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As the lifestyle of people is becoming more fast and hectic, the need for exercises, yoga etc has increased tremendously to keep your body going in the healthy state. weighted clothing helps you in building your body strength and give you maximum benefits form your exercises and training regime. weighted clothing comes with built-in weights in it which helps to build your muscle, tone your body, built perfect body size and bone mass and make it more healthy which make your overall fit.

This clothing comes with variable weights options which can be adjusted according to your body size and need which can be worn during regular days and training time .past studies have found that pressure put by these weighted clothing can also help children with Autism, Asbergers.

Adding weights clothing to your workout helps bodybuilder to increase the muscle size and strength in the long run as the body and bones become stronger to support your muscles and make them more ripped and strong. also not to forget that wearing weighted clothing in daily life also improves body oxygen intake capabilities which ultimately strengthens the cardiovascular system thereby improving overall body agility and performance in long run.

Wearing weighted cloths helps to improve your bone density by adding more bone mass and making them stronger which will keep them stronger and prevent any problems like osteoporosis, joint pains etc to occur over the period of time and your recovery time in case of any injury will also reduce drastically as stronger bones will try to heal in a shorter period of time.

By wearing weighted cloths your body metabolism also increases tremendously as you will get more sweat and burn more calories which will help reduce a lot of unwanted body fat and convert it into muscle mass making them more ripped and stronger body.

Weighted cloths also provide lots of benefits for your cardiovascular health. when you wear weighted clothes and do a cardio workout with your workout gear then you will start seeing benefits in your health and fitness and your heart and lungs will also get better and healthy with more stamina and immunity to keep all the unwanted infections away from your body.

So here we have shared some of the weighted clothing under different categories for you to take a look and decide which one is best for you to buy now with a discount for making your life healthy

Best weighted clothing 2022

Weighted Gloves

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weighted gloves are nice gloves made for aerobic and cardio exercise to keep your hands safe and rash free while performing these fitness regimes or playing any kind of game like martial arts ,boxing etc .generally they are designed with some weight at back part of gloves which allows the palm to move freely for strong grip holding, pulling and pushing.

These weighted gloves are used for body workout and arm strengthening and help in building hand movement

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when you get the right size gloves which fit your hands perfectly it can be very easy to get going, but sometimes you end up buying wrong gloves, so choose wisely according to your hands fitting and good design for toning and hand strengthening. you may find in the market that some gloves come with a zip liner pocket on top for adding and removing weights according to the requirement and some come with fixed weight ranging from 1-10lbs.

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Weighted arm sleeves

Click on image to check best quality weighted arms sleeves

Weighted arm sleeves help in improving arm strength and movement speed. basically they add weight around your forearms to provide resistance without any major hindrance in arms, elbow or shoulders movement. these sleeves help everyone from a common man to baseball players, martial artist, weight lifting adults etc. to improving their hand speed and making it more durable for various actions

They fit on your forearms comfortably and are designed to pull over from for arm easily without any problem. some of them have empty round hole around the elbow for more comfort of elbow to free movement .it builds arm strength and strengthens many more muscle group in body like hamstrings, quads etc. find weighted sleeves reviews and ratings here

They come in many designs and styles like some will cover full arm and some will cover only forearms etc, so you can buy whatever suits you best and is comfortable to your arm for building strength.


Wrist Weights

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Wrist weights helps in building wrist strength and adds endurance to your hands for lifting heavy weights, they can be an added advantage when you life dumbbells .they came in many shapes ,material and sizes ranging from velcro bands having more than one slots for weights ,to fabric bands with gels and lightweight neoprene bands for flexibility .

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If the wristbands are comfortable in your hands then they can be of added advantage and can be worn regularly while training, boxing, dancing, martial arts and your day to day life .they are an easy way to add stamina and power to your biceps, wrist, forearms, shoulders in long run to make them powerful without any need for dumbbells when worn regularly

They come in variable sizes for fixed weights and removable weights according to your requirement and wrist type. if you have any wrist, joints, and shoulders pain or problems or carpal tunnel syndrome then it is not advisable to wear these wrist weights make sure your hands and wrists are fit and fine if you want to wear these weights


Weight Vest

V-Force Weight Vest
click on image to see best quality weighted vests

Weighted vest distributes the weight evenly across your chest thus making it more strong and firm in long run  .it has been found in the past that many kinds of deep pressure vest are also used for intervention for hyperactivity by passing on hugging sensations to the children with different kinds of sensory disorders.

Generally all the weighted vest have pockets and pouches in them insides, top, bottom etc. to hold different sizes removable weights, sand etc. also some good quality weighted vest contains pockets for hydrogel which can be preheated or cooled before workout for different muscle therapies and warm-up sessions to keep your body cool or hot as per the requirement because sometimes the body temperature increase while workout .

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if your skin is sensitive then you can wear normal undergarments to avoid any kind of irritations and allergies form these weighted clothing

weighted vests are comfortable and nice to wear to get fit and healthy. The weighted vest comes in many styles, sizes, colors to wear while workout or daily activity etc to increase your overall body endurance and stamina.


Weighted Shirts

titin weighted shirts
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Weighted shirts are good for overall body posture and workout .they are fit on the body and comes in Ergonomic design for muscle toning. weights are placed on a shirt to reduce the overall body tension and stress.

These kinds of weighted shirts allow maximum movement of limbs and joints and reduce the joint strains in upper body

Shirts fiber is good quality and keeps the body cool .some material of fabric are also antibacterial or removing the odor and germs .these kind of fitness shirts are a little bit costly and are mostly used by professionals

weighted shirts are quite effective for people who are into sports and fitness regimes as they provide extra intensity for a workout without increasing the time of workout to get maximum benefits.


