XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

best ab machine reviews 2022

Everyone likes a fit and healthy body. core fitness is an integral part of every fitness enthusiast workout regime to keep your core abs in shape and ab machines given below will definitely help you make 6 pack abs and keep your core along with lower back muscles in shape without any afflictions.

So come on let’s find out the best ab workout machine for you right below which you can buy at a discounted price to take your fitness to next level easily.

best ab machine 2022 reviews

hanstorm folding Adjustable Ab Bench

Although many people dream of enhancing their abs so they can flaunt in front of friends, only a few go the extra mile to achieve it. Developing six-packs abs is easier said than done. One of the best ways to get your ambitions achieved is by using your weight and gravity for additional resistance while investing in worthwhile incline or decline ab bench. One of such bench is the X-Mark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench. This bench can help you to challenge your abs regardless of the fitness level of your abdominal muscle.

The hanstorm ab bench is excellent for performing sit-ups, oblique twists, crunches, etc without exerting undue stress on sensitive pressure points.


  1. Easy assembly process:

Not everyone is technically savvy, this means that it may be difficult for some people to assembly exercise equipment. The hanstorm Bench makes assembly process very easy as it comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. In the manual, each of the steps is clearly spelled out and each component is clearly distinguished. With this manual, consumers will complete the assembly process within minutes.

  1. Twelve vertical height adjustment
  2. Support handle for easy on/off:

hanstorm ab benchThere are always risk associated with using exercise equipment, but the hanstorm is designed with the user in mind and helps to keep them safe. The innovative support handle provides users with a safe and easy way to mount and dismount the bench. The support handle also eliminates the problem of tripping and falling after the completion of the exercise.

  1. Ergonomically positioned leg rollers:

Although the bench doesn’t come with wheels, it features ergonomically positioned leg rollers. The position of these rollers at the bottom of the bench helps to ensure improved mobility.

  1. Skid resistant rubber feet:

The rubber feet of the bench are skid resistant, therefore there is no need to fear about the floor becoming scratched or damaged, either during use or movement of the bench.

  1. Scratch resistant powder coat finish:

Although appearance is a minor consideration when compared to most other features, it is still important to have a sleek-looking bench in the house. The bench look ensures that you have no need to hide the bench after you are done with exercise. The bench is stylish and sleek and comes with two main color schemes; black and white version. It also have a powder coat finish which allows it to resist scratches and maintain its sleek look regardless of how long you use it.

  1. Extra thick 2.5-inch Hi-Density cushion

The hanstorm goes a long way to ensure that users are as comfortable as possible by covering the bench seating area with extra thick cushioning. The cushioning is tear-resistant and double-stitched.


  1. Capable of supporting weight of up to 400 pounds
  2. Convenient assembly process
  3. The weighs of the bench when assembled is just 40 pounds
  4. 5 Inch cushioning ensures a comfortable workout
  5. Leg rollers enhance the product’s mobility
  6. Locking pins pops into place to prevent unwanted incline changes


  1. Lack of wheels
  2. Plastic endcaps are cheap and unreliable for some users


Ab Coaster Max machine from Tristar products

If you wish to say goodbye to your flab and welcome great sexy abs, then this is the fitness equipment you must choose. The Ab Coaster Max is a 5-Star Rated Ab Fitness Equipment that can deliver to you a lean, chiseled mid-section, sexy abs with defined cut obliques.

The Ab Coaster’s secret is its smooth bottom-up motion, this helps to create a constant core contraction. This body fitness equipment helps t develop your lower, middle and upper abs, all from the bottom-up and also your way down.

The equipment from Tristar products is completely easy to use, also with just a twist users can work on their left or right side obliques. No experience is required as it is perfect for any fitness level. Just like any good Ab workout equipment, it makes users spend 90 percent of their calories stressing their abdomen and the remaining 10 on the other part of their body.


  1. Simple design:

Compared to other ab workout machines, the Ab Coaster Max is an all inclusive unique model that utilizes the same motion range to target the entire abdomen area.

  1. Beginner Friendly:

The equipment has a design and mode of operation that is friendly and encouraging to beginners. They can start workout out with weights and as time goes on they can add weights to greater gains.

  1. Sturdy construction:
Tristar Products Inc Ab Coaster Max
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The construction of the equipment, its frame and design helps it to last as long as possible. The sturdy construction also helps it to large and heavy enough to hold weight of up to 250lbs.

  1. Gym backed:

Ab Coaster Max has a positive reputation in gyms around the world as they rely on it to provide comprehensive abs training for its members.

