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It’s an inevitable fact that once or many times in our lifetime we may get back pain due to various reason like bad posture while seating,standing or injury etc. although there are many methods to cure these kinds of pain but inversion therapy is one of the best ones that doesn’t require you to eat any medicines etc. in inversion therapy you tend to lay down upside down on best inversion table with your body stretched straight to get relieved from pain in body are and spine muscles.

when you think of buying an inversion table for its back pain and health benefits you may get confused as market consists of many types of inversion tables from a countless vendor from which some are of good quality and some are of substandard quality.

That’s why to help you choose the right inversion table for your need and then buy them with discount we have done extensive research on inversion tables available in market and come up with a compact list of few best inversion table for you to buy and get yourself relieved from pain without being conned by market vendors selling bad products in 2020.

Best Inversion Tables – Our Top recommendation 2020!

1. Teeter Inversion Table Ep-960 LTD

Teeter Inversion Table ep 960 ltd
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This teeter EP 960 ltd is a nice inversion table build to eliminate your back pains, nerve pains, disc pains, muscle soreness and problems thus making your body more fit and active by increasing your core strength and endurance.its build quality is also fine as its made from good quality steel build to last longer with proper care of inversion table.

some of its interesting features include different acupressure nodes helps you get relief from back pain by applying pressure on special acupressure points on our body.it also comes with a lumbar bridge in the middle of the table which helps in providing support to your lower back and spine area while on an inversion table.

security of person using this inversion table has also been thought after as it comes with long stretch handles along with traction handles which allows you to stretch your body and get maximum benefit from this inversion table without worrying about any minor accidents and injuries while lying on it in an inverted position.

besides that, you also get auto-locking hinges pivot bearings for durability of inversion table and cam locks for your added safety while working out. it also comes with ankle lock handles and ankle cups with gives support to your ankles.

using this inversion table is not a problem as it can be assembled in 5 steps and you can start using it thereafter and when you want to stop the inversion therapy then with your arms movement you can shift your body forward and come to normal position without any hassle.

it comes with 5-year company warranty to get your problems fixed if you encounter any while using this teeter table. its capable of supporting people up to 300 lbs in weight and having a maximum height of 6.6 inches. this ep 960 inversion table comes in dimensions of 84 x 29 x 86 inches having 70 lbs of weight and when folded it shrinks down to dimensions of 20 x 28.8 x 66 for easy storage without taking too much space.

If you are looking a cheaper version of inversion table from teeter than you can also look at Teeter EP-560 Ltd as it comes at less price and will fulfill all your inversion table need without burning a hole in your pocket but you will have you compromise on some feature which you get in teeter EP 960 Ltd but not in Ep 560 Ltd. If you are looking for something more advaced with handfull of more features then Teeter EP-970 Ltd is for you to checkout right now.

if you want to read user reviews of Teeter EP 960 inversion table and buy this at discounted price click button below.

2. Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table
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This amazing ironman inversion table is made from a good quality steel frame and features memory foam backrest for full comfort while using the table for inversion therapy.

It comes with palm activated adjustable ratchet ankle locking mechanism to keep your ankles firm and stable while using the inversion table.it also has ankle cushions for the complete comfort of ankles.

this inversion table from Ironman has a maximum bearable weight capacity of 350 lbs with maximum height support of 6.6 inches.you can easily fold it for storing it securely when not in use. it can be inverted up to a maximum angle of 180 degrees.

ironman inversion therapy table features nonslippery stabilizing on the bottom to make it stable and firm on the ground when using it.it also features vinyl safety covers and long handles to return to normal position after using for inversion for safety and comfort.

ironman inversion table comes in dimensions of 49 L x 26 W x 65 H inches and weighs around 76 lbs.it comes with a 1-year warranty from company to resolve all issues that may arise while using it.to read its latest user reviews and then buy at lowest price click button below

3. Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Exerpeutic Inversion Table
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It is a nice exerpeutic inversion table which comes with soft padded and comfortable backrest. you can adjust its height as per your preferences to get a perfect inversion therapy.

Its built with a good quality steel frame and can bear up to 300 lbs of weight. on this inversion machine, you will get long handles bars along with adjustable tether strap for the safe use of this machine everytime with full safety.

Its foam rollers along with ankle cushions make sure that your ankle is safe while you are using the machine in inverted position comfortably. its great for users having a height from 4.6 feet to 6.6 feet. its foldable nature makes it easy for storage when not in use.

It comes with pin release system for easy use of machine.it can be inverted up to 180 degrees and comes with a 1-year warranty from the company.this inversion table comes in dimensions of 50 L x 25.5 W x 56 H inches and Weighs around 55 lbs.

4. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table
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Innova ITX9600 is a nice inversion therapy table which comes with adjustable headrest pad and padded good quality large backrest.it features a 4 position adjustable pin system for easy and comfortable position setting and inversion according to your body requirement on the straps system.

It comes with ergonomic ankle system which helps to keep your ankles firm when you are in inverted position and its true balance system helps to get in the inverted position easily.for easy storage it can be folded and kept anywhere in the house without occupying too much space.

