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Best HandHeld Massagers 2022 Reviews

Whether you are just tense after a long day at work or trying to soothe your aching muscles after any strenuous efforts, one of the most inexpensive and effective means to accomplish this is with a hand held massager. These handheld portable massage units, however, do range not only in price but also in regards to what they are designed to accomplish. Some handheld massager units utilize roller-balls or bearings in order to provide deep tissue and muscle massages.

Some of the units will vibrate in order to stimulate and/or reduce pressure on the nerves within those aching muscle tissues. Still, others are more flexible and provide a wider selection of attachments and features that will allow for these units to serve a multitude of purposes and functions and better able to assist you no matter whether you just want to relax or actually need to recover.

We have listed some of the top selling and most highly rated Amazon handheld massagers here with some of their strengths, some of their weaknesses, and hopefully, with enough information for you to gain a more complete understanding of their purpose and function and to assist you, the reader, in being able to make more informed and relevant choices about not only what you want, but also what you may need.

The History of Massage

The therapeutic and other benefits of the massage are scattered consistently throughout our history as a species. From ancient Greece and Rome to the ancient Chinese and Sumerian texts, the massage can be found as a historically undeniable presence across the world. Massages have been used for medical, therapeutic and even erotic purposes in virtually every society that has ever existed.

As technology has advanced and continues to march unrelentingly forward, among the many benefits are the ability to create machines and tools to perform the tasks that were previously limited to a select group of individuals who had to undergo a massive amount of training and discipline before they could be considered masters in their respective fields.

Fortunately, in the world today, it is no longer necessary to undergo a vast amount of training over the course of many years, or even to hire and pay a “professional” for services that can now be performed just as well and just as easily from a machine that only has to be purchased a single time.

Deep Tissue and Deep Muscle Massages are a routine part of physical therapy for many people. Even those regularly seeing a chiropractor or other similar medical professionals, have been encouraged to utilize the handheld massagers to assist in their therapy and to help them to relieve undue stress and tension in muscle groups and even in individual muscle masses.

Some people merely appreciate the benefit of a healthy massage and enjoy the peace and serenity that results from the release of normal stress and tension after a massage. Some couples are even more inclined to practice the art of massage as a means to liven up the more personal and private aspects of their lives.

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The individual items here are by and large proven to assist no matter what the personal goals for or even reasoning behind your desire to obtain a handheld massager may be. The list provides a great many different options all in different prices ranges and that should allow for the individual to make a better and more informed decision before actually purchasing the items in question.

Each individual hand massager has been looked at from the point of the user and based on the results of the people who have already purchased them and felt compelled to leave a review of handheld massager. Both the good points and the bad points of each individual handheld massager have been considered to allow you to make a better choice before you buy these handheld massagers on sale.

Best handheld portable massagers 2022

Mighty bliss portable Massager: Dual Mode for Body + Facial

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Cordless Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode) from mighty bliss is effective for a massage on Foot, Legs, Neck, Back along with Shoulders is a more heavy duty, percussion massager as opposed to the more common vibrating massager.

This handheld massager does come with a warning for those people who may have sensitive skins or nerves and who may not need quite as powerful a massage as will be provided by this handheld massage device. If however, you are in need of a handheld massager for a truly deep-tissue massage or for overly cramped and sore muscle tissue, this device may be just what you are looking for.

The mighty bliss Cordless Massager utilizes both percussion and micro vibration technologies to provide for an exceedingly powerful and deep massage for the user. These features further allow for the CM7 Cordless Massager to be used for additional uses such as jaw and facial pains that are generally not helped very much through the use of the average handheld massager.

The mighty bliss Cordless Massager currently has over two thousand and five hundred personal reviews from users and still maintains almost a full five-star rating from those who have purchased these handheld massagers, indicating that it is most definitely one of those very few “must have” items.

Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Best HandHeld Massagers

Added features include a selection of massage heads including tips that are customized to allow for a single person to reach even those out of the way areas that are often difficult to reach alone.

(Areas such as the small of the back are frequently inaccessible with portable massage units) There is an additional attachment for a soothing scalp massage which has been shown to reduce tension and stress and even the direct effects and pain of a migraine and tension headaches.

An additional attachment is a “Point Stick” specifically designed to relieve knots and cramps in muscle tissues. There is a “6-head stick” designed to relieve stiffness and cramps in the more major muscle grips.

There is even an attachment for rubbing deep massage oils and even ben gay or other treatment lotions and salves on after any exceptionally grueling day and the accompanying labors.