  1. Standalone equipment:

Most workout equipment require additional routines or exercise to get the job done. But for Ab Coaster Max, there is no need to rely on other equipment or floor exercises, as long as users continue to increase resistance by adding weights.

  1. No height restrictions:

Although the design does not favor customization, it works perfectly well regardless of users size. Customers that are more than five feet tall can still make use of the Ab Coaster.


  1. Gym quality construction with materials and components that are high grade and top quality
  2. It is easy to use and does not require any complicated movement
  3. Advanced users can take on additional weight discs to challenge themselves
  4. It comes with a heavy and sturdy design that can hold weights of up to 250lbs.
  5. It ergonomic designs means that it requires very little maintenance


  1. It can be quite difficult to find small components, seat covers and rubber grips
  2. You may have to give it a dedicated space in your home or gym as it can be cumbersome and large.
  3. The target is in the abdomen region.


Ab Hyper Bench from Stamina Pro

If you are looking for a magic bullet that answers most workout question, then you will find it in the Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench. Using this bench, consumers can work on more than just their core. The bench helps users to do triceps dips, split-squats, bent-over rows, and push-ups.

The bench has the added advantage of being compact and convenient. Even if you don’t have a dedicated workout area the bench is small enough to fit in almost any room in your home. The frames of the bench equally fold, allowing storage to be much easier.


  1. Thickly padded upholstery:

The bench upholstery is thickly padded, making it very comfortable during usage. Aside from that, it is quite easy to clean. So regardless of how much sweat you produce during your workouts, your bench stays as clean as possible.

  1. Adjustable Thigh Support:

The bench comes with a spilt adjustable thigh support that makes it apt for different users, regardless of their size.

  1. Extended Hand Grips:

The bench features an easy-to-reach extended hand grip that allows users to take a breather while engaging in hypertension routines. These hand grips can also be used during upper body strength training.

  1. Pivoting Foam Rollers:
stamina pro ab hyper bench
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The bench also features foam rollers which pivots according to the demands of the user, so whether they are engaged in hypertension core work or crunches, the roller pivot to user’s demand.

  1. Non-Slip Footrests:

There is no fear of slips, as users feet will remain secure in the supportive, non-slip footrest of the bench.

  1. Foldable:

The bench has a foldable design, allowing users to easily tuck the Stamina Ab/Hyper Bench Pro in a corner, closet or under the bed. You do not need too much store the bench.

  1. 2″ Steel Frame:

It is not unusual for workout equipment to take a lot of abuse over the course of many years. This explains why they wear out and eventually breakdown. The Stamina Pro eliminates this worry as it is built with a 2″ steel frame. This will not only allow you to have good workout session but will guarantee that your bench stands the test of time. The bench is also powder coated to prevent scratches. Purchasing this equipment is certain to give peace of mind.

  1. Affordable:

Most workout equipment come at very high prices, this is not unusual. But the Stamina Pro redefines this conception, by being available at a surprisingly reasonable price. Hardly can you find any such equipment in the market that has the versatility and durability found in this bench and goes for such rate. It is almost a giveaway.

  1. Target different areas:

Most workout equipment have specific areas (maybe one or two) that they target. However, the stamina pro targets many different areas of the body. It can be used to sculpt abs, arms, chest and legs.


  • -Very lengthy warranty
  • -Upholstery is durable and comfortable
  • -Suitable for the mass majority of consumers
  • -Very versatile and can be used in a number of ways
  • -Durable and will not wobble or rock


  • -Only accommodates 250 pounds of weight
  • -Bench could be a little longer


Fitness reality hyper bench for the abdominal workout

If you want to get the same intense gym-quality workout at home, then you must choose the Fitness Reality X-Class Commercial Abdominal. It is built with a 2″ x 2″ Steel frame construction with a 45 degree hyper back extension angle. The bench can support weight of up to 650lbs. The bench helps users to target their arm, chest and lower back muscle, including abdominals when involved  in dumbbell exercises, sit-ups and back extensions.


  1. 650lbs weight capacity:

The bench has a weight capacity of 650lbs and user height range of between 5 ft to 6 ft 4″.

  1. 2.5″ Thick Foam Bench:

It comes with a 2.5″ thick medium density foam, which is sweat and moisture resistant and has a double stitched vinyl bench covering.

  1. 4 Level Bench Adjustments:

The bench features one flat and three decline bench adjustment

  1. 4 Thick Roller Pads:

It works for users with different heights using its 2 roller pad adjustment and 4″ thick roller pads.