It can withstand people with weight up to 300 lbs and comes in dimensions of 46 x 28 x 63 inches having the weight of around 52 lbs.it is capable of working with users having the height in the range of 4.10 inches to 6.6 inches

most people who have bought this have liked it without any major issues.even if you have some issues after buying the product then you don’t need to worry much as it comes with a 1-year warranty so the company can handle and assist you with the issues. so to buy this Innova inversion table with discount and read latest reviews click button below.

5. Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table 

Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table
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This Merax vibration massage inversion table with removable heat massager will help you get rid of your back pain and muscle stress.it features adjustable comfortable oversized foam roller to give you ankle support while using the inversion table. This table can be folded for easy storage and transport.

its maximum weight support capacity is 300 lbs and meant to be used by people of maximum height 6.3 approx.it comes in dimensions of 59″x 26″x 47″ and weighs around 60 lbs.

overall its good inversion table with sturdy build quality but its few buyers have a problem that it doesn’t come with a good instruction manual for assembling and using it for which you can contact the company and watch youtube videos.

to read more user reviews an buy this table with the discount press the button below. don’t forget to leave your review if you buy this amazing vibrating inversion table from merax.

6. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table
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This is an amazing inversion table for inversion therapy from ironman which comes with Far Infrared Rays heat tech to give your back the comfort it requires while in pain and help you get rid of all kinds of back pain and get fit in no time when you lay inverted on its 2.5 inches backrest.

it features thin carbon fiber heating elements which help to relax all the back area muscles which ultimately decreases back pain and body fatigue besides increasing blood flow across the body.

this inversion therapy table can be inverted up to 180 degrees and is capable of supporting people of up to 350 lbs maximum and can be adjusted to accommodate people with a maximum height of 6.6 inches.it gives you the freedom to work in 3 positions as per the requirement of your body.

not to forget that it comes with long safety handles to prevent any injuries and minor accidents while laying on it in an inverted position and small mesh pocket for a remote control to keep things in control without any external help while laying on it.

on this table, you can change the heat settings of backrest as per the requirements from temp ranging between 90-140 degrees F for a time duration of up to 60 minutes maximum in one session.

its inverted hand grips allow you stay in control and get in normal position without any help even when you are inverted on a table. it also features ratchet locking system with cushion support for ankles to keep them in place for comfort and safety while you enjoy back pain removal treatment on an inversion table.

comes in dimensions of 51 x 29 x 9 inches and can be folded in dimensions of 80 x 26 x 17. the weight of this ironman inversion table is around 80 lbs which I think is little high for inversion tables. the company gives a 1-year warranty on this inversion table for any problems you may encounter while using it.

Things to consider before buying an inversion table


while buying make sure that inversion table falls within your budget. generally, the price range of inversion table lies within $100-$400 depending on the quality and features it offers. we have tried to share best inversion tables in all price categories above to help everyone find a nice inversion table within their budget without any hassles. you can also try buying inversion table at cheap price on festive seasons as at that time retailers tends to offers some deals and discounts to increase sales and clear old stock.

Supported weight capacity

Before buying inversion table you need to check out its supported weight limit. generally weight limit of inversion table lies between 200 to 400 lbs. you can buy it according to the weight of the person who will use the inversion table.


Built quality is yet another important factor to look out for while purchasing an inversion table as tables with good built quality last longer and are durable. while using inversion table you should feel safe and comfortable. it should be built with good quality steel following the industry standards of construction and come with all different kind of padding on the backrest, ankles etc for good experience while using it.

Safety measures

safety measures are important for inversion table as it prevents any unwanted injuries while using the tables. you should check out for some standard measures like ankles pads and straps, backrest along with seat belt, inversion angle controlling knobs, lumbar support, firm support wheels on the ground to keep it stable on the ground etc.

Angle of motion

you should also look for the angle of motion of the inversion table. generally, most of the tables come with 180 degrees inversion angle some comes with even more or less. if you are starting out you can start with 45 degrees inversion and later increase it slowly in following days to get better results from the inversion table.

Vibration pads

You need to check whether your inversion table comes with vibration back pads as it helps to give you a comfortable back massage while being in an inverted position to sooth your soring muscles and get relief from pain. it is not a must-have feature but good to have for getting a massage on an inversion table.

Other features

more feature rich machine becomes expensive so if the feature given in the machine is a non-standard feature and you won’t be using it much often then its no point to pay extra for it until you have no budget constraints and want a top quality feature rich machine without any compromises.

if you want a features rich machine then some of the features you can look in inversion tables includes heat insulated structure with heat controlled backrest, anti-slip pads, extra massage capabilities on the backrest, extra nylon straps for hands and legs, remote controlled inversion, acupressure nodes etc.

