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With the hectic lifestyle where people are drenched in their workload to complete their work on time, neck pain seems to be a common problem that most of would face many times in our life. most of the time neck pain generally occurs due to bad postures, arthritis, bad neck movement, instant neck jerks, whiplash, sitting in hours on chair in front of computer without any neck movement etc. and most of the  time it can be cured easily with neck massagers, some exercises or by applying some healing ointments but if still it persists then you need to doctor for some consultation.

Whether your neck pain is acute or chronic there is nothing better than using a neck massager to get rid of it fast as it helps to give you relief from the discomfort and make your neck and shoulder area much more flexible and pain-free.

So to help you choose the right neck massager for your needs at an affordable price we have come up with a small list of some of the popular and good quality neck massagers available in the market for you to buy at discounted rates from below links and heal your neck pain as fast as possible with a comfortable neck massager.

best neck massagers 2022

trumedic Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
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This is an amazing neck massager which comes with 8 shiatsu massage nodes to help you get relief from tired muscles to get rid of all kinds of muscle and fatigue in the neck and shoulder area.

you can adjust the massager as per your body requirement by moving it up or down. it comes with adjustable heat settings which allows you to get rid of soreness in shoulders and neck muscles effectively after some time of use.

It features 2 massage modes i.e auto reversing and single direction to heal the muscles across the neck fully without leaving any spot untouched. with this neck massager, you need will feel more relaxed and calm after using it after a hectic day.

it comes with 20 minutes auto off features which allows it to shut off in 20 minutes for preventing any injuries due to overheating in case you forget to turn off the massager.

if you buy this it will give you a nice massage experience for healing all your muscles pains and its hand straps do amazing work as you move it across your neck and shoulders to heal various different muscles and shoulder blades etc without raising your arms every time.

once you start using it your muscles strain and tension will go away thus rejuvenating your overall mind and soul. it is a good investment to make if you want something durable with big handles and nice features.

It would have been great if it had adjustable power settings for massage intensity to lower it and increase it when comes in dimensions of 12 x 7 x 7 inches and weighs around 4 lbs. To buy this a discount and read user reviews click button below

HoMedics SP-100H 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow

HoMedics SP-100H 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow
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This amazing homedics neck massage pillow comes with 3d tech which is capable of delivering circular kneading motion to heal the neck pain along with inwards and outwards motions to give you relaxing experience and relieve muscle pain and soreness from inside out.

The heat dissipated from inside the pillow helps to calm the muscle fatigue by healing the muscle tissues and vibrations from the neck massager machine help release the muscle stiffness. It comes with a 6ft cord to make it use anywhere and everywhere you want.

It mainly works in 2 massage modes i.e shiatsu mode which provides good and deep neck and shoulder massage experience to heal inner muscles very effectively and other is vibration mode to get rid upper muscle stiffness and neck pain and gives less intense vibrations.

This heated neck massager pillow comes in dimensions of 13.8 x 5.1 x 10.4 inches and weighs around 4 would have been good if it provided more intense heat. To buy this shoulder, back and neck massager with discount and read its latest user reviews.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager
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This Zyllion pillow massager is a nice neck and shoulder massage tool which would help you get relief from muscle soreness in back and neck area effectively.

It 3d shiatsu massage nodes releases all the tension from stiff muscles making your body much more relaxed. its heating function helps to reduce pain the muscles and can be turned on or off as per the requirement.

Its adjustable handle straps allow it to be fixed anywhere firmly like the back of the car seat etc to get best massage experience and get rid of pain from the body in less time with ease.

Its ergonomic design allows it fit in almost all places of the body to relax the tired muscles like the back of the head, calves area, thighs, upper back etc.massage direction changes every minute from inside to reach all muscles and cover the complete area on which it is kept evenly.

This personal neck massager comes with overheat safety protection function also to prevent any unwanted injuries. its 20 minutes auto off features allows to use it without any worries of accidents etc. it works with 110V-240V power outlets and comes with a car adapter to use it easily in your car also.

