Best Weighted Vest for 2018- Read THIS before buying top weighted vest
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If you want to know which weighted vest is best for you in 2018 and beyond then you have comes to right place .sometimes finding the best weighted vest for the right purpose like running, Crossfit, workout can be very difficult but with the growing popularity of weighted vest benefits we decide to come with this resource which would help you choose the best-weighted vest for you to according to your need and budget to get best out of it .

so come on folks lets take a look at some of the best-weighted vest right below for healthy living

MIR® - 40LBS (SHORT NARROW STYLE) ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VESTMIR® - Weighted Vest (SHORT STYLE)15-90lbsDouble padding along with Velcro belt and High Torso Fit1200D reinforced nylon$$$-check discounted price here
V-Force Weight VestV-Force Weight Vest25-150lbsPadded body and shoulders, comes with Lifetime Warranty1000 D nylon body$$$$-check discounted price here
BOX Weighted Vest for CrossFit and GymBOX Crossfit Weightvest 20-100lbsForm Fitting with padded shoulder and body. high quality construction. Wipe-able liner.$$$-check discounted price here
RUNFast Max Pro Weighted VestRUNFast/Max Pro Weighted Vest20-60lbsgood for cross training, strength traininggood quality$$-check discounted price here
CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted VestCAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest40-150lbsgood for running, variable sizes high quality$$$$-check discounted price here
Pure Fitness 40LB Weighted VestPure Fitness Weighted Vest40lbsSand-filled weights with Fully adjustable closuresNylon$$-check discounted price here
Fighting Sports Power Weighted VestFighting Sports Power Weighted Vest1-30lbsHeavy duty zipper with variable sizesNeoprene construction$$-check discounted price here
Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted VestValeo Weighted Vest1-40lbsAdjustable clip belts, Accessory pocket, breathable mesh$$-check discounted price here
ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted VestZFO Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest10-80lbsSnug Fit along with Double Padding,Reinforced Nylon$-check discounted price here
GoFit Adjustable Weighted VestGoFit Weighted Vest10-40lbsVelcro waist wrap along with Reinforced shoulder paddingNeoprene padding$-check discounted price here

Top best weighted vest to wear in 2018

1. V-Force Weight Vest

V-Force Weight Vest

Standing at the top of best weighted vest list this bad boy is an ultimate heavy duty and durable quality vest for fitness freaks, athletes, and regular gym players .it comes with some of the great features in its duel layer reinforced nylon body which comes topped with reflection bands along with hydration ready shoulders for complete fitness.

Not to forget that V force is short style vest which helps you to work on your abdominal muscles easily keeping the weights off the stomach. It fits mostly everyone and comes in wide variety of design and colors.

It comes with front and back pockets which are capable of holding 2.5lb weights to make it according to your requirement .with all the add-ons and awesome features such as pads etc. v force is definitely worth your money to get body shape while work out with this beast weighted vest

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2. ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest

ZFOsports 40LBs Adjustable Weighted Vest

Its an awesome weighted vest for anyone to get started with workout as its affordable and of good quality backed by tons of 5 star reviews from users who like it very much because of its awesome built quality and cool features .its comfortable and you can adjust weights as per your preference while working out.

It weight container on upper and lower compartments can take weights without any tear off and not to forget that it leaves a lot of room for full arm movement which makes the ZFO sports vest of the best for push ups, pull ups along dips and crunches.

So its a great weighted vest for anyone getting started to make some ripped muscles in long run, go ahead and buy it with discount now

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ZFOsports Weighted Vest




This awesome MiR weighted vest is the best for abs building and building core body strength. the added advantage of this vest is that it comes in wide variety of styles and models as per the needs of a buyer.

This vest fits all person of different heights and body type without any much problem as it comes in various styles such as the slim vest, narrow weighted vest, short length weighted vest and much more.

Also, I would like to mention here that MiR has also had its huge collection of other weighted fitness products such as weighted shoes, shorts,wrist weights etc. So overall MiR will give you everything you need to get fit and live a healthy life with its durable and high-quality equipment.

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Here is a small category of style In which MiR Weighted vest is available according to the weights requirements

  • Women Vest: 5-30lbs
  • Super Compact vest: 10-30lbs
  • Short Vest: 35lbs-60lbs
  • Firefighter Vest: 35-60lbs
  • Pro Vest: 50lbs-90lbs
  • Short Plus Vest: 65lbs-90lbs
  • Pro Plus Vest: 100lbs-120lbs


4. RUNFast Pro Weighted Vest

RUNFast Max Pro Weighted VestIts an amazing weighted vest from RUNFast which comes with removable weights in sizes of 20lbs/40lbs/50lbs/60lbs.its universal sizes fits most of the people without any issues and this vest comes with company warranty.

It uses sandbags as the weight which allows the vest to remain firm and don’t lose grip while wearing.

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people who have bought this have liked its quality and durability, I think if you go for it then you will like it too but if your chest is big then I won’t recommend you buying this because it may be tight for your body type.

If you want to have a good experience with it then buy according to your body size else you will feel uncomfortable and have a bad experience with while working out wearing this weighted vest.

