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Every one of us needs to get the relaxing sleep without any disturbance and what better it could be if you can warm temperature across your sleeping that why keeping the comfort of every person like me in mind who like to get warm sleep in winters and other time of the year I have come up with a nice in-depth review guide on best electric blankets after doing an extensive research on all the electric blankets available in the market to help you purchase the best electric blanket in 2022 from the market at a discounted price without spending your time finding the right blanket for you as I have already found the right ones for your need for a better life.

so come on guys without any further delay lets hop on to my electric blankets recommendation for you for a better sleep every time you choose to use one of these blankets.

Best Electric Blankets 2022 Reviews

1. Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece best electric blankets
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its a nice polyester made soft and comfortable microfleece fabric creation which seems to machine washable without any worries of it being shrinking or stretching.

this soft fleece electric blanket features highly safe and patented low voltage underlying tech for making the blanket warm which helps you sleep comfortably in the warm arena on the bed beside saving energy due to its energy saving tech embedded in it.

this blanket features 2 separate zones for getting different heat temp if required and dual lights control for both zones for individual preferences. the electric warming component of the blanket gets turned off after 10 hours for safety and savings to give your safety and comfort without any compromises.

the electric wire running across the blanket for warming is very thin and you won’t feel it and this blanket provides even temp throughout the area without creating certain cold or hot spots which could create problems for you.

its preheat and hold features allows keeping the temp stable as per the requirement before you hop into your bed for sleeping for relaxing and comfortable sleep every time with this blanket on you and it also comes with temp control features which prevent temp to go beyond a certain limit to prevent any accidents and other issues.

it comes in 5 different sizes including king, queen, full, throw and twin to buy according to your needs and preferences for perfect night comes with 5-year company warranty to cover all electric components etc if there come any problems. to read user reviews and buy at discounted price click button below.

2. Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket 

Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket trillium
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it is ideal electric travel blanket which can be used for any short or long trips in whatever vehicle you are traveling in. it made from polyester fleece which is comfortable and comes in dimensions of 58 inches x 42 inches and weighs around 1 lbs.

some additional features of this electric travel blanket include auto shut off with a timer of 30 and 45 minutes with reset button which allows you to change the timer settings if you want to.

it comes with 7 feet long cord and works with any 12-volt power outlet which makes it travel-friendly for most of the places.

overall its fine blanket but some people complain that it gives less heat so if you don’t like then you can buy any other as per your preferences. to read some user reviews and buy this at discounted price click button below.

3. Sunbeam – Heated Electric velvet plush Blanket

Sunbeam - Queen Size Heated Blanket Luxurious Velvet Plush
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    • This sunbeam electric heat blanket is very soft and comes with a velvet touch. it features preheat controls along with 20 heat settings for both the sides of the blanket to help you get a relaxing and comfortable sleep in this sunbeam blanket.

It has Thermofine warming system which helps to stabilize and maintain a constant temp inside the blanket according to your need for comfortable night sleep without specific any cold and hot points in the blanket.

This Sunbeam blanket is machine washable and comes with a 5-year warranty from a company which is what I like the most as you can get a replacement in 5 years if anything stops working in the blanket. It comes in queen size having dimensions of 90 x 84 x 2 inches and weighs around 6 lbs.

it is fully polyester made and comes in many soothing colors to choose get a good amount of warmth from this blanket use it at max heat settings. the most common complaint of its user is that it is slippery and slides off the bed. to read more user reviews and buy this sunbeam soft electric blanket click button below

4. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket
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Its a nice electric blanket from sunbeam which is loved by many and it comes in 4 different sizes and multiple colors including twin, king, queen and full size for you to choose and buy according to your need and preferences.

This Sunbeam micro plush polyester made electric blanket comes with comfortTec controllers featuring button controls and digital information display.

Like many other electric blankets, it also has preheat feature which keeps the blanket warm before you enter your bed for relaxing and soothing sleep.

This micro plush electric blanket gives its users 10 different heat settings along with 10 hours auto-off feature to get the relaxing sleep without any worries in perfect temp suitable for your body by sensing and adjusting the heat and blanket temp according to your preferences for consistent heat and warmness inside the blanket.

its queen and king size blankets come with 2 controllers for each user. its ultra soft machine washable and dryer safe blanket that can be used without heating also when not required just like any normal weighs around 4.5 lbs.

