Premium Weighted Blanket by platinum health

best weighted blankets reviews by expert

Best weighted blankets 2022 to get a relaxing and calm sleep under the cover of top quality weighted blankets to feel safe while sleeping and get a sleep without any worries and keep your body healthy always.

so come on folks without any further delay lets hop on to reviews of the best weighted blankets given below to read and make a right choice for buying a best-weighted blanket in 2022 with your hard earned money with big discount.

best weighted blankets 2022

Premium Weighted Blanket by wonap

Premium Weighted Blanket by platinum health
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This weighted blanket from wonap comes with even flow tech for the comfort of its user. it provides pressure across the blanket evenly on all point. it comes in dimensions of 80 x 60 inches and weighs about 12 lbs.

its outer cover is made from polyester which is quiet and smooth one side and has salsa dots pattern on other side and inside weighs are of cotton with poly fillings.

you can wash the outer cover when it gets dirty easily as it can be taken out with its zipper for quick washing and drying rather than washing the whole blanket which would take very long to wash and dry and also deteriorate its quality over time.

it is great for all adults who are searching for full size weighted blankets and also for kids to get a good sleep always without any different sleep issues and other problems.

it comes in 5 colors is liked by people who have bought this for themselves and their kids which makes it one of the great choice weighted blankets for kids. so go ahead read some latest user reviews and buy this weighted blanket with discount by clicking the button below.

Weighted Blanket by Zonli

Weighted Blanket by Zonli
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    • This weighted blanket from zonli is soft and made from cotton full comfort while sleeping. on this blanket the weighs is made up of poly pellets and is distributed across the blanket evenly.

you can do a hand wash with care or use a washer on gentle setting for cleaning this blanket and then lay it flat open for drying. it relaxes your body completely and gives you feeling of comfort while sleeping for best quality sleep.

it comes in 4 different colors and with 20 lbs of weights. dimensions of this blanket are as follows 16.3 x 16.2 x 12.1 inches but you can also choose a smaller size blanket if you want for a smaller bed. to get an idea of the quality of this blanket by reading latest user reviews before buying this blanket with a discount click button below

Premium Weighted Blanket for Adults by omystyle

Premium Weighted Blanket for Adults by InYard
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This is a good quality weighted blanket for adults from omystyle is from flannel in the back area and polyester the in front area and filled with non-toxic poly pellets. you can wash this blanket with hands and air dry it.

It features deep touch sensory receptors which help to improve the proprioceptive system of the person wearing it and sensory input is great for people with autism, Aspergers and similar issues. it comes with a money back guarantee in case you didn’t like the blanket for use while sleeping.

it will help you get comfortable sleep and increase the production of melatonin in the body which combats sleep problems like dementia, insomnia etc naturally. this blanket make us of pressure therapy to help cure issues like PTSD, anxiety etc to get better health free from any problems. stress and mental issues. this blanket comes in dimensions of 18.5 x 15.5 x 5.2 inches and weighs around 15 lbs.

People who have bought this weighted blanket are enjoying using it, to read some of their latest reviews before buying click the button below

Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea for Adults

Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea for Adults
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This weighted blanket from weighted idea comes without cover and you can buy it separately if required. weighted blankets with around 10% of your body weight give your a relaxed nervous system and lower stress without any muscles and body strains.

It comes in a lot of different sizes to cover your entire body whenever required while sleeping, reading, or just relaxing.The inner layer of this weighted blanket is made from high-quality cotton fabric which is quite comfortable to your body.

weights are sewn into small square pockets to make it eco-friendly and anti-allergic and distribute the weight evenly across the blanket for complete comfort and even compression across the body.

it comes with 30 days buy back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the blanket.overall it is a great blanket and people who have bought this are enjoying using this daily without any problems. to read latest user reviews before buying click button below.

Harkla Weighted Blanket

harkla Weighted Blanket for Autism & Anxiety
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This weighted blanket from harkla will give you and your child a nice experience to get comfortable sleep without any hassles. once you start using the weighted blanket your all sleeping problems will get disappear and you will be able to sleep comfortably without any pain and problems in the night time.

you can remove its top cover to wash when it gets dirty. it will stay soft after washing. the dots on the blanket gives you more comfort and sensory pleasure.

It comes in sizes from 5 to 25 lbs and comes with a lifetime guarantee to help you sleep fully relaxed and comfortable without any worries. its 10 lbs version comes in dimensions of 20 x 15 x 5.5 inches. overall its great blanket and you will enjoy using it for yourself and your kids to get comfortable sleep at night always as you can use this weighted blankets for toddlers and kids too.

Large Weighted Blanket by Luna

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It is a nice weighted blanket made from good quality cotton and filled with glass beads for even weight distribution.

it gives good night sleep and helps to deal with anxiety, autism, sleep apnea, insomnia and all other sleep-related issues to give you best sleep without any worries and full relaxation.

it comes in 15 to 20 lbs weight options with size for individual can be washed in machine easily.

it is a nice option to consider if you are thinking to buy a weighted blanket for yourself or anyone in your house or friend circle to help them get better sleep.

Weighted Blanket by YnM for Adults

Weighted Blanket by YnM for Adults
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This weighted blanket from YnM is a great blanket which will help you reduce body stress and fatigue when you use it while sleeping.

Its inner layer is made up of cotton and filled with hypoallergenic, odorless, nontoxic sand pellets which are quite comfortable than plastic pellets.

