absorbed by a more complaint in the fork as its made from carbon elements.

However, if what you are looking for is a bike that has a low weight but high lateral stiffness, then you must go for one with a bike having full carbon frame & fork. road bikes with carbon frame are lighter and more comfortable. This makes them faster than aluminum framed road bicycles.

3. Groupset:

Another item to pay heed to when buying a road bike is that you must check the groupset model number specified in the bike’s description. The groupset refers to the bike’s transmission along with brakes.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of groupsets include Shimano, Campagnolo, and Sram. Each of these manufacturers has unique groupset models which cater to different price levels, performance levels and bike weights.

The advice here is this that buy the groupset which you can afford. Higher end groupset offers smoother shifting, increased gear adjustments choice and overall lighter weight.

4. Disc brake or caliper road bike:

This is equally a very important consideration when buying a road bike. In fact, some even regard the question as the “question for now”. Are you to opt for a caliper road bike or buy a disc brake road bike. Each of these systems have its own benefits & drawbacks. Disc brakes offer wonderful and consistent power to stop anytime, regardless of the weather conditions. Even if the road bike sprays dirt on wheel rims, you will still brake easily and consistently if you were using the disc brakes.

Rim or caliper brakes, on the other hand, do not perform so well in wet or mushy conditions, however they are cheaper to buy and easier to maintain and they offer more wheel upgrade and adjustments choices for extra accessories.

5. Bike size:

It is important that you find the right bike for yourself. The more comfortable you are on a bike, the more enjoyable the experience. You will also want to ride it more often, plus comfort equals speed. Conversely, riding an incorrect sized bike will result to discomfort, negative riding experience and potential injury.

Each bike manufacturer have its different sizes and frame descriptions, there is hardly a universal measuring pattern. Therefore, a small for one brand may be a medium for another brand.

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FAQs When Buying a Road Bike

  1. Do I need to buy a bike at a bike shop?

Nowadays there is virtually nothing you can’t buy on the internet. Even your road bikes. But just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Buying a bike from an authorized retailer gives you the confidence that the bike was assembled by a professional mechanic. Aside from that, it also gives you an opportunity to build rapport with the shop, this way you will be informed on the latest routes or group rides or events. You are also certain to get original product.

Also, bikes bought in bike shops generally comes with some sort of warranty on the frame and components. This is something you won’t get at any big box superstore or if you were buying a used bike.

  1. Can I ask for a discount?

Of course you can ask, but since the margins on bikes are pretty anemic, you will most likely be rejected. However, bike shops could give you discounts on accessories, particularly when they are bought alongside a bike.

  1. Can I take a test ride?

Of course you can, it is your right. In fact, if your request for a test ride is rejected then you should most likely shop elsewhere. The test ride will either validate or disqualify the salesperson recommendation. But it is important you allow them show you all the features on the bike and how they work, this includes the shifting and brakes.

  1. How do I know if a bike fits me?

This is not a question you can answer from the experience gathered from a 10-minutes test ride. Basically, you may need to go with your gut and what the salesperson recommends. Basically, you shouldn’t be hyper-extended when trying to reach the handlebars. If you are not sure if a particular bike is the right fit for you, ask to test the same bike in the next size up and down. Comparison will help you to know which fits best.

  1. Do I buy a gender-specific bike?

No, you don’t need to. There is of course nothing wrong with learning about them, though. The difference between women’s specific bike from brand to brand is that some brands employ the use of carbon thicknesses throughout the frame. This helps to create lighter and more complaint bikes. Other tweak features such as reducing the distance to the handlebars, introducing narrower handlebars and the utilization of women-specific saddles.

  1. How many bikes should I test ride?

You should test ride between two and three. You must try as much as possible to avoid trying multiple numbers of bikes as this will only get you more confused.

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Benefits of buying a road bike

Below is a list of some of the benefits of having a road bike;

  1. They are cheaper than cars:

Of course, road bikes are cheaper than cars and can help you get to where you wish to get to without you having to spend too much. You can spend the money you save from this endeavor on other important stuff.

  1. They are built tough:

Although they are made from lightweight materials, a road bike is heavy duty. They are designed majorly for cycling on the road but are also perfect for touring, racing, or any hard surface. You can use them for any of these events.

  1. They are built for speed:

Considering its frame and components, a road bike is the fastest among the other styles of bikes. It features a large diameter wheels and narrow tires. Also, while other bikes require you to sit more upright, which build wind resistance and slows you down. The reach riding position of the road bike helps rider to pedal hard and not having to deal with much wind resistance.

  1. They are ergonomically constructed:

Apart from the reach riding position which characterize road bikes, these bikes maintains a rigid frame and fork. It doesn’t employ suspension. The advantage of this feature is that it saves weight, thereby making it easier for riders to ride uphill.

The same theory applies to the handlebars. When the rider leans forward, their weight does not activate a suspension. The rider’s energy instead is converted to a powerful acceleration.

  1. They are beneficial health-wise:

Riding a road bike is a form of cardio workout and it is good for the health. Aside from that, such exercise is done outside, majorly under the sun. This can be a good source of Vitamin D. This will help riders to sleep better at night by reducing the stress hormone in their body.

  1. They are beneficial to society:

Road bikes are beneficial to society, this is because they help to reduce the number of cars on the road. This will result into lighter traffic, lesser chance of road accidents, and less emitted smoke. This leads to a more sustainable environment.

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There are a lot of advantages that come with riding a road bike. It is an activity that helps to keep the rider active while also creating an avenue for them to meet new people and experience their environment. Riding a road bike is also an excellent way to remain fit regardless of age due to its impact on the body. Aside from that, road bikes have the ability to satisfy the competitive types, thrill seekers or for those interested in adventure.

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