The batteries are advertised to last just over two hours, which should be plenty of time for a stress relieving tissue and muscle massage helping the user to relax. The compact and light design allows for the mighty bliss Cordless Massager to be used at home or taken with you on the road or to the office or to the gym, making it an exceptional value for the money all the way around.

While this is a more expensive hand massage unit, the inclusion of so many attachments and options means it should (or at least can) replace numerous other hand held massagers, each of which would only be able to offer one or two of the many options available with this single unit. An excellent value.


COLOR: White

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 16.5 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches ; 1.75 pounds

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.4 Pounds (Approximately one and one-half kilos)

COST: $124.94 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Excellent product reviews from actual users
  • Multiple attachments for a wide range of uses and applications
  • Dual motor controls for high revolution Vibration or lower revolution pulsating or “percussion” massaging
  • Effective for small knots and large muscle and tissue masses
  • Able to work with lotions, ointments, and creams to ease muscle pain and stress
  • Scalp Massager
  • Facial Massager


  • Some tips can be difficult to change, especially with hands full of massage oil or lotions
  • Noisy operation in quiet locations
  • May become slick and difficult to hold when using lubricated massage oils


Bontime Cordless Handheld Massager: Powerful Massager for Full Body Massage

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This bontime Cordless Handheld Percussion Massager, Powerful Portable Deep Tissue Massager for Muscles Back Neck and Shoulders is a motorized, hand-held massage unit that is specifically designed for muscle therapy for the heavy muscle groups such as those in the back but works equally as well on the neck and shoulders in addition to other major muscle groups ,making it a great handheld neck massagers.

The variable speeds and included attachments also provide the user with an excellent option for deep tissue massages without having to exert the necessary pressures otherwise required with manual hand held massagers and their other counterparts that do not have the benefit of the vibration or rotation included in this particular hand held massager.

Mynt Cordless Handheld Massager

The bontime Cordless Handheld Percussion Massager has seven different vibrating modes,  each of which can be set at any one of four speeds depending on the needs and desires of the individual user and comes with two fully textured head attachments for even more personalized options for the user. The massage selections include Wave, Quick Wave, Intermittent, Pulsing, Quick Pulse, Rolling, and Intermittent Rolling with this handheld rolling massager.

The four varying speeds range from four thousand revolutions per minute up to six thousand and three hundred RPM. Each of these settings or combination of settings will allow the user to make a selection based on their individual tastes, desires, and needs.

The two massage heads included are easily changed by merely sliding them on or off. The battery allows this to be something of a portable unit, but it may not be suitable for all locations, especially when there may not be a ready source of power.

The batteries are claimed to last for two hours of massage time which is substantially longer than the recommended maximum of one-half hour of massage per day on any given part of the body, but still, such use could quickly wear the batteries down and may decrease the efficiency of the handheld massager after any length of use.


COLOR: Black


SHIPPING WEIGHT: 1.9 Pounds (Just under one kilo)

COST: $49.99 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Contoured hand-held design
  • Easy to grip and control
  • Deep massage capability
  • Variable Settings
  • Quick Change Massage Heads
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Automatic Shut Off after fifteen minutes
  • Twenty-Four Month (two years) Warranty


  • Control Buttons poorly placed (may interfere with operations or get reset during use)
  • Noisy in quiet (office) settings
  • Automatic Shut Off after fifteen minutes
  • Superfluous light seemingly without a reason for needing light only serves to drain the battery faster


RENPHO HandHeld Deep Tissue Massager for Full Body Massage with cordless Design

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Massager comes with Portable Design for full body massage is another very well received product from those who have previously purchased it. With over one thousand reviews, this product retains an almost perfect five-star rating and has a very high level of satisfaction from among those who have put it to the ultimate test at home.

This is another handheld massager that utilizes percussion technology to provide deep tissue and muscle massage for those people who have extended themselves a little too strenuously or who are merely trying to recover from issues that have resulted in major muscle pains. It comes with a selection of five interchangeable heads or attachments, making it a very versatile and practical handheld massager.

RENPHO HandHeld Deep Tissue MassagerThe fact that it is battery operated and cordless again allows for this unit to be carried practically anywhere, inconspicuously tucked away in a gym bag or even in a purse.

Like some other units on this page, the unit will automatically shut off after twenty minutes of use. While some of the other designs claim that this is for the sake and safety of the user, at least RENPHO is wholly honest when they state very plainly and clearly that this is in fact a feature of the device to prevent it from overheating.

