Brazilian jiu-jitsu an ideal lifestyle for women

BJJ is a combat-based game that is a very modern rendition of traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. It is an extremely complex game that requires full body and mind control. This game uses various chokes and holds to acquire control over the opponent. The main function is to use the best technique and acquire submission from your opponent in a minimum amount of time. However, it is a little tricky because you need a lot of practice. However, with good practice, consistency, and continuous learning you will be able to get better.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the main reason BJJ is known to be a women-friendly combat game. We have listed down some of the best reasons you need to start practicing BJJ today. to add more resistance in your fight you can wear some weighted gear as it will make you more strong and powerful when compared to opponents in final fight.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Why is Brazilian jiu-jitsu Ideal for Women?

We keep hearing that BJJ is not a good combat-based game for women because it is a male-dominated industry. Another important thing is that BJJ impacts the skin and it can easily cause skin rash and irritations. Adding the possibility of injuries and the effect it has on feet due to constant mat practice, most women feel maybe BJJ is not a women-friendly game. However, we have listed some of the main benefits that will help you know why BJJ is an ideal choice for women.

Discipline for Life

Being a woman you have more responsibilities which means you need to juggle between professional life as well as personal life. For this, you need some discipline in your life. Most people think Brazilian jiu-jitsu is just a combat game but in fact, is a full lifestyle that impacts your choices and the way you conduct yourself. Overall, for women Brazilian jiu-jitsu will work as a way to discipline your life.

Favors the Small

Where most combat games favor the big and bulky, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the only game that mainly favors the small. If you are small, thin, lean, and weak you can easily use Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques to protect yourself. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is more focused on technique and body flexibility. If you have a good grasp of the technique, you will be easily able to win the game.

Excellent For Emotional Control

For BJJ you cannot be emotional because it is the game where you require complete control over your mind and body. With strategy-making exercises, you will learn how to control your emotions easily. As a result, you will be able to handle a difficult situation without acting upon your immediate emotions.

Helps You Stay In Control

Most people say that women are emotional and it is very easy to manipulate them. With the help of BJJ practice, you will learn to stay in full control of your mind and body at all times. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known as the chess of the body, which means with the help of your mind you keep your whole body in control. Women who practice BJJ can control their minds and body in unexpected situations as well. Most people say that after practicing BJJ women can learn other skill-based training, i.e. driving very easily.

Learn To Read the Opponent

Your opponent has a very different body language when he tries to manipulate you and then your body has a different response. Most people do not work on their body reactions because they are unable to read their opponent. With the help of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practice session, you will learn to read your opponent which is a vital skill for every woman who wishes to be independent in this society.

Excellent For Body Posture

BJJ helps you focus on your body and take full control of it because most exercises within BJJ are functional. Multiple exercises will help you stand properly and maintain your posture. With the help of improvement in your posture, you will be able to get rid of back pain and retain your flexibility. Most of the injuries in old age also happen because of bad posture so you will be able to get rid of that as well.

Good for Professional Life

As a woman, you need to be very well organized with your daily schedule. Brazilian jiu-jitsu training involves extreme details that will help you learn easy ways to perform better in your professional life. Skills that will help you in BJJ will also help you in real life. Especially, a strategy-making process that helps you control your thoughts and emotions.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the best combat-based games that favor women and their interest in the best possible way. From control over your body to help you stay in full control of your emotions, you will be able to benefit from your BJJ practice. make sure to do some warm up exercise before you start the bjj training to get ready for some real action and fights.

Another very important thing is the fact that BJJ is the only combat-based game that favors the lean and weak body posture of women and helps them control the opponent with simple technical moves. It also helps with self-defense which is very important for young girls and women in the unpredictable and unsafe world that we live in today.

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