The company gives 90 days no question asked money back guarantee with return shipping expense covered to cover any damage to the product and problems that you may face while using this amazing massager besides that it also gives 365 days warranty to cover all problems in products and replace the products if any issue arises in 1 year of comes in dimensions of 13 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches and weighs around 3.5 lbs.

its a great massager for people who work for long hours sitting on a chair, commute very long distances, play for long durations and those with neck, back, shoulder pain, muscle tired etc in body to get relief from muscle strain and tension and get rid of pain and increase blood flow in the area of use. To read its latest user reviews and buy at discounted price click button below.

viktor jurgen Kneading neck Massage Cushion

It is a nice kneading cushion with massage function to bring relief to your neck and shoulder pain and help relax your tired muscles. Its thin and lightweight and can be used anywhere like home, office and even cars as it comes with a holding strap on its back which can be used to attach it to a car seat for a laid back neck massage from its pairs of kneading heads.

overall it is a nice product to buy to get a massage on any part of the body but it would have been a great massager if it had pressure intensity setting to allow users to apply pressure on the certain area of requirement and heat settings for heat massage. so if these features don’t bother you then you can buy without any problem to have a great time with this neck massager.

It comes in dimensions of 10 x 3 x 6 inches and weighs around 3 lbs and works on 24 watts power. To buy this at discount and read latest user reviews click button below

jymy Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow

LiBa Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow
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Its an ergonomically designed u shaped massager which is used for massage on your neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, and legs. This shiatsu neck massager heating function allows to give your sore muscles relief from inside and features auto-off feature to prevent any injuries due to overheating.

It can be used anywhere in house, office, and car as it comes with car adapter. the message direction and pressure changes every 1 minute for complete pain relieve across the affected area.

its 4 deep kneading massage nodes help in reducing muscle soreness and heated ball massager take away muscle stiffness from the neck and other areas after long hours of work and unwanted pain.

comes with 90 days money back guarantee in case you didn’t like it and 3 years warranty incase you encounter any problems and issues while using comes in dimensions of 7 x 13 x 4 inches and weighs around 3 lbs.

some people complain that its outer cloth is torn after quite some time of use so if that’s the issue you don’t like then you can return it and buy something else. if still interested in buying this jymy neck massager at discounted rates and reading other user reviews then click button below.

Benefits of using neck massager

Stress Reduction

neck massager helps to reduce your neck and shoulder stress which ultimately helps you get rejuvenated and pain gets eliminated after neck massage with the use of neck massager.

Helps you save some money and time

nowadays its much more cheaper to buy a neck massager which you can use whenever you want multiple times but when you book a session with massager then its for one time and expensive than a massager and you will have to spend some time going to the massage center which you can use for something else if you have a neck massager at your home or office for quick neck massage.

improves blood flow

using neck massager reduces the neck stiffness caused by various different reasons like bad postures, too long working hours etc which increases the blood flow to head via arteries going through neck vertebrate which helps you get rid of insomnia, headaches and other related issues.

improves CSF circulation

CSF is the liquid which surrounds our brain to supply oxygen, glucose and other important elements for its proper functioning. when your neck becomes stiff and tight due to nonmovement the CSF circulation gets reduced in brain area which causes issues like a headache, fatigue, lack of focus etc. doing regular neck massage with a good neck massager can help to improve its circulation besides relieving your neck stiffness and proper brain function.

removes lactic acid from the neck area

when you sit in a straight position for long hours doing your work without any movement then your neck muscles get contracted, stiff and collects lactic acid in the neck area which leads to neck ache and stress in the neck. doing neck massage regularly and moving your neck removes the problems and keeps your neck pain free.
The brain floats in a fluid called CSF which also supplies glucose and some oxygen to the brain. The tightness of the neck muscles, reduce this fluid circulation, causing fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, and memory, etc. Neck massage relieves the stiffness and improves the brain’s functions.

helps in better sleep

neck and shoulder massagers relaxed the nerves and muscles in the brain also which releases your stress and all the issues like headache, pain in eyes etc due to which you feel more relaxed and comfortable which makes you sleep better and easier for a long time and when you get up you are rejuvenated with active body and brain for working with focused mind.