The pulse rate is adjustable up to three thousand and six hundred pulses per minute, allowing for this hand held massager to provide an intense and effective massage for those users who are more appreciative of the pulsating or percussion massage technologies.

The RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager also comes with a full charging unit that allows for all of the individual attachments to be quickly and easily accounted for and readily accessible in addition to allowing it to be stored openly without fear of having it fall or so easily getting knocked around and inadvertently broken.

The attachments that are included are a Round and One Point head for relieving knots or individual muscle cramps; a curved head specifically designed for larger muscle masses such as those in the arms and legs; a three-point head which is ideally suited for the soles of the feet, the nerve centers under the arms or in the inner thighs, along the spine and even for joints and to alleviate the suffering of joint pains which can restrict mobility; also the Three Intensive Head design which is created for flatter areas and for deep tissue massages over larger areas of the body.


COLOR: White

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3 Pounds (approximately one and one-half kilos)

COST: $99.99 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Contoured shape and handle to allow easy access even to portions of the body normally difficult to reach alone
  • Variety of attachments to allow for different types of uses and results
  • Charging Unit that allows for the easy storage of the unit and the attachments to help prevent breakage and loss
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Conveniently located buttons and controls
  • Fully adjustable for power and percussion modes


  • The battery cannot be replaced by consumer
  • The charger needs to be carried with a unit for extended use or operation
  • Automatic shut off and waiting period before being able to restart the unit


HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heated Muscle Kneading

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The HoMedics Percussion Action Massager is the first electric handheld massager to be featured here that has a built-in feature, but this seemingly minor detail should not be overlooked in importance, function or effectiveness. Many of the pain-relieving lotions and oils tend to relieve pain largely by heating up the muscle masses in order to reduce the stress and tension of the muscles.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with HeatAnyone who has ever taken a long and hot bath will also immediately recognize the benefits of heat in the overall importance of massage therapy and muscle and tension relief.

With almost two thousand reviews and a solid four-star rating, apparently, we were not the only ones to be impressed by this unit.

Additionally, the  HoMedics Percussion Action Massager features an ergonomically correct handle that should allow for extended massages and handling without risking the many nerves or muscle groups in the hands being damaged in the process.

Ergonomic designs are those that are designed to conform to the natural shape of the hand in this case, allowing for the reduction in cramps from holding the unit while in operations.

While such hazards are generally relegated to gamers who spend too much time on the computer, they are also known to occur in any occupation wherein redundant actions are a constant … such as giving yourself a daily massage.

The HoMedics Percussion Action Massager utilizes a dual-pivot system for the massage heads in order to provide the user with a relaxing massage to virtually any location of the body. It also comes with a comparatively inexpensive cost and the heating function helps to ensure that virtually any type of massage the user conducts will be effective to a satisfactory degree.

The selections are somewhat limited, with the only available choices being “firm” or “gentle”, though the soothing heat massage alone makes this unit a winner in many books.


COLOR: Off White

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 17.1 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.3 Pounds (almost exactly one and one-half kilos)

COST: $35.98 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Heating unit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Percussion technologies


  • Handle design may make it awkward for some users to reach certain areas such as the lower back
  • Limited selection of massage options
  • Lack of attachments for different types of massage
  • Limited uses specifically for individual muscle groups


wahl portable Massager: Full body pain relief

DESCRIPTION: The wahl Handheld Percussion Massager Electric Back Massage handheld massager is another heated unit that is being reviewed here. The “Broken English” in the design description also lends to lead to doubt about the veracity of the information contained in the description.

Naipo portable Massager Full body pain reliefHowever, while there are less than two hundred reviews, they do seem to be largely favorable as The wahl Handheld Percussion Massager has maintained a four-star rating and those who have purchased it do seem to be largely approving and satisfied with the product.

The heating element in the wahl Handheld Percussion Massager is advertised as being capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit or about forty degrees Celsius,  making it an ideal temperature for loosening up and relaxing sore and stressed muscle tissues and muscle masses.

The sliding controller for the vibratory effect of the handheld massager allows for the level of massage to be easily adjusted, though this is not marketed as a “Deep” massager or as one that will offer the same level of intensity that some of the more heavy duty massagers utilizing the more intense percussion massage technologies.

However, this massager does seem ideally suited for those people who do have more sensitive responses and who do not want or need deep tissue or deep muscle massaging. If you are looking for a lightweight and portable unit that will give you a very gentle and relaxing massage, while at the same time loosening up tension in the major muscle groups, this may be an ideal solution.


