healthy protein snacks for healthy life

Healthy diet is an integral part of our life without it we cannot stand to live our life blissfully and so is the role of proteins consumption in our healthy diet to make our body work perfectly without any hiccups or diseases.

here we have come up with some of the best proteins snacks which you should consume on daily basis to fulfill the requirement of your body for protein and satisfy our taste buds for good and tasty food .

1. Protein Bars


Protein bars are targeted for those people who don’t like cooking stuff and want more proteins but are on the go most of the time .These bars help to fulfill the protein requirement of the body without any side effects and also taste good because generally they are made up of natural ingredients .

Their are many kinds of proteins bar one can buy according to the taste as they don’t come too expensive .

Moreover they are also a favorite food of most of the athletes and exercise enthusiastic as they want to get protein while playing with their bodies .you can also make proteins bars on your home by following simple recipes of making protein bars present on internet

2. Boiled Eggs


Hard boiled eggs are your go to snacks to beef up your bodies protein demand after workout or any time in the day .As one single egg provide up to 6 grams of protein,so you can definitely keep some eggs in your fridge and consume it regularly to keep your proteins demand fulfilled . i think 2 eggs a day is good for a regular person which make go up to 5-10 eggs per day for a hard core workaholics who hits gym every day .

You can make hard boiled the eggs and ad some cheese ,salt etc to make them tasty and easy to eat.

3. Protein pancakes


Pan cakes are liked by every one because they taste good to eat .by adding some good ingredients to our pan cakes we can make them more healthy and protein rich for our body which will give us more benefits out of our very own pan cakes .

Some of the major benefits of protein pan cake besides giving us good amount of proteins is they they make us feel full stomach for good amount of time thus reduces our unnecessary eating habits and rescues our junk food consumption Also .

Eating them in morning breakfast will keep you energetic thought out the day giving you adequate amount of energy to think and do work with best of your efficiency.

Protein pancakes tends to be a good source of proteins for all of us ,so try to consume them daily or 3-4 times a week as they are delicious and easy to make .

4. Oat meals


Oat meals provide high levels of fibers and proteins to our body for better living .Moreover it has been found that it works quite appropriately for combating against hear disease and heart failure strengthening your immune system from within .

So consume oat meal regularly in morning breakfast for good benefits for our body .

5. Peanut Butter


As a kid every one likes to eat peanut butter but as we grow up it ads concern to our fat but its not true because it taken in controlled quantity it will not make you obese rather it will provide you with good amount of protein to supplement your body with requirement demands .we all know that nuts are a good source of proteins and so is the peanut butter .2 tab spoons of peanut butter gives approximately 7-10 grams of proteins to our body which is quite good .

You can consume peanut butter with fruits ,bread etc to make it taste and healthy for your body .

6. Shakes


proteins shakes can be a very healthy protein source for our body if consumed daily .home made protein shakes not only ads good amount of proteins to our body but also are very tasty to drink .

It is recommend to make these shakes on your home rather than buying from market  and make sure to always ads some fruits,nuts  like banana ,strawberries etc to make our shake more healthy and rich in protein because banana is a very good source of proteins moreover it ads awesome taste to the shakes .

They can be consumed after and before workouts and in the morning also for best effects .

I hope you liked the above given healthy protein snacks which will not only satisfy your hunger quest for the tasty food but will also make you healthy and fit in long Run .

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