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Best Fruit Infuser water bottle reviews

The latest healthy living trend includes fruit infuser water bottles in our daily routines to make us drink at least 2+ liters water daily in 2022 and beyond which ultimately makes us feel healthy, more energetic and happier every day of our life.

These water bottles with fruit infusers help to keep the body hydrated all the time besides satisfying your taste buds for cool tasteful fruit water from these water bottle infusers which is much more healthier than aerated soft drinks which may hamper your health in long-term.

best infuser water bottles 2022

Every doctor, health magazine and people recommend to drink more water daily to stay healthy and keep our body going for long without experiencing fatigue, but it happens sometimes that in-spite of so many advice we forget to drink right amount of water in our daily routine

we all know water is tasteless that’s why we don’t like drinking it until and unless we are thirsty .some major studies in past have also shown that people tend to eat more instead of drinking water when they are thirsty which ultimately adds to their obesity, and that’s where fruit infuser water bottle comes as a solution to this major problem because with fruit infused water bottles you can turn your tasteless water into fruit infused tasteful water filled with vitamins and minerals for healthy life

What are infuser water bottles?

Fruit infuser water bottle is quite popular in women who want to lose weight. Drinking fruit infused water daily helps everyone to detox the body completely. These infuser water bottles make the water infused with fruits vitamins and makes it more tasty to drink which ultimately makes your body and skin hydrated and healthy which makes it look better all the time

These infuser water bottle looks just like the regular water bottles but comes with an additional central part where the fruit is infused and gives flavor to the water which makes it’s easy to make your water flavored without buying it from store, so infuser water bottle is a one time investment for healthy life and tasteful water instead of buying flavored water regularly from the store.

Nowadays markets are flooded with best infuser water bottles and many other types pitchers and bottles for different uses with all kinds of shapes and sizes, so it becomes very difficult to select which one to choose for yourself that why we have come up with some of the best infuser bottles here. It is very easy to carry these infuser bottles around anywhere you go in your small bags to get tasty water on the go because they are a lightweight, durable and easy carry, fill and clean.

These fruit infused water bottle can be used in gym’s, offices, at home, and in the car for drinking water .they comes in various sizes -small and big according to your needs at the discounted rates from e retailers like Amazon.

Benefits of drinking infused water from fruit infuser bottles

Boasts body energy level

Many times after an intense workout session or normal walk to market or park you may feel dehydrated and feels a quench to drink something sweet due to loss of body energy, at that time generally I have seen many people drink aerated drinks which are unhealthy as it contains lots of unwanted sugar and soda which adds lot of unwanted calories to your body, so the solution to that is drinking fruit infused water as it’s calorie free and provides you the required energy as it contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals of fruits which not only hydrates you but also provides that good natural taste which you won’t get in those unhealthy aerated drinks.

Increases Metabolism

Infused water increases the body metabolism as it contains lots of proactive elements and vitamins of fruits in it which also helps to lose weight fast and keep your energy levels high without adding calories to your body. moreover, you tend to stay energetic throughout the day when you consume fruit water on regular intervals as your body system tends to work fine because of proper hydration. adding citrus fruits like lemon, kiwi, orange etc in your infuser bottle further increases the metabolism manifolds, so always add them with other fruits in your bottle.

Adds awesome flavor to your water

when you are on a strict diet and can’t drink those unhealthy aerated drinks and eat bland food items sometimes, then a need for something tasty arises in your mind ,so at that time you can prepare fruit water with different fruits and veggies like grapes, cucumber, kiwi, tomatoes, pineapples, blueberries to get mixed and great flavors with different fruit water recipes.

Features to look for while buying a fruit infuser bottle

High Quality and durability

While purchasing a bottle for daily use or camping trips make sure that it’s made up of solid materials and is durable, strong and steady to hold without any broken edges in both inner and outer compartment of the bottle to prevent leakage and spilling. don’t hesitate to spend little extra to buy a good quality bottle of your choice because it’s not expensive to buy even good quality ones and you don’t buy them daily, so it will go for a long time .

Ergonomic design and vibrant colors

Buy a bottle with nice design and outlook which is steady and comfortable to hold in your hand for long and short time .moreover go for vibrant colors which are good to see for eyes and makes you feel better.

Light weight

buy a lightweight and easy to carry a bottle of different sizes which can easily fit in your backpack wherever you go.for kids buy a small one and for yourself you can buy standard 1 ltr one for easy carrying, filling and cleaning operations

Dishwasher safe

This makes its easy to clean and make maximum use of it, as you can just toss it in your dishwasher and get it cleaned in minutes without making your hands dirty.

