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best cooling pillows 2022 for relaxing sleep

best cooling pillows are made to help you with good sleep and relaxed mind whenever you are feeling low and unable to sleep. cooling pillows allows you to sleep in most comfortable position without getting any kind of neck and head pains to get up rejuvenated with full energy.

we have done extensive market research to find some best quality and affordable cooling pillows for everyone come on folks lets look at the reviews of these cooling pillows given below and buy the right one as per our needs with a discount from the links given below.

Best cooling pillows 2022

Coop Home Goods – PREMIUM Adjustable Loft cooling pillow

Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Adjustable Loft
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This cooling pillow from coop good home is adjustable pillow which comes with a mix of viscoelastic memory foam to give you full comfort for a great sleep in perfect position you like.

its cover is made from 60% polyester along with 40% rayon from bamboo. its foam is of good quality and chemical free. this pillow is dust and mite resistant and won’t attract any kinds of unwanted insects.

it is machine washable pillow and comes with 5-year warranty from the company along with 100 days return guarantee if you don’t like the pillow.

it comes in 3 sizes i.e standard, king, and queen measuring 20 x 26, 20×36, 20×30 inches respectively. To buy this cooling pillow and read best cooling pillows reviews from its users click button below

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
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This is shredded foam pillow for comfortable sleep. its made up of multiple components like 43% viscose, polyester, and lycra. these pillows are fully machine washable.

it comes with 20 years warranty and 120 nights sleep trial for returns if you don’t like it. it comes with a removable outer cover for easy adjustment of thickness for full comfort. its great for all kinds of sleep like side sleep, neck sleep, back sleep etc.

it is hypoallergenic and dust along with mites resistant to avoid any unwanted mites, insects etc near it. its made from a chemical-free process which doesn’t involve ozone layer depletion for environment and life on earth. it comes in 3 sizes standard, queen, and the king and weighs around 4 lbs on average. click below for more information on the price of this pillow and user reviews.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow
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This pillow from sleep restoration is good quality gel-filled fiber pillow to give you comfort while sleeping. its stylish and comfortable and will help you get to sleep fast without hassles.

This pillow is made from chemical and allergen free material and great for people with allergies and respiratory issues as it dust, mite, and mold resistant in nature.

This pillow is fade resistant and stain resistant and machine washable to remove all kinds of stains from the pillow if they get any during its use.

It also comes with 30 days buy back guarantee if you don’t like the comes in 3 sizes standard, queen, and king from which you can according to your needs and bed size. its queen size comes in dimensions of 17.9 x 13 x 7.2 inches and weighs around 6 lbs.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow from nestl

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow
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This cooling pillow from nestl is made from 60d memory foam and will give you good night sleep and perfect head and neck support while you sleep. Its great design allows it to maintain its great shape and adjust the shape as per your body position for comfortable night sleep.

Its u neck design helps dissipate heat away from your body and provide you cool temperature due to its cooling gel filling for better sleep at any time of the day or night. Its dust, mite, and allergens resistant for better sleep free from allergies and infections with this pillow always.

It comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t like the pillow. this cooling pillow comes in dimensions of 19 x 5 x 12 inches and weighs around 2.6 lbs.

this pillow with cooling gel is non washable and you can use any normal size cover for this pillow. overall the pillow is great but some people complain that cooling effect don’t last long on this pillow once you sleep on it and its little small in size, to read some latest user reviews click button below.

Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic cooling Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Shredded Memory Foam Standard Bamboo Pillow
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This cooling pillow is the great pillow that comes in 3 sizes and is made from good quality memory foam. its lab tested for no ozone depletion and no harmful chemicals which makes it quite safe use every day without any worries of infections and allergies.

this is quite durable and won’t become lumpy after some time of use. you will get sound sleep with full comfort at night when using this pillow under your head. it will help you get relief in head and neck pain along with spin alignment and other sleeping issues like insomnia, migraine etc making it one of the best cooling pillows for sleeping.

its bamboo cover with micro-vented Kool flow tech very soft makes sure that air gets circulated in the pillow always to keep it cool always for better sleep experience with this pillow.

this is dust, mite, and allergen resistant pillow and machine washable in nature. it comes with 30 days buyback guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the pillow. its standard size comes in dimensions of 17 x 5.3 x 5.2 inches and weighs around 2 lbs.

some people complain that it isn’t slim as it should be, so keep in mind that and read latest user reviews before buying by clicking on the button below.