You can wash inner layer in the machine on low settings but its recommended for dry cleaning. you can buy a cover to keep it clean as covers are easy to clean then blankets. you can use the inner layer with the cover in winters and without cover in summers to keep your self-warm and cool respectively. This blanket will help you relax your muscles and body nervous system for better night sleep and comfort at night.

It comes in many different sizes and color patterns to buy as per your preferences. some people complain that some sand seeps out of the blanket after some time and beads are not equally spread across the blanket for equal weight distribution. if you buy this cheap weighted blanket at the lowest price from below then let us know your reviews for weighted blanket in the comment section below.


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benefits of using weighted blankets

reduces stress and strain

using weighted blankets also reduces stress and strain as your nervous system becomes much more relaxed and stiff muscles also become calm. the nerves release the tension which makes your body stress and pain-free. if you have a headache, nervous breakdown or any similar issues then also you will start feeling better once you start using these weighted blankets.

keep your body and mind relaxed

weighted blankets improve the release of serotonin by applying pressure to your body with the help of deep touch pressure points on the blankets which provides ultimate body and mind relaxation as serotonin is relaxing chemical in body meant for relaxation. once you start using the weighted blankets you will start feeling more relaxed and fatigue free more often.

provides good quality sleep

using weighted blankets while sleeping will help you with sleeping issues like insomnia as your body will become more relaxed. moreover your body movement while sleeping will decrease and you will be able to settle down quickly on your bed for sleep. your sleep quality and sleep time will also increase tremendously and you will feel rejuvenated and fresh with active brain and body when you get up after sleep. you can also use these blankets with pregnancy pillow to get best sleep in pregnancy’s time.

decreases anxiety, dementation and similar issues

many studies across the world by leading doctors and researchers have proved that using weighted blankets reduces stress, anxiety and dementation issues tremendously which will help you become normal and better, free from depression and anxiety issues over time. so start using the weighted blankets for anxiety if you face any such issues to see some great results in coming weeks and live a happy life full of bliss and positivity all around.

Things to consider before buying a weighted blanket


Weighted blankets come in various size options according to the weights you choose ranging from small with a small number of weights to very big with a large number of weights. so buy the one which suits your size and weight needs, never buy big ones if not required as that can be a cause issue for your health and besides that, it also costs more money.


generally, the price ranges from $50 to $250 depending on the weights you want to buy. so buy the one which is right for you and comes in your budget. you can buy in discount season and sale season to save money on these weighted blankets for sale.

The weight of the blanket

if you are wondering what’s the weight recommendations for weighted blankets then let me tell you that the ideal weighted blanket weight for yourself is 10% of your body weight + 1 lbs to get good experience without any issues. if you buy a heavier blanket than required than it can make you feel uncomfortable and can cause any unwanted injury.

so buy the right size quality weighted blankets for yourself and your kids as per the requirement. you can also consult any physician if you want any suggestion about what weight should I buy.

type of material used

generally, most the weighted blankets are made from cotton only as it seems to be soft and good for skin and doesn’t cause any issues. cotton blankets are durable and breathable too. its nonallergic in nature which makes a perfect choice for any person for different allergies.

other types of material that are currently in use is called fleece as it also soft, hypoallergic in nature, durable and easy to clean. yet another type of material is called Minky which is quite good for kids as it comes with small dots to provide sensory inputs to them for better feeling and also they are easy to get and durable in nature.

weighted blanket has 2 elements one is outer cover and other is inner filler. we have discussed weighted blanket outer cover material above for inner weighted pellet you need to make sure that they are 100% FDA approved and BPA free weighted pellets to prevent any unwanted issues with low quality pellets later on. popular weighted pellets are glass pellets and poly pellets from which glass weighted pellets are noiseless when compared to poly pellets.


make sure that your weighted blanket comes with a warranty to cover any issues which you may encounter after purchasing it. generally, weighted blankets come with a warranty of 6 months to 2 years from different manufacturers. buy the one which has a maximum warranty and it suits your needs even if you have to pay little extra bucks as it will save you money in repairs later.

if you want to buy extended warranty then you can buy from a trusted 3rd party vendors to keep your weighted blankets safe and in good condition for a long time without any issues.

also, many vendors of weighted blankets offer a money back guarantee for 10 days to 30 days after purchase in case you don’t like the product. so you can check this information also before buying to make sure that you won’t be stuck with something you don’t like after buying it.

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Weighted blankets FAQ

how to wash the weighted blankets?

wash your weighted blankets in the machine on gentle cycles with some detergent and then after that air dry them in the dryer for some time then just put them flat on ropes outside the house or lay on the floor till they dry completely. the better care you take of your weighted blankets, the longer they will last, keep them covered with sheets that you can wash once a week or once a month but wash your blankets not more than 3-4 times a year to keep them dirt free and in good condition.

Do weighted blankets help with RLS?

it depends on the patient of Restless Leg syndrome to whether a weighted blanket works for him or not. in general yes it helps calms down your legs movement and shows improvement in dealing with RLS for a restful and calm sleep without any disturbances but if your legs are not accustomed to fabric touch or weights on them when sleeping then weight blanket is not for you, you need something else.

hope you liked our small collection of some good quality weighted blankets which would help you sleep worry free with a relaxed mind and wake up rejuvenated after weighted blanket has done its work.

if you got some benefit from our list of these best weighted blankets available in the market then don’t forget to share this post with your buddies and family members to help them get a better sleep too in 2022 and beyond with best weighted blanket on amazon with discount deals.

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