BPA free

While buying any industrial grade plastic or home use product lot of people ask for BPA Free or BPA under admissible levels because BPA i.e. bisphenol A is a chemical used for the production of industrial grade mass produced plastic items, resins items and other stuff used in the kitchen like these infuser bottles.

But increased prolonged exposure to BPA may cause some health issues in later years like heart problems, diabetes, kidney problems, reproduction problems etc. so that’s why you need to make sure that your product comes with BPA free or under safe levels seal on it to avoid any problems later.

Here we have tried to list out the important features, pro, cons etc. about the some of the best selling infuser bottles to help you decide which one to choose according to the features required and your budget ,rest be assured whichever bottle you buy from this list you will not regret because we have only listed reputed and good quality bottles on our list, so that you get the best quality without wasting money on any substandard products in terms of quality .

While reviewing these amazing infuser water bottles we took into consideration many aspects like bottle material, price, size, capacity, design and much more to give you the best bottles from the flooded market of infuser bottle to help you live a healthy and happy life by using these amazing infuser bottles with tasty fruits in your daily routine.

So come on folks lets take a look at some of the best infuser bottles in markets for you

1. Sharpro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

shapro infuser-water-bottle

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Sharpro is a great infuser water manufacture who has designed a great and ergonomic infuser which inspires people to drink more water in their daily routine. Its infuser comes with 32-ounce water capacity along with big fruit basket for fruits which makes it an awesome product for all who want to buy a fruit infuser for tasty water in their daily routine .not to forget that it comes with a sealed lid along with flip lock for easy handling and cleaning.

Sharpro infuser is easy to carry and fill due to its awesome shape and size. moreover it is designed to fit into all major car holders and be washed in all major dishwashers.

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Advantages of Sharpro fruit infuser water bottle

  • This infuser is FDA approved

  • It possesses a large fruit container

  • Features an ergonomic shape and style

  • It is easy to hold and carry and fill

  • Fits in most holders and dishwashers 


  •  Big holes makes the fruits slip in water sometimes, so you can keep the fruit slices big to avoid this problem

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2. MAMI Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

omore fruit infuser bottle

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mami wata is a great and infuser bottle with 900 ml of water capacity and full-length high-quality fruit infuser rod to get full taste and nutrients of fruits in water.

Its made up of durable and food safe material which seems to be impact-resistant Tritan copolyester which is toxin free and shatter resistant to a better strength of bottle over a long time.

It comes with leak-proof o ring design and metal latching loop above the push button makes sure that lid is kept at the place and doesn’t pop out when not required.

It also comes with double anti-slip grips, one of rubber and one of a thumb grip on either side of the bottle for better holding and avoids and drops when moving or running too which makes it best for school picnics or family outings or camping trips. Moreover, it comes with cleaning form brush for easy cleaning when it gets dirty or for cleaning after some consistent usage of few days. it comes in dimensions of 2.95” x 2.95” x 9.84”  and weighs around 7 oz

Moreover, it comes with cleaning form brush for easy cleaning when it gets dirty or for cleaning after some consistent usage of few days. it comes in dimensions of 2.95” x 2.95” x 9.84”  and weighs around 7 oz

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Advantages of using this omore fruit bottler for better hydration

  • cheap to purchase and use, you can gift it to family and friends for better health
  • comes with 45 days money back guarantee and 12 months repair warranty

Drawbacks of this bottle

  • sometimes lid gets stuck for some people
  • adding ice can be difficult sometimes

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3. Bevgo Large Infuser Water Bottle


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This is an amazing and cheap fruit water infuser bottle with a great looking design to attract anyone to buy it, but that’s not it as it comes with some great features like a sturdy lock and sealed lock seal to prevent water leakage.its gripped sides make it good for handling purposes. It can be easily cleaned by hands but not dishwasher friendly

This infuser bottle is BPA free and comes with a 32 oz capacity. not to forget that it includes a free e-book with more than 50 ideas and recipes for preparing best tasting water.

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Advantages of Bevgo Large Infuser Water Bottle

  • Has a large fruit container

  • Has a 32 oz capacity

  • Has a gorgeous design with purple elements

  • Has a sturdy lid

  • Includes a free e-book

  • Is made of Tritan plastic

  • Is affordable


  • It is not dishwasher friendly

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4. opard Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


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This amazing opard infuser water bottle is for people who need flavored water daily while in the gym, doing chores of the house or riding their vehicles .it comes in a 32 oz capacity and a great design with an awesome side grip and blue color fruit container.