  1. 1.5″ Slip Resistant Handle Bars:

It comes with 1.5″ push up and dip handle bars that are soft and slip resistant.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal Hyper Back
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  1. Transportation wheels:

The bench features transportation wheels which aids in its movement from place to place

  1. Build muscles with multiple exercises:

Users can build muscles via multiple exercise routine, some of such exercises include lower back extensions, flat and decline abdominal sit-ups/crunches, preacher curls etc.

  1. Single Dumbbell Rows:

In order to strengthen your leg muscles and biceps, you can do the single dumbbell rows.

  1. Back Extensions:

By placing your bench in flat and decline positions, you can target your lower back muscles with effective back extensions and forward lower back stretching.

  1. Knee Raises:

Using the knee raising exercise, users can strengthen their ab muscles.


  1. There are many levels to choose from
  2. It has a 400lbs capacity that is suitable for heavier users or for weight training
  3. It is comfortable to use, thanks to it professionals padding and rollers
  4. It is suitable for tall users as the board is quite long
  5. It does not wobble when in use, this is due to its heavy duty construction and design. Its stability makes it excellent and very safe to use.


  1. Some users find it difficult to assemble, despite the equipment coming with a detailed instructional manual
  2. The caps are made from plastic which sometimes do not fit. It should have been made from a more durable material
  3. The lock pin will serve it purpose better if made from stronger material


core max pro Ab Machine

This equipment helps users to work on their abs in the most effective way. It offers a substantial amount of resistance that strengthens users in one way or the other. From the outside, the equipment may look overly simple but there are many features that would make you love it.

Compared to other workout machines, the Core Max Ab Machine gives dual resistance handles on both sides, giving users something other than their body weight to work with. This helps to simplify the way exercises are done while also encouraging users to do even more repetitions.

The equipment handles do not just give resistance on both sides but ensures that other areas of the body such as the legs, biceps, triceps and more also get fit. The equipment gives 8 different workout options.

Compared to other similar equipment where users are expected to lift their entire core off the ground to target their abs, the only thing that is required is to lean back on the dual resistant bars. For anyone looking for a simple and potential relaxing way to workout, even in the front of the tv, this equipment is

The equipment comes with several important features;

  1. Dual-action resistance:

The Core Max Ab Machine helps to maximize results and minimizes strain by utilizing a power-assisted rebound system which provides support and resistance in both directions.

  1. Compact:

The fitness equipment has a height of two inches, therefore it will interfere minimally with your exercises.

  1. Easy to use:
Core Max Ab Machine
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Compared to other fitness monitors, the Core Max Ab Machine can be easily attached and detached, through the help of its built-in magnetic back.

  1. Unique design:

They come with a unique design, all that is needed is for users to clip them on and they are ready to go. These resistance bands are uniquely designed to attach to users Core Max.

  1. Challenging:

And if you feel like stepping it up a notch, this resistance bands can help you to achieve that.


  1. Convenient, light and portable
  2. Offers a degree of versatility
  3. Works out your abs and core
  4. Easy to use, there is no installation required
  5. It offers 24 to 48 pounds of adjustable resistance
  6. Offers eight different workouts
  7. It gives a great support mechanism for those who are in need of it


  1. It is a small piece of equipment. It weighs just 13 pounds.
  2. It is not a good gym replacement
  3. Exercises are a bit limited
  4. The equipment is not for experienced lifters.


Fitlaya Abdominal Workouts Equipment for novice and experts

This is a revolutionary home exercise system that gives you 10 muscle-building exercise system for users. With three resistance levels, users can exercise and move up from being a beginner to a senior exerciser. This home exercise equipment can assist users to cut down on extra calories via biceps training, leg raises,  press-ups, stomach crunch, sit-ups, side crunch, oblique crunch, sit-up crunch, and thigh training.

Users can use this equipment to target and tone inner thighs and do assisted push-ups. All of these can happen while the user works on their core at the same time. Users can also enjoy the benefit of cardio exercise even while sitting down.


  1. Durable steel material and dual-action resistance

The Fitlaya is very comfortable as it comes covered with soft foam padding which improves it comfortablilty and gives it a stable grip on smooth floors. Also, in order to maximize results and minimize strain as well as provide resistance and support in both directions, the equipment comes with a power-assisted rebound system.

  1. Customize your workout:

Users can customize their workout from the three resistance levels that is available to them. It gives the ability to burn calories and become firm even while users are sitting down.

SYOSIN Abdominal Workouts Equipment for novice and experts
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  1. Ergonomic design and bonus:

It is not unusual for people who use crunches to suffer from back and neck strain. The ergonomic design and the sturdiness of the fitlaya Magic helps to eliminate this problem.

