best workout tips for females


Fitness is a dream of today’s women. Having a toned body which is admired by everyone still tops their wish list. Although there are numerous misconceptions related to women workout. Eating too less to lose their weight, trying fancy exercises to gain quick results are few of them. It is necessary to take the properly balanced diet along with regular workout sessions.

best workout tips for females

Fitness is a long, tiring process. The type of workout you do each day determines the level of hunger you develop to attain a perfect body.

Here are the few workout tips for women leading them to a successful path of fitness.

Track your food habits

Instead of eating junk food, keep goals of eating healthy. Eat vegetables and fruits in your diet with proper eating plan. Avoid oily food as it will disturb your immune system and affect your workout routine. Don’t stay hungry for a longer time; instead, eat something in every 3 to 4 hours. Starving may invite many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Take food which is rich in proteins, carbs, healthy fats, minerals, calcium and fiber to maintain your body weight along with a properly functioning immune system.

Follow a routine

Simple exercises like running, stretching, jogging could be a better option to start your day with. These exercises will tone your body more effectively. Follow a strict routine and plan out your day accordingly. Set a goal marking the total number of hours you would like to train your body. Prepare your progress report and work on the basics. Stick to your routine no matter how much efforts it takes. Download apps which grade you based on your progress. This way you will feel more motivated and less distracted.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is essential in every aspect. Drinking water removes extra fat from your body helping in weight loss. The water and minerals released from the body during workout session have to be recovered again by hydrating your body. Water not only leads you to good digestion but also helps in improving your metabolism. Every woman must drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Have a healthy breakfast

Most of us skip this step thinking it is not that important. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides you the energy, to sum up, your entire day. A healthy breakfast must include fiber and glucose as these will boost your energy to another level. Never skip your breakfast. According to various studies, a person eating healthy breakfast is more likely to lose weight than those who skip their morning meal. Some of the best options for a healthy breakfast may include oatmeal, fruits or milk.

Prepare a workout plan

If you like going to a gym make sure you prepare a workout plan for yourself. The sequence of exercises you do have its importance. While doing full-body workouts, focus on working the muscles from large to small. Do compound exercises before directly jumping to individual exercises like do pull-ups before doing planks. Start from warming up your body before directly attacking the heavy fancy machines in the gym.

Doing the same workout every day

When you injure your muscle, it needs time to recover itself. When you work out every single day the damaged muscle may not get the time to recover. This will decrease your body stamina and may demotivate you. It is very important to take proper rest after every training session. Relaxing is equally important as the training. Plan your weekly workout sessions smartly where you get at least 2-3 days per week to relax your body.

Don’t fear the Dumbbell

The fear of lifting dumbbell is common among women. Lifting dumbbell won’t give you a big body instead it will tone your body gradually. You will be amazed by the results- sexy legs, tight glutes, flat body, and an impressive body form. A right posture is a must while lifting. Put special emphasis on the spine as the incorrect posture may later lead to unwanted problems. Lifting weights burn more calories than other exercises. If you wish to see some amazing changes in your body, don’t fear to lift with the weights.

Don’t wear perfume or makeup to the gym

While doing workout it is important to be in your natural form. Don’t cover yourself with perfumes or makeover. Focus on being in your real form. In this way, you will not hesitate to work hard and sweat. Training your body is for your good so be simple while doing your sessions.

Take sufficient proteins

Proteins are essential for repairing damaged muscles. There are times when you get injured during a heavy workout session. Taking protein in your diet not only recovers your muscles but also makes your body grow stronger. Protein sources are easily available to us and on the beneficiary part, they are delicious too.

The right amount of protein to be incorporated in your diet depends on the type of training you do. For building muscles, having the extra protein-rich diet is mandatory. A chart has to be made accordingly as per your body requirements. You can have toasted eggs , nuts in your breakfast followed by chicken, fish in the second meal. A protein shake can be a good option as it is easy to make and you can carry them and consume them after a heavy workout session.

Understand your body type

Most of us are unaware of the consequences we may face after performing a certain kind of exercises. Side Bends is one of them. By doing this exercise you may end up thickening your waist. Therefore first understand the type of exercise your body allows you to do, work on the pros and cons and then include it in your routine. Don’t blindly follow any exercise your fellow-mate does. Understand your body type and enjoy your workout with the correct set of exercises.

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