Some important FAQ about weighted vest you would like to get answered

Does weighted vest help in weight loss?

Generally, weight loss from anything you do happens because your body burns calories .when you perform the workout, do running, do yoga or follow any other fitness regime daily your body tends to lose weight after burning calories, how fast you burn calories depends on the type of workout and your body type.

When you wear a weighted vest the rate of burning calories increases tremendously, so besides helping you built your body fit and rigid weighted vest helps in weight loss for sure.

Now the question arises how much more calories does a weighted vest help in burning, as per my opinion it’s about 30-50 extra calories than you would burn normally while working for an hour,that may sound little less when compared to your daily calories count burn rate but overall if worn daily while workout it would help you to lose about 3-5 lbs per year easily or maybe more sometimes .

Is weighted vest good to wear while running?

when you start running while wearing a weighted vest it increases the pressure on your bones and muscles which helps them to become more stronger and agile in long run.Moreover, the weighted vest also helps in building your lower body muscles when worn while running .so overall it adds strength and endurance to your body and is good to wear while running.

Benefits of weighted vest

Below are some of the amazing benefits of using weighted vest daily while working out to make your body fit and healthy for long term.

Increases bones and muscle strength

When you wear weighted vest it forces the muscles to apply additional strength to push the extra weight of the vest while doing workout which helps the muscles to grow fast and effectively, thus adding more endurance and strength in your body and muscles.

When you workout while wearing weighted vest, your bones seems to get more strain which helps to build more bone mass thus making your bones more dense and strong from inside besides strengthening your connective body tissues and over body bones and muscles

If your bones are stronger from start then you will not get any kind of diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis and many other bones related problems in old age too.moreover, your body balance and stability will increase tremendously and your workout will also fine without any pains and injuries in body parts.

How to make the best use of weighted vest?


wearing a weighted vest while hiking or walking is a great idea to help you get fit and stay healthy for can wear it while moring walk or while hiking up the hills to see how long does it take to go up and try to reduce the time with every visit up the hill to have fun and built your body with weighted vests.

running with a weighted vest on adds spice to your running schedule as you can do multiple sprints, long distance running, short distance running with multiple interval schedules with a vest on your body to increase your overall body metabolism and build up your muscles.

wearing a weighted vest while cycling outside is yet another interesting activity to perform for fitness and workout with weighted vests. if you don’t go out on cycling you can workout on your best indoor stationary spin bikes after wearing your weighted vests for good workout, strength gains.

Wear while doing daily chores

you can wear the top weighted vest while working in your house performing daily chores like cleaning the house with best steam mops, going up and down the stairs, preparing breakfast, watering the plants etc to burn extra calories and build a toned up body free from the extra bulging tummy and unwanted body fat.

Weight training

while weight training you can add these extra 10-30 lbs on your chest to get extra can perform some awesome weight training exercises like Deadlifts, Military Press, Squats, pull ups, pushups, Barbell Row, Bench Press etc in multiple sets with 5 minutes time interval after wearing a great weighted vest and other weighted clothing to get more benefit from your weight training.

Exercise and workout routine

you can wear a 10-30 lbs weighted vest for normal exercise and workout. you can perform all kind of exercises after wearing these vests like running, battle rope workout, squats, lunges, pushups, elliptical machine workout, rower workout any more easily. you can do them in sets of 10-20 or 30 and then take a break to get your body in shape and build toned body.

Things to consider before buying a weighted vest

Material quality

buy a vest which seems to be made from a comfortable material which doesn’t get corroded over time due to rusting or wearing or tearing or sweating. the good vest comes with neoprene coating.the great weighted vest doesn’t allow bacteria to build upon the vest. vests made from good quality materials are little expensive but last longer.

The comfort of wearing

you should be comfortable while wearing the vest and your hands should move freely and back should not be the pain because it is meant to help you build good and fit body and not give unwanted pain or discomfort.


there are many types of design for weighted vests but the weight pocket design seems to be best as it allows you to add or remove weight quickly as per the requirement. make sure that you should be able to strap up and wear the vest quickly without any hindrance and is comfortable with your body for workout smoothly.


The weighted vest comes in variable weight sizes ranging from 10 lbs to 100 lbs and more. you need to buy according to your body type and requirements. if you are novice then start with 10 -20 lbs vest but if you are expert with the solid body and using the vest for different exercises then can buy any size as per the requirement.


the weighed vest comes in small to extra large sizes. buy the one that fits you the best and comes with a little extra cushion to support your growing body muscles to get the best fit in near future also.right size will make you look great and help you built the body also.


price is yet another deciding factor for buying a good weighted vest.always buy a weighted vest in your price range but don’t cut corners when it comes to quality of the can buy one with little fewer features but buy one with good and durable built quality made to last even if it cost you little more. you can buy in festival seasons as everything is at discount and you will get your favorite weighted vest at the lowest price without bargaining with the vendors.

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Now the time has come to decide the best-weighted vest for you according to your need and budget, so choose from the vest given above wisely to get maximum benefits from them and buy a top quality weighted vest with a discount from the links given above in 2018 and beyond.