It features a unique locking system with steel hoop and a release button which needs to be pressed to drink water from a bottle, this prevents water leakage while motioning. it comes with a rubber grip on one side and rigged grip on the other side of it, which makes it impossible to slip. not to forget it includes a plastic carrying handle which can be attached to a belt or bag for easy handling.

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Advantages of Bonke Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

  •  It Is affordable

  • Is suitable for allmost all car holders

  • It comes in 32 oz capacity

  • it features a wide-opening lid

  • possesses gripped sides

  • comes with a plastic handle

  • comes with a unique locking system

  • includes a free cleaning brush


  • This bottle is not double walled

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5. infusion pro 24Oz Sports Water Bottle with Infusers

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It is a great product which you can carry anywhere anytime without any problem on daily comes with a sporty design and has a holding capacity of 24 oz .it is made up of Tritan copolyester plastic and can be used in a dishwasher for cleaning purposes.

It comes with a top handle and an easy to open lid .also it can be used without fruits also as a regular bottle without any problem .it requires 2 hands for opening it so it might not be your ideal bottle for gym and car use in daily routine although you can carry it to office, picnic or use at home easily

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Advantages of Breezit 24oz sports water bottle with infusers

  • It Is small in size and fits all cup holders

  • comes with large inbuilt fruit infuser

  • comes with a top handle

  • It Is made up of Tritan

  • Is quite affordable for all

  • Comes with Money-back guarantee to all


  • It tends to open with 2 hands

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6. Infuser Water Bottle from hydracy


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hydracy fruit infuser water bottle is affordable and comes with a great awesome design along with 100 recipe book for awesome fruit flavors and tastes in water ,and not to forget it comes with a carry strap which is not seen on other bottles which makes it easy to carry along you and children can also carry with ease.

It is made up of durable Tritan plastic and is BPA free .it comes with a one-touch opener which is quite easy and comfortable to use every day. It comes with a large fruit container with horizontal openings in it which make it harder for the fruits to mix up along with water. It comes in 32 ounces capacity which makes it suitable for children of any age.

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Advantages of infuser water bottle sport Aqua delight

  • Is affordable

  • Is good for children

  • Is made up of Tritan & is BPA free

  • comes with a carry strap

  • comes with “one-touch-open” lid

  • comes with large fruit container

  • Includes a nice 100-recipe e-book


  • there may be some problem in filling as fruit container needs to be taken out for filling

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7. Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

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Its nice infuser bottle with a capacity of 24 ounces(700 ml approx).to prevent any clogging water from the opener when you really need to drink without interruption it comes it with a filter which keeps the fruits and ice away yet in touch with your water.

If you buy this then you don’t have to worry about water condensation which increases the water temp very fast and make your water warm in no time and leaves lot of unwanted water sweat on outside of bottle as it comes with a nice quality neoprene insulation sleeves to keep the water cold for longer without any water sweat on outer surface of bottle.

It comes with a dual side opening from the bottom side and top surface to clean it easily without any problems. moreover not to forget that its dishwasher safe and made from BPA free material i.e Tritan plastic which seems to be durable and environmentally friendly.

fruits infuser compartment is placed at the bottom which allows the water to be in touch in water till its completely over in the bottle. moreover, if you don’t like to use infuser sometimes due to a shortage of fruits at home then you can just remove the infuser compartment and use it as normal bottle and you can add ice cubes in it to keep the water cool for a longer duration.

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Advantages of using this infuser pro water bottle

  • its locking lid on top and bottom comes with rubber gaskets to make the bottle leak proof and outdoor friendly which allows you take it on any adventure activities like hiking, cycling, trekking etc to get hydrated easily when your body feels dehydrated.
  • it comes with lifetime replacement or refund warranty from the company in case you find a defect in a bottle or don’t like it.

Drawbacks of this bottle

  • some people find lid is placed too high which hinder drinking directly by putting your mouth on water hose as it blocks with the nose.
  • it could be a leakage problem if you don’t close the lids tight from both ends.get it replaced if it didn’t stop even after screwing it tight
  • when not in use keep it closed, clean and dry on a safe place to prevent any rusting or breakage over time which is problem experienced by some of its users.

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Types of fruit infuser bottles

There are multiple types of infuser bottle in the market having different styles and orientation. you can buy anyone which suits your need the best and is comfortable to carry. if you require big infuser then you can also buy water filter pitchers as they come in big sizes when compared to bottles which helps to give you and your family clean water at any time and in the pitcher you can add fruits for making infused pure water.