Weighted Shorts

weighted shorts
click on image to see best quality weighted shorts

If you want your legs to workout then this is for you as it helps in knee joint strengthening, hip flexors, quadriceps etc. its good for all kind of athletes, especially for those who run a lot and want to attain faster speeds with their legs .it comes with variable styles, materials, and size from which you can buy according to your choice and need. try to find out best comfortable and fit weighted shorts for best benefits from it for your legs, thighs, and workout.

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Weighted shorts come with pockets for weights which can be adjusted according to your requirement .if you want to stay away chafing while wearing these weighted shorts, its advised to buy shorts which comes with adjustable belts and good quality antibacterial fiber material


Weighted belts

weighted belt
click on image to see best quality weighted belts

Weighted belts come with pockets which hold weights and are tied around your waist, they are adjustable and can carry different types of weights like metal weights, gel weights etc.

some people prefer it more overweighted vest because as the body temperature increase while workout the belt stays at your waist and not on your chest covering the whole body like a vest.

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Although they are good for thigh exercises weighted belts may resist some movements sue to weights on your waistline. so buy a belt which is comfortable and fits on your body for full benefit because if it will not be of your size then it will rub against your hips making you uncomfortable .it comes in variable style like some come with velcro straps, buckles for adjustments etc.


Weighted Leg sleeves

weighted leg sleeves
click on image to check top quality weighted leg sleeves

Weighted leg sleeves are an awesome resource for adding Resistance to your lower legs which ultimately make them stronger and strengthens your inner muscles of legs while running and workout.

Some people also call them shin sleeves .these sleeves should have a snug fit around your Calf as they are made of thin high-quality expandable fabric for added comfort and flexibility.

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They should be made up of antibacterial material to avoid allergies .they are with velcro straps on top and bottom to prevent any loose ends while workout. they come with fixed weight options and variable weights option. you can dd weights on back and front of the pockets as per your requirements and make sure that it fits your legs before you buy for comfortable workout regime.


Ankle Weights

ankle weights
click on image to see best quality ankle weights

nowadays ankle weights are becoming quite popular. they come in a variable of 1-20lbs. mainly they are found helpful for increasing resistance while running and workout.

it also improves leg blood circulation and strength while doing a general workout like walking, running or something special like plyometrics. ankle and feet become strong when you start using these while running,  jogging or walking.

They are quite helpful in building muscle strength and stamina in legs and strengthen the muscles of hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes in the lower body area.

but use them with caution because their overuse can cause stress in hips, joints, knees, and ankles. they also increase the number of calories burnt while walking, jogging or workout.


Shoe Weights

weighted-shoes-weighted clothing
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Shoe weights are awesome for giving resistance to your feet and ankles which make them fit for running purposes like sprints etc. also not to forget that they will improve your kicking power and plyometric performance power.

They are also good for regular usage and helps in burning calories while walking and running they’re improving your overall feet endurance.

generally, they come as straps on weights that fit your shoe size and wraps below the foot for complete comfort and fitness.

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some people find these as bulky, but there are many kinds of styles and models in the market with a discount to fit your style and shoe size with full comfort .also they can be bought with fixed weight option or adjustable weights sizes according to your needs.

its strictly advised that do not overload the weight on this or any other weighted clothing because it may cause body strains, pain, and stress.


Weighted clothing exercises

There are a lot of exercises which you can perform by making use of different types of weighted clothing shared above to get a different part of the body stronger. here we have discussed some of them for your benefit below

Ankle weights exercises

With ankle weights, you can perform leg curls, lunges, kicks and man more by making a circuit routine or some exercises regime and doing it in sets of 5-10 each day to help you build stronger ankles and legs. make use of a quality weight bench for exercise purpose.

Wrist weights exercises

wrist weights can help you perform intense biceps curls, reverse curls, arm extension exercises, and many more exercises to make your arms, wrist, and shoulders stronger. you can set a 3-4 exercise routine and then repeat them in sets of 5-10 in one go.

with wrist weights and weighted arm sleeves, you can also do pull-ups in sets of 20 and overhead rows in sets of 20 to get some strength in your wrist and arms with wrist weights and weighted arm sleeves.

weighted belts exercises

After wearing a weighted belt you can do a lot of different exercises like running on a treadmill for 20 minutes, jogging in the park for 50 minutes etc. besides these you can also do a circuit of pushups, squats, lunges and reverse lunges in sets of 20 each 4 times a week thrice in a row to some good effects on your body in few weeks.

weighted arms sleeves exercises

after wearing weighted sleeves to make your arms and hands stronger you can do the 2-3 set of 10 pulls ups and chin-ups in a row using a quality pull up bar after that do about 20 overhead rows for about 4 times a week. the whole exercise routine will take 10-15 minutes and make your hands and arms stronger with each passing day. you can see some great results in 2-3 weeks.

triceps pushdowns in 2 sets of 10 each will also work great for arm workout with weighted sleeves in your forearms. besides that dips, diamond pushups, biceps curls with suspension trainer, side and back curls with resistance bands can be of great help for stronger and active arms and hands.

As you can see we have discussed a lot of options which comes underweighted clothing, now it depends on you to which one to buy with a discount to get most out of your bucks to build your body. Not to forget that there may be a different level of weighted clothing types with variable weight sizes according to your body type, size and comfort level.

So it’s advised to consult a physician or your trainer before you start your exercises and workout regime with the best-weighted weight gear to get benefits from the weighted clothing for your body for healthy living in 2022 and beyond.

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