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Neck massager FAQ

Can I use neck massager on other body parts?

yes, you can use it but it depends on the type of massage you buy. you can use them on your shoulders, back area, calves etc. to get rid of pain easily. checkout if it comes with additional accessories which could make using it on other parts easy and comfortable for a healthy and pain-free body.

can i use neck massager when pregnant?

you should read the warning and precautions on neck massager manuals to see if its safe to use while pregnant also you can consult your doctors to get his opinion taking in consideration your body state and overall pain level. generally, its advised to not use electric massager with deep massaging functions and high-intensity vibrations but you can use any handheld massager which doesn’t use electricity to get pain relief in neck and shoulders while being pregnant.

for how much time should I use neck massager per session?

if your neck massager is not emitting heat or high-intensity vibration then you can use it for about 30-40 minutes in a single session but if it comes with heat and you have turned on vibration function then I would advise to use it for 10 minutes and then take a break for 2 minutes and then keep the massager at different position so that you can get relief in full area of pain in your neck and shoulder easily with your massager.

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Things to consider before buying a neck massager


You need to consider the price of your the best neck massager before buying it. generally, they tend to come in the price range of $50-$250 depending on the types of massager you buy, its quality and features of the neck massager.

if you want something simple without any features which you would not use often then it will cost less but if you want a feature-rich neck massager then it costs more. you can check out various retailers and online stores on festive seasons to buy neck massagers with discount and live a pain-free life.


take in consideration the size of the massager, as small and portable neck massagers are easy to carry to massage while on the go or in other rooms but big neck massagers are difficult to carry around in other rooms and in your cars while traveling.

heating function

check if your massager comes with heating function as it will help in blood circulation and healing the neck pain but will cost little more. so buy one with a heating function for more benefit from your massager and great massaging experience.

Massage types provided by massager

mainly there are 3 types of massages provided by neck massager which are as follows: Shiatsu massage, Vibration Massage, and Kneading Massage. so you need to see which one suits your needs the best and then buy the best one for your requirement to get relief from neck pain with help of neck massager.

vibration massage

vibration massage is great for relaxation and helps in better blood flow across the neck and upper body areas. it helps to loosen the muscles which reduce pain in neck and shoulders. when you use a vibration massage technique in neck massagers your muscles get warm which helps you to stay more relaxed and active throughout the day after using the massager. it also helps with nerve relaxation and pain elimination. not all neck massagers come with this feature, so if you want it then check out your neck massager’s details before buying.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage works on pressure points on the body with the help of pressure nodes present on the massager to give you good experience and relief in body pain and neck pain. it helps to release stress and promotes overall mental wellbeing.

shiatsu massage from your neck massager will help you regulate lymphatic and hormonal systems in the body in various areas. besides that, it is also helpful in the treatment of sinus, body pain, neck pain, arthritis, sprains etc

Kneading Massage

kneading massage technique involves pressing of soft muscles tissues against each other or with underlying bones to help you get rid of pain and stress in muscles. in kneading neck massage works in circular motions to press and massage the underlying tissues and again and again in circular motion to provide you with relief and release all stress from neck muscles.

don’t use kneading massage on tummy or nearby areas when you are pregnant or have inflammation or open scare in neck area to prevent any further damage, you can contact your physicist in case you have any doubts prior to using your kneading based neck massager for best results.

warranty and support services

check if your massager comes with warranty of 1 year or more to fix the issue in case you encounter them after buying it when you start using the massager and read some user reviews to know about their customer service, you can also call the customer service number before buying to see if they respond and are active to resolve any future issues that may arise in the massager after purchasing. you can purchase a reputed 3rd party warranty service too if your massager doesn’t come with a long-term warranty to use it without any worries.

hope you liked our collection of best neck massagers shared above to buy with discount and get rid of your neck and shoulder pain easily after few uses of these necks massagers. if you bought any one of them and found it useful for yourself then don’t forget share this post with your buddies and friends to help them become pain-free as well for healthy and happy life ahead in 2022 with these best neck massagers.

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