COLOR: Optional



COST: $29.99 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Inexpensive
  • Handle contours allow for easy reach to lower back, shoulders and other difficult to reach areas
  • Heating technology
  • Twenty-four month (Two year) Guarantee


  • Handle design allows for slippage
  • 110 Volts only, not very “International” in regards to electrical power
  • Offers six attachments but there are only three, three of the heads are plastic and three of the same model are provided made with silicone for only a minor difference in effect
  • Very light vibration of the handheld massager
  • Handle design allows for slippage with oiled or even sweaty hands


Bob and brad Handheld Massager: Deep Tissue massage for Perfect Relaxation

DESCRIPTION: The Bob and brad handheld Super Wave Cordless Massager is designed to provide deep tissue and muscle massages to assist in helping tense and sore muscles to relax, improve blood flow and circulation and to provide deep tissue massages as well.

The Bob and brad handheld Super Wave Cordless Massager is advertised as having an “Automatic Massage Mode” though it does not go on to clarify exactly what this mode is or what its particular features may be.

However, it does not that, in addition to the six unique and individual “Automatic Massage Modes”, it also features variable speeds in addition to a choice between Vibrational and Percussion massage technologies, all which can be used at variable speeds to ensure that the user will have numerous different options for their home massage.

Furthermore, the Bob and brad handheld Super Wave Cordless Massager also comes replete with nine different attachments. These attachments, however, alas, are not clearly marked or defined for their particular use, though this should be relatively obvious to the more experienced user of handheld massage devices.

The appearance of the attachments also has apparently led some to believe that the Bob and brad handheld Super Wave Cordless Massager uses a rotating head, though there is no such feature available on this particular model. The heads include standard round and knotted round heads for deep muscle and deep tissue massages, and also for working out kinks and cramps in individual muscles and muscle groups.

The inclusion of a curved head is ideal for foot massages, arm massages and even massaging the calves, biceps and triceps. The four ribbed head designs allow for a complete selection of deep tissue and muscle massages for the purpose of relieving stress and tension.

Given the inexpensive price tag and the vast number of attachments and individual options, this unit is definitely an excellent value for the price and should be considered for anyone looking for a handheld massager for the home.


COLOR: Black and White


SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.4 Pounds (Just over one and one-half kilos)

COST: $46 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • The large, contoured handle makes it exceptionally easy to reach otherwise challenging areas such as the lower back and the shoulders and middle of the back to eliminate lower back pain
  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Complete selection of attachments for multiple uses and effects from the massages
  • Variability in speed and vibration and percussion technologies make this an exceptional unit no matter how gentle and sensitive or vibrantly and heartily the user may want to massage themselves on any given day


  • Overly large and cumbersome
  • Handle design allows for slippage, no finger grips
  • Battery life appears to be lacking and charger beeping upon completion has no option to be turned off


Nursal Handheld Deep Percussion Massager: Multiple nodes with heat function

DESCRIPTION: The NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager is another heated unit which automatically gives it some bonus points. While the unit itself is large and slightly unwieldy at first, a practiced hand can produce very desirable and beneficial results with this handheld massager. The physical design of the product is ergonomic and as such, it fits more naturally into the hands, somewhat offsetting any of the other potential downfalls of the weight and maneuverability.

NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion MassagerIts size also allows for a more complete and beneficial massage even in those hard to reach areas such as between the shoulders, and the middle and lower portions of the back without creating any undue pressure on the hands or the wrist of the user even after extended use of fifteen to twenty minutes.

Two of the six massage heads or “nodes” are designed to be used with the heat function for the NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager. The addition of the heat feature also means that any massages given for muscle relaxation and the release of tension will be both accelerated and more beneficial as the heated muscles will relax faster.

The variable speed selection gives you a “wide-range” of options to select from so that, evidently, this handheld massager would work equally as well for those wishing a more gentle massage and those who want a more vigorous massaging for deep tissue and deep muscle massages.

There are a total of six attachments or “nodes” including the scalp massage, scrape massage, point massage, peeling thermal therapy massage, local peeling massage, and kneading massage.


COLOR: Black and White

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 3.9 x 1.3 x 3.4 inches

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 2.8 Pounds (Approximately one and one-fourth kilos)

COST: $26.99 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Heated Unit (with the two massage “nodes” designed to be used with the heating element)
  • Variable speed selections
  • No expensive batteries to replace
  • Anti-slip designed handle
  • Ergonomic Design


  • 110 Volts with no options for Asia or Europe
  • No electrical adapter options
  • Slightly heavy and unwieldy for one-handed use
  • Buttons can be inadvertently pressed during usage
  • Not a cordless unit, affecting “portability” of the handheld massager


Handheld Massaging Tool: Professional Self Massager

DESCRIPTION: The Professional Powerful accuwood Self Massager with Hook is not a traditional handheld massager in the literal sense of the word. Rather, it is specifically designed to serve the user by allowing them to access and massage many of the “trigger points” of the body that would otherwise be difficult … if not altogether impossible to reach alone.