Built-in straw

Some of the bottles come with a built-in straw option which helps to drink the water easily without any hassles of opening and unscrewing the cap for if you like straw in generally and want to have in the bottle then you buy infuser bottle with a straw to get more convenience while opening and drinking water.

Built-in juicer

if your infuser bottle fruit basket tends to have juicer and presser built in it then you can squeeze your fruits into the water to get more tasteful natural fruit and water blend to enjoy any time of the day.

Flip top type

the flip top bottle is made for active people who want quick access to water like on the go, during workout etc. it comes with a button and flipping bottle mouthpiece. all you need to do press the button and mouthpiece pops up open to give you fast and easy access to water while doing other work and then just press the mouth price back until you are ready for a fruit water sip next time. there are some other types of the flip top also available in the market. you can buy flip top fruit infuser bottle if you like something with easy access and sporty looks.

screw type

it is a common bottle type which suits all the people who don’t it for drinking water on the go and have more comes with traditional screw top led which you can unscrew ay time to drink is more presentable and looks good on office table and some people find it more leak resistance than other. you can buy it if you like but you won’t get fast excess to water like flip top bottle type as here unscrewing and then screwing back the bottle take more time and effort.

fruit basket location

some bottle tends to have fruit basket on its top to middle to middle of the bottle and some at the bottom covering the whole length of the bottle. I like which one cover full length as it keeps the fruits immersed in water even when the water level is low in the bottle to get fruit nutrients and flavor in full water until it is finished completely.

Infuser bottle FAQ

Are fruit infused water at a supermarket as good as homemade?

no the ones you see and buy from supermarket come with added fruit colors, unwanted sugars, preservatives, additives and other unwanted ingredients which are not required to be in a fruit infused water. they are not good for your health and are highly overpriced when compared to homemade fruit water. so make fruit infused water at home in infuser bottle free from any unwanted ingredients and full of highly active fruit vitamins and minerals at fraction of the cost of market packed one’s to stay healthy and fit for a long time.

does fruit infused water help in weight loss?

when we drink water it tends to help in weight loss but to some people drinking plan water, every time is boring. so then you can drink fruit infused water to get double benefits i.e get required vitamins and minerals from fruit water which increases the body metabolism thus accelerating the weight loss mechanism and satisfying your taste buds with tasty fruit water.

moreover, drinking fruit infused water decreases your junk food and aerated drinks carving which helps you to reduce your food intake and excess unwanted calories intake thus helping you getting fit over time without increasing your weight and saving you from unwanted diseases like heart problems, diabetes, flu etc.

also, fruit water contains antioxidants and which reduces your aging process and makes you feel rejuvenated and your skin also glows from within after few weeks as all body toxin starts to get out of the body.

For how long can I infuse the fruits in water for best taste?

Its advised to infuse the fruits in water for overnight or 12-15 hours for best taste in water. you can enjoy the water after 2-6 hours after infusion. you can enjoy the water even for longer duration depending on the type of the fruit like if you infuse herbs like basil then you can consume the water for 3-4 days and while some other herbs lie rosemary and many more can be used for 7 days.

you can keep the fruits infused also while consuming the water from infuser bottle for great taste from them.


In this modern world of fast technology and fast food people are tempted more towards soda water and other unhealthy drinks to satisfy their thirst which is totally unacceptable .it can cause long-term bad effects ,that’s why you need to have your infuser bottles with you to drink healthy fruit infused water all the time which will help you to stay healthy and keep away from these unhealthy and aerated drinks .

Although all the infusers have some pro’s and con’s but they are much better alternative than other drinks ,because it gives you choices to try different fruit flavors every time when you get bored with one without problem or you could try mix fruits also .and not to forget its other health benefits includes weight loss because there is nothing better than drink infused water daily if you are trying to lose weight. Besides that it also helps to detox your body and keep it hydrated, thus eliminating all the water-related problems and unwanted substances in the body.

Earlier the main aim of coming up with infuser bottles was to make people drink more water to keep them healthy, but soon it becomes the trend in society to use the infuser water bottles to get natural fruit flavor water to drink more water and get vitamins of fruits right from their water bottles.

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Which is the best infuser water bottle for your needs?

If you have not been able to decide your infuser now then you need to take a look at your routine and decide what fits you the best. The best infuser water bottles for people who are always in hurry can be Sharpro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.

And as we can all see that prices of all these products would not burn a hole in your pocket, so it would be not acceptable that we don’t buy a new infuser for us to keep our body and mind healthy for working long hours and living healthy life. Moreover, all the products come with a free e-book which contains recipes and fruit combination that you can use in your daily routine. so go ahead and buy best fruit infuser water bottles right now in 2022

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