Some people complain that it heats less if you also think that it doesn’t satisfy your needs that choose something else next read user reviews and buy at the lowest price click below.

5. Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket
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This shavel electric blanket is made from 100% polyester which makes it soft and comfortable as it has 7 layers of micro flannel which does not shrink after machine wash and retain its softness.

It features soft wire heating tech for comfort and warmth. It comes with a 10-hour auto shut off feature for security and energy saving. you can adjust the heat of the blanket with its 8 heat control settings for both sides of the blanket.

It comes with 16-foot long cord which allows you to plug it and use it easily with any hassles. the company gives a 5-year warranty with this blanket which I think is great. it comes in 4 different sizes of full, twin, king and queen and weighs around 6.5 lbs.

some people say that its electrical components are not of high quality, so if you have any doubt too then you can choose some other blanket. to read some more user reviews and buy this electric blanket with discount press button below.

Things to consider before buying the right electric blanket for your need:


price of the electric blankets depends on many things like quality, size, and features you choose to have in your blanket. generally, it ranges from $30 to $ can buy according to your budget.

if you buy in the festive season then many manufacturers and retailers give a discount which enables you to get even more premium quality blanket in your budget without overspending, so always check price from multiple retailers to see if sale in on for discounts on your favorite electric blanket.


electric blankets come in many sizes like a twin, medium, full, queen, king and throw just like any other normal blanket.

you can choose according to your requirement. if you are buying just for your self then medium or throw size would be fine but if you are buying for 2 persons for big bed then you choose from king, queen and other sizes as per your preferences.


while buying an electric blanket check out its quality and material from which its made as it should be not only comfortable to sleep in but also durable and long-lasting. moreover, check if its electric components which are used to heat up the blankets are made up of quality material and not cheap crap which could break easily.

always check for user reviews of best electric blankets on amazon etc. if buying online for a better understanding of products pros and cons from real consumers and if buying offline try to analyze the item as per your preference and experience for its durability and whether you could get comfort from it or not before buying.


checkout if your electric blanket comes with safety features like auto shut down which shut off the electric component of the blanket after certain hours like 8-10 hours to prevent any accidents and injuries like overheating, sparks, energy loss, voltage loss etc while wearing it during sleep with full safety.

Other features

checkout if your blanket comes with some additional feature like zoned heating which allows heating one place at a different temp than other or not heats one zone completely which makes it a good feature, if you are buying it for 2 people and the other person, does want heat at that time any more interesting features like timer, fragrance elements etc.


blanket controls are an essential factor to look at while buying as it helps to control and adjust the temperature inside the blanket as per your requirement.

some blanket comes with auto adjust feature also which sync with outside temp to heat the inside to the right temp for soothing and relaxing experience without changing the temp too much as it could be bad for our bodies to go for too cold to too hot inside the blanket.

If you keep all the factors discussed above in mind before buying electric blankets then I can certainly trust you that you will make a right choice for yourself to make your sleep much more relaxing. if you need to check out how electric blankets are made then go here.

Benefits of using electric blankets

Provides better sleep

when you use an electric blanket while sleeping it will provide the warmth which will stimulate your sleep hormones in the body and provide with sound and better sleep due to which you will get up fresh and rejuvenated and work with full focus without any feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

Keeps You warm during sleep and other work

electric blankets provide the required heat and comfort to sleep with bliss whenever required. you can wear it while reading or watching tv or during pregnancy or any illness to get some relief and spend your time with happiness and comfort all around for happy life.

Helps in sinus problem

using weighted blanket helps to provide relief in sinus issues at night up to certain extent and provides good sleep without any problems and issues. it reduces the dryness in nose and throat area caused due to sinus which helps to get a sound sleep at night.

Saves energy

In winters you tend to turn on the heater to keep the room warm which consumes a lot of electricity and also many people turn on the thermostat which also consumes a lot of unwanted electricity to give you inflated electricity bills. so you can use these electric blankets to keep yourself warm as they consume a lot less electricity than normal heaters and thermostat.

helps in muscle pains

during winter times people generally tend to suffer from some kind of body ache or muscle soreness which lead to muscles and nerve pains across the body. using an electric blanket will provide the heat to your body which will help to get the muscles relaxed and ease out the stress by increasing blood flow across the body due to low heat constantly provided by an electric blanket which will give relief in muscle pains. the muscle tension and stiffness will decrease and you will feel better. it is also helpful to get relief from arthritis and similar kinds of pain in the body.

