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Runny nose is a very common problem among masses of people across the globe which is caused due to some kind of infections and make our respiratory tract clogged with some cough etc. which lead to running nose. Home remedies for runny nose are very useful for getting relief in a day.

Also some times with the extreme temperature change in the environment at the the minimum time gap causes running nose for some time for people which may lead to clogged nose condition with cough called stuffy nose.

So here we come up with some of the most common treatments with ingredients which are available at our homes which are not only effective in treating the running nose condition rapidly but will also make your body immune to some extend which may reduce the chances of runny nose condition to occur in the near future .

1. Ginger Tea


ginger tea is a extremely helpful in treating runny nose condition.to get immediate relief from the running nose and inflation condition you should drink ginger tea at-least 3-4 times in a day .

it is very easy to prepare as you need some ginger which should be finely grated along with 2 tea spoon on lemon juice in hot boiling water with some salt if you want .

It will give you good results in small amount of time which will lead to rapid recovery in runny and stuffy nose .

2. Turmeric

different types of turmeric barks

turmeric is a wonder spice when it comes to treating runny nose .it is advised to take turmeric with boiled water once a day to cure runny nose as fast as possible.

moreover it has very good anti inflammatory properties ,so it will help you to lower down the inflammation in the eyes and near the nose area .

you can also put this in your food preparation to get good results ,while the food is cooking which has turmeric in it try to inhale the vapors of the food as it will help to fasten the runny nose treatment to good result in short while.

do not take it with milk in this condition as it will lead to more phlegm production which will make your nose stuffy .

3. Schisandra berry


these berries are general found in the home remedies list of china because it is found there easily .it is helpful in treatment of runny nose and cough .more it can used for treatment of symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis.

so you can consume it to cure runny nose and stuffy nose along with cough .

4. Hot Soups 


Hot soups particularly chicken soup and mixed vegetable soup is a good runny for the runny nose, cold and many kinds of sinus condition s.it gives good results in both adults and children .

do not add many spices and make it spice as it will make the condition of runny nose worse rather go for a mild soups with only salt and pepper powder for good results .

5. Lady Fingers /OKRA


lady fingers contains a substance called mucilage which is very helpful in runny nose condition .

boil the okra pods in the water after taking out their seeds and then eat them ,moreover don’t throw the water in which it was boiled ,drink it also as it contains  mucilage which is very good for sour throat and inflation condition .

it also helps in digestion which in turn helps in runny nose condition in some way or the other .

6. Citrus fruits 


eating and drink the juice of sour fruits which have loads of vitamin C in them cure the runny nose easily.

fruits like pineapple, lemon, oranges, lime etc. should be preferred in the condition of runny nose as they give relief in the condition of extreme sneezing also .

also you can consume the juice of these fruits regularly in your morning breakfast to keep your body healthy and immune system strong.

7. Blackpepper Powder


finely grinned black pepper powder with cloves powder consumed with hot water 2 times in a fay gives you instant relief from runny nose .although it feels at bit strong in taste in mouth but its consumption is worth it to get instant relief from the cold and cough conditions .

you can consume it without grinding also if the condition is serious and you want results .as you take it chew it with your teeth’s to see the results .

so take it to see its instant benefits .

8. Hot Water Drink


hot water drink is the mixture of some fruits and herbs which help in curing the runny nose condition .

Take 1 glass of hot water ,add 2 tea spoon of honey along with 2 tea spoon of lemon juice and consume it thrice daily for 2-3 days .

it will help you to stop runny nose and stuffy nose .moreover it consumed regularly for 1 month you may also get the benefits of weight lose without any extra effort .

it also removes your body toxins and keep it energetic and fir though out the day also it helps in  strengthening our immune system .

9. Leeks


it is a well known vegetable from the onion family .it has green body with white onion type end .

it is very useful in treating runny nose ,so you can consume it in raw state or cook it according to your taste to treat runny nose in short while .

10.Thyme Steam


Thyme is an evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses.it can be used for the treatment of runny nose and cough

it stops the runny nose when its vapors are inhaled from the boiling water.to consume its vapors add 2 teaspoon of dried Thyme in the post of hot water and then inhale the vapors to stop the runny nose in 10 minutes.

I hope you liked the above given home remedies for runny nose which will not only treat your runny nose like a charm but will also make your immune system more strong in long Run .

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