  1. Portable and compact:

It has a compact size which makes it very convenient to carry around. This also allows it to be easily stored in small spaces and to be taken out daily with little stress. It is ideal for both home and gym use.


  1. It comes with a professional design which not only makes the product efficient but prevents trainers from getting hurt while in the process of exercising
  2. It comes with three levels of resistance; 35lb, 44lb, and 57lb. This makes it great for users of all fitness levels.
  3. It comes with a thirty-six months warranty, which means there is no need to worry about post-sale service. Users can enjoy 24/7 quick response whenever they have a problem when using the equipment.


  1. It cannot be used by children of less than 14 years


Abdominal Exercise Trainer

If you are someone who don’t have much time on hand and finds it difficult to squeeze fitness into their daily life schedule, then the Abdominal-Full Body Trainer is the perfect fitness solution for you. The Abdominal trainer is a compact exercise machine capable of helping users achieve maximum results with minimal effort in the shortest span of time, regardless of if they are increasing or maintaining their fitness level.

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab TrainerThis exercise equipment has anti-gravity dual-resistance technology incorporated into its build. It has an adjustable precision dials for resistance of between 24-48 pounds. This has the advantage of aiding your body weight workouts.

So whether you are looking to strengthen your abs for sports or tone up for bikini season, this item is sure to deliver. It’s unique design aims at combining 8-muscle-burning exercises in one single machine.


  1. It comes with interlocking springs and precision dials that delivers an adjustable resistance of between 24-48lbs
  2. It has a dual resistance technology that fires up the muscle even when in the extension or relaxing phase. This helps to save time as well as deliver double results.
  3. It is also known as the 6-in-1 workout machine. This is because it is a six resistance gym equipment including cardio, to give users a total body workout experience, right from the comfort of their homes.
  4. It guarantees a total body training by targeting a variety of muscle group, this includes; the upper, lower, middle ABS and oblique, gluts, thighs, forearms, triceps and biceps.
  5. It is fairly easy to operate and use. It can basically be used by anyone, regardless of age or physicality.


  1. Easy to use
  2. It delivers 8 workouts in one
  3. Users can achieve faster results
  4. It design allows users to maintain workouts for long period
  5. Users can exercise with this equipment wherever they are, even on the bed
  6. It has a specialized dual resistance technology
  7. It compact build allows it to be easily transported and stored
  8. It offers targeted training


  1. It does not come with a manual


Daiwa Felicity Compact Core ab Trainer

Daiwa Felicity Compact Core Trainer Ab Workout Equipment
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This equipment offers a fun and easy way to tone your abs and thighs and whip your core muscles into shape. Exercising using the Rodeo core is much more easier than doing sit-ups.

Horseback riding is one of the most effective forms of exercise, this is because it stimulates the blood vessels and heart, and conditions the muscles.

The Rodeo Core delivers the exact same kind of exercise obtainable when riding a horse. It is fairly easy to use, all that is needed is for users to sit down on the saddle and place their feet on the pedals.

To use, basically, users must lean forward and backward along the saddle’s motion. This swinging motion helps in the toning of the midsection muscles of the body.


  1. It helps to reshape the back, stomach, waist, and thighs. It achieves this by engaging the core and upper leg muscles.
  2. It comes in three heights variations, which would suit a wide range of individuals
  3. It has an energy design. This is because it does not use electricity, rather it uses body weight and motion.
  4. The unique design also makes it compact and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around and to store, but it is sturdy nonetheless.
  5. It has a reversible forward and backward motion.
  6. You can use it anywhere, since it does not require batteries or electricity


Ab machines Buying guide

Below is a guide for anyone who is interested in buying ab workout equipment. This list includes the most popular abs training machines and the benefits attached to each of them;

  1. Sit-up Benches:

This is one of the most common tools used for abs training. There is not a gym that don’t make use of it. They can be used by both beginners and advanced trainers. Basically, they help to strengthen the core muscles through enhanced sit-ups exercises. Other moves that can be done include leg raises, crunches etc.

There are different types of sit-up benches, but the best are the ones that are adjustable; meaning that the angle of the board can be adjusted. The adjustment of the board increases or decreases the resistance. The only major disadvantage of this equipment is that if the exercise is not done properly, it can encumber the lower back.

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  1. Abs Wheels:

They may appear simple but they are extraordinarily effective tools that can be used to train the midsection right at home. To use, you will need to kneel down and then move the wheels back and forth. This may sound overly easy, but it requires someone with a hardcore to pull off.