Benefits of using inversion table

Helps in back pain

when you use inversion table for back pain and lay on it you get spinal traction which releases pressure from your spinal cords and back discs ultimately helping you get relief from back pain as the gravity gets reversed which compressed the backspin and pinched nerves in that area which resulted in pain.

improves blood circulation

inversion therapy improves blood circulation in most parts of the body as the blood flows against the gravity. you will feel more active and agile once the blood flow increases in your upper part of the body after an inversion therapy session.

removes body waste via the lymph system

when you make use of inversion table then due to increased gravity your body lymph system helps to remove unwanted waste elements from your bodies like lactic acids etc at a faster pace which help clear your body from toxins causing unwanted pain and acne.

reduces body joints pressure and stress

When you workout or do any physical activity like swimming, walking, running in access then you may feel some stress in your body joints and muscles especially in legs area which can be reduced after a session of inversion therapy on inversion table as joints pressure decreases and your muscles get room to stretch out at its maximum which releases unwanted tension and gives relief from pain and fatigue if you experiencing it.

Moreover, if your body becomes little misaligned due to working in one side or playing one-sided sports like golf etc then also it helps to make your posture correct and align your body with the right balance from both sides. your muscles and joints release tension and stretch out while on inversion table which helps to increase your body flexibility and helps in your neck pain also when doing neck stretch on inversion table which is great for your daily life routines.

Inversion table FAQ

For how much time should you use inversion table in one session?

in the starting to warm up you can do 2-4 minutes sessions on the inversion table and once you get used to it and your muscles and body start adopting the table and inversion mechanism you can increase you inversion time to 5-10 minutes as per your comfort. mover while using the table frequent inversions are more beneficial than the duration of inversion in one session.

What to do while I am in the inverted position to make inversion therapy more effective?

To increase the effectiveness of inversion therapy you can do some head rotation both sides and oscillation of your body,increasing the frequency of inversions, crunches for abs buildup, stretching, hands workout, shoulder movement etc. If you don’t want to do anything then also its fine to relax and enjoy the inversion therapy with inner calmness.

you can also perform some exercises like inverted squats in which your legs will pull your body weight up to get stronger leg muscles, its similar to normal squats but in opposite directions. you can perform reverse crunches also on the inversion table to get benefits in the back area and build stronger abdomen muscles.

does using inversion table helps in Scoliosis pain?

Inversion therapy on inversion tables can help in Scoliosis pain up to certain extent for some time or you can term it as temp relief but doing it with regularly with other permanent treatment from a doctor can definitely be helpful.

when you invert using the table your body gets elongated and spine becomes stretched due to anti gravity as you are in upside down position and blood flow increases in the back area which reduces back pain and spasm giving you relief.

Inversion can be termed as alternative health treatment for Scoliosis which can carry out but don’t forget to consult the doctor to get rid of it completely.

For back pain you can also checkout back massager and quality back braces

Does using inversion table helps in sciatica pain?

Inversion table for sciatica will definitely help you get relief from sciatica pain as when you invert your body the compression on the back side decreases due to anti-gravity position which helps release pressure from the nerves thus helping you get relief from all kinds of back pain including sciatica pain.

why does face becomes red and pressure increases on the head while being inverted?

when you are inverted the blood flows to your upper body at an increased speed which slows down once there is adequate blood in upper body area and this results in your face turning red due to extra blood flow to it and some pressure on the head due to body weight which you will get used to once you start using the inversion table on regular basis for inversion therapy.

Its been found in one study that your brain works 7% faster and 14% more focused and accurate with increased blood flow when in an inverted position which I think is great for your body and overall mental health

Is it safe to use inversion tables while being pregnant?

It is not advised to use inversion table while being pregnant after 8 weeks as it may cause harm to your unborn baby. if you still intend to use it due to some reason or to get rid of back pain etc please consult your local doctor first prior to doing this for benefit of both you and your unborn kid.

What should i do to get rid of ankle discomfort while being inverted on inversion table?

While using an inversion table people tend to experience some kind of ankle discomfort even if the table comes with ankle pads so if you also fall into the same category of people who feels discomfort then you should wear shoes with solid padding and good quality socks while using the table besides that you can move your ankles little downwards while strapping them as they will move up while you invert and get in perfect position by turning a little and giving support to your low heels with no discomfort while in inverted position.

you can also adjust the foot platform on the table by reducing the space between the top of foot and platform to fit your foot and ankle perfectly in place for better inversion experience as your body will remain firm while being inverted with no movement of ankles.

you can also change the position of your inversion with little bit oscillation and traction sidewards on either side to get your body in best position over time once you start getting used to the table to reduce ankle discomfort.

is there any age limit for using inversion tables?

there is no age limit for using inversion table, if you have back pain and want to get rid of it with inversion therapy then inversion table is for you irrespective of your age but it is not recommended for small kids as they won’t be able to get through the effect of gravity on their spin and may feel uncomfortable with it. also if you have heart conditions, eyes problems like glaucoma, high blood pressure, frequent gerd or pregnancy then avoid using the inversion table for some time and at extreme settings.

hope you liked our collection of best inversion tables reviews which would help you buy the right table for your purpose at a discounted rate to take your health to next level and help you get rid of all kinds of body and back pains after using these inversion tables on sale regularly in your home. share this best inversion tables 2020 post with your friends and family too for helping them get fit and health in 2020.

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