Electric blankets FAQ

does electric blankets use a lot of energy to work?

nowadays electric blankets are very energy efficient to use and do not use too much power. generally, electric blankets consume 50 to 300 watts per hour to use depending on your settings, blanket size, and its electric efficient circuit board.

electric companies bill you on per kilowatt hour basis like for eg your blanket takes 200 watts per hour and you turn it on for 5 hours then 1 kilowatt will be used and you will get charged according to that from your electric company. for some companies, 1kw is equal to 1 unit so you can see in your bill charge for 1 unit of electricity.

do electric blankets come with fire risk hazards?

If you are wondering that are electric blankets safe against fire hazards then let me tell you that most of the electric blankets in the market now comes with auto off mechanism to switch off the heating once a certain temp point is reached to prevent overheating which can lead to a fire, but certain people who cant feel the heat or pain due to somebody issues and are using electric blankets for long can burn their skin without noticing, so you need to keep an eye on that if you have such conditions.

Although blankets won’t cause a fire, still to be on safe side it is advised to keep any flammable materials or something which could accelerate fire rapidly should be kept away from your bed or place where you are using the electric blanket to get control of fire incases of any emergency. like if you are wearing a blanket in your truck while going somewhere then keep the bottle of oil, kerosene, petrol away from you if you tend to have them in your vehicle and don’t play with fire elements when in close proximity to these electric blankets.

Also, make sure wiring of the blanket is not broken while you plugin it into the socket to prevent electric arching or conduction which can cause electric and fire hazards.

can electric blankets be washed in the washing machine?

yes, electric blankets can be machine washed with care. you can use any washing machine and run it for 2-5 minutes to wash your blanket but before doing it make sure that you have removed all the plugs and electric wiring from the blanket for safety purpose. after that let it dry in the sun or with an air blower or normally in the dryer but don’t iron it or do dry cleaning as the high temp can ruin the inner electric wiring which will ruin your blanket.

Hope you got you answer for how to wash electric blankets here for its longevity.

do electric blankets help in arthritis pain?

electric blankets provide heat which reduces muscles stiffness and stress which increases the blood flow and gives relief from arthritis pain. your joint will become more relaxed and flexible giving you the ability to move freely without any pain once you start using best electric blanket for arthritis.

why should people with diabetes not use electric blankets?

people with diabetes have the insensitivity to heat and cannot feel it sometime in their arms and legs so if the blanket becomes too hot and they won’t be able to feel it then it could lead to burning of the skin and other unwanted injuries and harm on your body so its advised to not use it.

What will happen if I spill a drink on an electric blanket by mistake?

Generally, the electric blankets are spillage proof which allows the drink to get down from blanket easily. also, the electric blanket covers are available in the market which you can put on your blanket to prevent is from destruction. the cover can be removed and easily washed in the washing machine if it gets dirty due to some reason. if water falls on it then switch off the blanket and clean it.

Do electric blankets emit emf?

Some old electric blankets emit electromagnetic field which can penetrate in your skin and is not good but new ones claim that the blankets are free from emf Radiations but sometimes they also emit electric field in the area surrounding it. So its advised to not use if you are pregnant as it can affect the baby.

What safety measures should be followed while using electric blankets?

  • don’t use an electric blanket when its wet, follows the instruction manual to get it in the dry state before using it.
  • make sure it comes with auto off features as overheating while sleeping can be life-threatening.
  • turn on the blanket on high heat mode and see if it develops any heat spots on it anywhere, if it does then theirs some fault in a blanket which should not be ignored so get it replaced or fixed by the manufacturer to prevent any future unwanted accidents and burns.
  • don’t allow small kids to use the electric blankets for too long as it can be dangerous for them and also consult your doctor about its use for your child and keep the temp on mild when using for kids.

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Electric blankets make our sleep much more relaxing and rejuvenating by providing the soothing heat to our body, so buy one of the best electric blankets from above with discount and also share this with your friends and family to help them sleep well in 2022 but if your budget doesn’t not allow to purchase electric heating blanket then you also opt for quality heating pads as they are cheap but fulfills the purpose of providing heat to some extent.

These best electric blankets 2022 also form the best gift item for your friends, so you can buy them for gift purpose also and make your known too people happy.

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