The benefit is that it do not just work your abdominal muscles but has effect on the whole body. The exercise isolates the abs and helps develop lower back. Another advantage is that they are very easy to use, store and transport. They come in a variety of models, from the simple ones to the most advanced. It is advisable to invest in the best since they are generally not so expensive.

The only disadvantage associated with this abs training machine is that it is not apt for beginners. This is because the movements are hard and would need a firm core.

  1. Roman Chairs/Hypertension Machines:

Having a strong lower back is essential for life and most types of sports. Training your lower back helps to protect you from most types of injuries, plus it helps you achieve a slimmer hips. Most people who spend several hours sitting end up having pains at their lower back. A strong and fit lower back helps to eliminate such problems.

One of the best equipment for training the lower back is the Roman Chair. It helps users to do the Hypertension exercise. It is apt for strengthening lower back muscles and can also be used for abdominal workouts.

  1. Power Tower:

The Power Tower is making it into this list because they come with a leg raise section. It has been observed that abdominal exercises using the lower body are the most effective and efficient. A Power Tower station can be used to perform different types of body weight exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups etc.

  1. Ab Chair:

The Abs Chair are one of the most comfortable fitness machines that can be used for abdominal workouts. The structure of the chair guarantees that the back is protected. The chair helps to stimulate the crunch using a folding mechanism. You will be required to use your abs to lift your legs when you use it. This motion perfectly stimulates the lower back.

This fitness equipment does not need an existing strong core therefore it is suitable for beginners and anyone with low fitness level. It is not effective for those who have been working out, as it does not offer enough resistance.

  1. Ab Gliders:

These gliders come with a design that helps it to stimulate the crunch. The machine, therefore controls the entire movement. It is also known to train the shoulders as well as the back. The Ab glider is not exactly the best when it comes to training the core muscles.

  1. Ab Rollers:

These equipment are useful for those who wish to seriously develop their abdominals. The biggest pro of this device is that it helps support the neck. It is not unusual for people to complain of pain in the neck when they do crunches. By using rollers you can avoid this discomfort. These rollers helps to avoid strains and will help you perform the movement correctly.

best ab Rollers are a good idea for elderly women or beginners who wish to do some Abs training at home. It, however, would not suffice for complete core training.

  1. Exercise Balls:

Exercise balls are not your typical workout equipment tools but they can still play an important role in abdominal exercises as well as any other important core workouts. It is quite cheap and if used exactly as instructed can achieve great results. It makes daily exercises much more enjoyable.

FAQs about Ab machines

  1. Are Ab machine required to have a flat tummy?

Although there are a lot of effective bodyweight abdominal exercises that you can engage in that doesn’t require any equipment, but in order to achieve a result faster, machines and tools are necessary. These Ab machines can help to train abdominal muscles more efficiently.

  1. What is the best abdominal machine?

There is no single or simple answer to this question, there are a couple of factors upon which the answer to this question lies. Some of these questions are what is your aim, how fast do you want to have a flat stomach etc.

  1. How do I warm up before my ab workout?

Warming up is important for Ab workout. It helps your muscles to get warmed up. You can spend between 5-10 minutes warming up and stretching. This can involve light jogging, shoulder rotation, standing torso rotations etc.

  1. How do I know if my abs routine is working?

If your core muscles feel tired or if you feel a little pain in them, then it means your training is working and beneficial. If you have muscle strain on the next day, this also means that you have worked those muscles properly as muscle fatigue depicts that muscle improvment is under way and you can notice is after regular use of ab machine.

  1. How long do I need to do my routines?

There is no magic answer to this question, quality is more important than quality. You may be involved in intensive workout everyday for 30 minutes, if you are doing the movements wrongly then you will achieve no results.

The time you spend on your ab routines should depend on how your abdomen looks like. If you are covered with fat then you may need to spend more time training your abs and probably embarking on a healthy diet. But if you already have a flat belly without fat, then you will need to spend less time on your workout.

  1. How soon before I see results?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer to this question will be dependent on your body type, your lifestyle, how intensively your train and how often, what your diet is like, etc. as only excercise without good diet wont do much benefit to your overall body health and abs achievemt goal with reduced belly fat.


Having a great body is the desire of so many people, but in order to achieve this tremendous dedication, hard work and the right equipment is required. There are many types of Ab building machines available, each one with its unique pros and cons.

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In order to have an effective workout experience, it is important you buy or use the particular equipment that suit you most. Some ab building machines are meant for an expert with solid core while others are more effective for beginners or people who are not so fit. Wherever you belong on the scale, there is always something for you.

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