Trigger points are known as such because each one triggers a certain response in the body. (For example, rubbing between the toes to reduce personal levels of stress) Even for those that are not likely to spend any great length of time to learn the subtle nuances of acupressure, this remains an excellent tool for working out individual knots and kinks in difficult to reach locations, though when properly wielded, this can be a deceptively and incredibly powerful tool to be brought against sore muscles, aches, pains, and even additional symptoms for the relief of stress and tension.

For those people who are studying the finer points of acupressure and want to explore more about the depth and effective nature of such a practice, the Professional Powerful accuwood Self Massager with Hook will allow for the user to reach numerous pressure points or “trigger points” that they would not otherwise be capable of reaching.

As such, these people will be fully capable of quite literally practicing and perfecting their art on themselves before practicing on friends, family or other willing recipients of their newly discovered and perfected “art”.


COLOR: Blonde Wood

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 16 x 1.5 x 12 inches


COST: $27 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Light, compact and easy to handle
  • Excellent tool for specialists of Acupressure
  • Excellent tool for relieving knots or tension in individual muscles
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for the release of stress with the proper knowledge of how to use it


  • May require an accurate understanding of the principles of acupressure and the “trigger points” on the body to be properly utilized
  • Not a handheld massager per se
  • Wood may have a tendency to come with or develop burrs and need refinishing


Boseen Handheld Massager: Top 360 degree Roller Massager

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Boseen Palm Shaped Metal Roller Massager is a hand-held, portable unit that is ideal for use in virtually any location.

Boseen Top 360 degree Roller massager Best HandHeld MassagersIts shape allows it to easily fit the contours of the body in virtually any location on the body, making it an ideal solution for stress relief on the go.

The nine-ball roller ball design in conjunction with the unique design of the “glove” will allow the user to easily and efficiently massage virtually any portion of the body.

The resulting massage helps to increase blood flow, relieve stress and tension and to relieve pain stemming from the nerve endings in the muscle and tissues being massaged.

While the product description does claim the ability to provide “deep tissue stress relief” it is unsure just exactly how “deep” such a massager would be able to reach given the required physical application of force and pressure necessary to reach deep tissue or muscle groups.



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 6.3″ L x 5.7″ W x1.2″


COST: $9.48 United States Dollars with free shipping on eligible orders(subject to change from time to time)


  • Inexpensive Price Tag
  • Unique contoured design allows for comfortable massage anywhere on the body including the major nerve centers, feet, armpits and neck
  • Quiet and easy to use in any location without drawing unwanted attention


  • Very limited color selection and available colors very obvious
  • Metal balls can be disturbingly cold against the body if not heated before use
  • Material may be ripped or torn if not separated or properly packed during transport or if bagged up with normal exercise equipment like in a gym bag
  • Maybe more efficient with another person using it on the recipient of the massage (which could also be a benefit in some instances)

Benefits of the Hand Held Massager

The smaller hand held units without vibrators attached are generally sufficient for basic needs, but may not be an ideal solution for someone whose physical workouts and other exertions are a little bit more strenuous. These handheld massagers are generally only designed to stimulate the muscles, primarily at the surface and for tissue massages.

Such features make these an ideal solution for the person who is just wanting to relax and ease built up and excess tension. These units are also an excellent means of assisting in the improvement of blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

They are also ideally suited for home or office use, though if you are working in an office environment where there are other people, the more advanced units may not only be distracting but may also create unwanted attention in a more crowded or enclosed workplace environment.

Thus, while all of the handheld massaging units are portable in design, these hand-held models are generally much more portable and ready to be used virtually anywhere.

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The Vibrating handheld massage units are generally better suited towards the home or other more private locations as they do tend to be a bit noisier than their non-motorized counterparts and comes with lot of benefits. These motorized handheld massage units do, however, provide the user with the opportunity to enjoy a much deeper muscle and tissue massages and at the same time, also help to relieve the pain from the nerve endings in the tissues and muscles.

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These units shared above are also generally provided with a host of specific attachments that allow for the massagers to provide additional benefits to the user.

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