early signs of pregnancy

early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If you are reading this then i can make sure that you are a women who is about to become a mother or seeing some signs in your body that might have created a doubt in your mind of pregnancy . pregnancy is the most beautiful part of womens life and they enjoy it in spite of having pain their body to give birth to a wonderful baby after nine months .early signs of pregnancy helps you decide and confirm your pregnancy status easily .these early symptoms of pregnancy will start occurring in 1st week of pregnancy and after that as the time passes .

Here we would discuss some of the early signs of pregnancy which you may find in your body after you become pregnant .if you are unsure about your pregnancy in early stages and want to confirm before you spread the news out ,then you can take pregnancy test and take a close look on your body to see if there are any early symptoms of pregnancy occurring in your body, which would help you to easily confirm your pregnancy

early signs of pregnancy

Some of the early stage symptoms in womens pregnancy are as follows

here we are going to share some of the most seen early signs of pregnancy in women to make sure that you are pregnant with beautiful baby in you womb right below

  • moodiness
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • breast feels heavy
  • indigestion
  • sickness in morning
  • missed period
  • high basal temperature
  • pain in back and head
  • frequent urination in pregnancy

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When do pregnancy symptoms starts : unveiling the first signs of pregnancy

here we will discuss some of the signs of pregnancy to make sure that you are pregnant


generally you may find that fatigue and tiredness can be common symptoms for pregnancy after conceiving which almost all women have to face, it happens because the production od blood in body increase which leads to increase in blood sugar and blood pressure .besides that pro estrogen hormone also starts to get released which causes overall body tiredness .

if you are pregnant are feeling tired regularly without doing any work, you don’t need to worry about that as its natural, all you can do is take rest and eat protein rich food for good body of you and your baby.

Breast changes

Breast changes are common in pregnant women, it tends to happen due to hormonal changes in the body which make’s the breast tender, the area near nipple becomes darker, they becomes swallow, you may feel like breaks are full on touch and many more changes occur in breast after pregnancy .and you will get used to it after some time and it will last for long time ,but you will get used to after some time .dont worry much about ,its part of pregnancy ,rather enjoy it .


Nausea and morning sickness are common among pregnant women throughout the pregnancy time .it happens because hormone production level reduces in pregnant women.

Sometimes women can’t even stand for some types of food and on other hand want some other type of food .different types of food aversions , cravings of food, reluctance of food are common in pregnant women .

you may find that food diversions may reduce after 13-14 week as the womb starts to develop bigger in size and hormone level tends to become normal .

Whether you like some food or not, eat some food or not but don’t forget to eat nutrient and protein rich food while in pregnancy as it’s essential for the development of baby and your own body too for better body and healthy life .

Cramping and spotting

It seems to be one of the first and early signs of pregnancy, when cramping and spotting happens, sometimes women take it for normal menstrual bleeding, but its symptom of pregnancy too .after the egg gets attached to the walls of uterus it causes mild spotting and cramming only after 1-2 weeks when the egg is completely firtilzed and ready to develop into baby .

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So I think we have discussed almost all possible early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which you might encounter in early pregnancy stages . As we know not all women are same in terms of their body, so it might happen that you won’t experience some of these early pregnancy signs and maybe they are different for you, but the most common sign is missed period .

so if you feel that you have recently gone through an intercourse with your partner and missed period and saw any of the early symptoms of pregnancy in your body then you can confirm your pregnancy by taking a pregnancy test and their after visiting the doctor, to confirm your pregnancy.

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we have tried to give best possible information about pregnancy and its early signs for you to have a in-depth understanding about your pregnancy and its early symptoms ,but if you feel we left out something that might be helpful for other women also then please let us know in the comment section below and we would include that in article too for better good for society and pregnant women all across the world .

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