benefits of using a cooling pillow

Helps in insomnia and mental problems

when you use a cooling pillow while sleeping your mind get more relaxed and releases wellness hormones which help to get a sound sleep thus helping you cope up with the problem of insomnia. the cooling pillow also helps with other mental issues like depression, anxiety etc. as you are able to get a good quality sleep in afternoon and night on cooling pillow which makes your mind stress free and you are able to focus on your life with clear vision without any depression.

helps in insomnia

the cooling pillow helps in insomnia problems and sleep issues caused by night sweating to excessive heat as it keeps your head cool which allows you get sound sleep without any seizers and instant getting up due to heat or other issues.

provides quick sleep

cooling pillows make your head cool when you go to sleep which helps you to get sleep instantly and stay asleep without any issues to get up rejuvenated and fresh after the sleep.

improves your mental health

cooling pillow allows you to get the appropriate amount of sleep to relax your body and regain the energy. so when you go to sleep on cooling pillow you will get sound sleep for right amount of time and you won’t be sleep deprived which will keep you focused with an active mind always when you are awake and issues like depression, dementation, anxiety will stay away as you will be happy in a good state of mind. sleep is a very important component of our life so don’t skip it as it can lead to many problems in your life rather sleep well every day using your cooling pillow for great life always.

Help prevent metabolic diseases

Less amount of sleep can result in many metabolic type issues including strokes, diabetes and other heart issues. in recent times any leading research work has come up with the conclusion that issues like insomnia, low sleep etc. can increase the problems like this due to inadequate daily sleep which can be cured by using cooling pillows as it will help you to sleep daily without any disturbances and issues.

Things to consider before buying a cooling pillow


cooling pillows come in the variety of material from which you can buy as per your preferences and requirements.  you can buy pillows in a natural material like bamboo coir, buckwheat etc as they are cool, economical and hypoallergic in nature.

you can also buy gel fiber based cooling pillows as they are quite soft and comfortable to use besides being cool in nature. you can wash them easily and they provide good support to your head, neck, and shoulders while sleeping.

another popular types of cooling pillows are made from memory foam which is comfortable to use and take the shape of its user’s head while sleeping to provide good sleep. it massages pressure points in your body and help in pain also sometimes. generally, they are denser in nature and have some smell which some people don’t like, to get rid of smell you can keep them in open air after buying for 3-4 days.

If you want less dense pillow then you can also buy shredded memory foam pillows as they are soft and lighter in nature. they provide better airflow across the pillow and its user to keep the user cool for better sleep. due to its less dense nature, it may provide less support than a normal memory form pillow.

make your choice wisely because you don’t buy cooling pillows every day.


colling pillows come in the price range of $30 to $80 depending on the types o pillows you buy, material its made from and quality. you can buy one which suits your needs and is of good quality, they last for a long time. to get some discount you can check online sites or just buy in festive seasons as they are on discount on retail store everywhere at this time.


make your design of the pillow suits your body needs then only you can enjoy the pillow up to its full extent. like if you are a side sleeper then firm pillows with extra hight are a good choice as it will provide you with extra support for neck along with better sleep.

for back sleeper, little firmness with thin pillows would make a good choice but if you sleep on back and side and suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain occasionally then you can buy pillows with adjustable design that are curved in nature and adapt to your body design due to cool liquid gel in them which provide relief in all kinds of pain in upper area of body while sleeping and also helps to improve your body posture and reduce spinal pain if you have any.


make sure that your cooling pillow comes with a warranty to cover all the issues that might arrive while using the pillow. generally, pillows come with a warranty of 1-5 years. more is always better, so try to get maximum warranty even if you have to pay a little bit more to use your pillow worry free easily for a long duration without any hassles.

you can also buy a sound machine for good sleep experience

cooling pillow faq

what type of pillowcase should I buy?

for a cooling pillow, you need to buy a 100% cotton pillow with a zipper as it will pass all the cooling of the pillow to you thus giving you good sleep and also will be easy to wash by just removing the case from pillow with the help of zipper and wash it in machine once a month.

why should you buy a cooling pillow?

If you feel hot at night while sleeping and feels to drink some water to cool your body down then cooling pillow can be a good option for you which can help you with a sound sleep without getting up at night.

If the climate in your room and area is hot and humid then also it can help you sleep easily by providing the coolness to your mind and body. cooling pillows are also useful in insomnia and other sleep disorders as it cools down the prefrontal cortex which lies in your forehead to give you good night sleep and full relaxation.

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Hope you liked our small collection of some amazing cooling pillows to get a healthy and relaxing sleep at night and afternoon with these best cooling pillows. if you got any benefits from this post about cooling pillows then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to help them choose the best cooling pillows in 2022.

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