Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment

Best gym bags 2020 with HEFTY discounts

People who visit fitness centers usually need a way to transport their items. But not everyone uses bags designed specifically for this purpose. While some do not find it a worthwhile investment, others just do not see the point for it. In such instances, they may just leave everything they need locked up in their car or may just use any bag lying anywhere in the house.

Here comes a brief list of some of the best gym bags in market for you to buy from links given below with discount and enjoy your gym time with them. To read full reviews about these gym bags before buying scroll down below.

  1. Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag from Nike
  2. Unisex Gym Bag with shoe compartment from Runetz
  3. Medium size Team Speed Duffel Bag Adidas
  4. Large Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment from Rigor Gear
  5. Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment from Kuston
  6. Sports Gym Travel Bag with Shoe Compartment from MarsBro
  7. Mouteenoo Gym Sports Duffel Bag for Men and Women
  8. NPUSA Mens Large Duffel Tactical Gear Shoulder Travel Bag
  9. Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle
  10. Multi-pocket Thomtery Gym Duffel Bag

There are several benefits attached to buying the right gym bag for use at fitness centers. Compared to just any other bag, gym bags usually have multiple compartments and separations, which allow you to store your items separately. Your dirty and clean clothes will not mix. Or your keys will not accidentally cut open your powder. Gym bags allow for a more organized workout experience.

Best Gym Bags to Buy in 2020

Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag from Nike

The Nike Brasilia Standard Exercise Duffle bag is perfect for times when you need to prepare for training or for when you are heading out for a holiday contest and you need to have all your gear with you. The Nike Exercise Bag is constructed with premium 600D Polyester which gives durability and resistance to the bag, one which you can count on. It comes with a main compartment that offers sufficient space for clothes and gear while yet still having another separate compartment which gives the bag ventilation and an extra storage room for shoes or other items.


  • -It offers plenty of space for storing of sports gear
  • -It comes with a spacious dual-zippered main compartment which helps to store larger items
  • -It comes with a ventilated compartment which is designed for holding dirty clothes and shoes
  • -In order to add to its carrying comfort, it comes with a padded, removable shoulder strap plus dual carrying handles
  • -It is made from 600D fabric, this helps to make it water-resistant protecting your valuable gear when you are outdoor
  • -It has a densely woven fabric design which allows it to be heavyweight yet durable
    Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag
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  • -It has side pockets for extra storage


  1. The price is great
  2. It has a wide capacity, allowing it to carry a lot of stuff
  3. The ventilated area is really wonderful as it helps hold dirty stuff
  4. It comes with a durable interior lining


  1. It doesn’t have a form or shape. The shape only comes out when it is stuffed full
  2. Some customers complain that the style is boring
  3. The shoulder straps, according to some customers, feels quite low and may wear out relatively quickly

Unisex Gym Bag with shoe compartment from Runetz 

This bag gives you everything you could have wished for in a duffel bag. The Runetz gym duffel bag can be definetely your best and ideal choice when it comes to carrying all your essentials for your gym workout or when you are going out for a camping with your the full family.

The Runetz is a top quality sports bag which is functional, spacious and can withstand the wear, tear and daily grind at the gym. Whatever it is you want to store, from your clothes to towel, from keys to phones, from water bottles to shoes, they can all be perfectly arranged in your own gym bag.


  1. Functionality and versatility:

The bag comes with all the major functionalities that you would be needing for your daily activities ar the gym or perhaps for that overnight travels away from home. It can still be used when you are going out of city on a two-day trip or for weekend camping in the woods.

  1. Made with top-quality material:

The bag is made from high quality polyester materials which have been combined with reinforced stitching to give it maximum durability. The quality of the material used in its construction assures of a long-lasting usage without the fear of breaking or tearing. This is regardless how heavy the content of the bag is or how many times you put it to use.

Runetz Gym Bag for Women and Men
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  1. Easy and comfortable to carry:

The bag’s features adjustable & detachable padded strap with 2 handles gives it additional comfort & allows for easy carrying. This helps to ensure you have a pain-free shoulder and bag even when the bag is full from your workout items.

  1. Trendy & stylish:

The bag comes in a wide range of chic colors, some of which include; Chevron gray, pink, purple, navy blue along with black. This variety of available colors means that it would certainly fit whatever clothes you pair with it. Its classy cut & design gives the assurance that the gym bag will not be going out of style anytime soon.


  1. It comes in a variety of cool style and color
  2. It has lots of pockets
  3. It features reinforced stitching


  1. It doesn’t have a water bottle holder
  2. Its size means that it may be too big for your typical gym locker
  3. It doesn’t have a structure, so it tends to flop down

Medium size Team Speed Duffel Bag Adidas

If you are looking for a duffel bag built for superior team functionality, then the Team Speed Duffel Medium size bag from adidas is your best choice. It comes with a large main compartment which features an interior zippered pocket used for the storage of valuables. It features a freshPAK ventilated compartment located at one end cap, this is excellent for keeping smelly shoes and gear.

This ensures that they are kept separated from the rest of your stuff. Another zippered end cap pocket is located at the other side , and it offers additional storage. It has a large, easy-access front pocket with key fob, this is excellent when you want to quickly stow an item away. The bottom of the bag is ClimaProof, this ensures that your stuff is protected when bag is placed on a wet field or gym floor.

adidas Team Speed Duffel Bag
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  1. It comes with a handy zippered interior pocket which can help keep valuables safe and secure
  2. It features a fully-adjustable shoulder strap which can equally be removed, depending on the preference of the user
  3. It has a nicely padded shoulder pad which helps to prevent muscle strain and fatigue in cases when you are carrying load which is heavier than usual


  1. It features a quality reinforced zipper design
  2. It has three exterior pockets
  3. It comes with two color choices for enthusiast to choose from
  4. It is made of 100% Polyester
  5. It features reinforced strap with cushion
  6. It is built for long-term use and yet still easy to carry


  1. It doesn’t retain its shape, unless when full
  2. It is smaller compared to most other bags

Large Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment from Rigor Gear

The Rigor Gear Duffle Bag was built to be the ultimate gym bag that users can take anywhere with comfort and ease. Its numerous compartment and padded shoulder strap ensures that it is perfect for any activity or occasion, be it about fitness or not.

The bag was constructed with the intention of heavy use, hence making it durable, with smooth zippers, reinforced handles, and strong clips, which is certain to stand the test of time. With this bag you can forget the troubles of low quality bags, as there won’t be issues of ripped seams, broken zippers or busted clips. It comes with a reinforced bottom which gives the bag its shape while the handles and shoulder straps are strong enough without forfeiting comfort. The Rigor Gear Duffle Bag is as tough as they come and it is built to last a long time.


  1. Time saving:

Time is a precious commodity which should certainly not be wasted fumbling through a gym bag searching for any and everything. The Rigor Gear Duffle Bag is built in such way that there is a space for everything. You can easily keep track of the smallest items with its five 2″ elastic straps located on the bag’s exterior.

The bag has five elastic straps, 5 mesh pockets, 2 zipper pouches, and 2 velcro pouches all located on the exterior helping to reduce search time and allowing you to focus on that which matters; your workout and reaching your fitness goals.

  1. Dual Shoe Compartment:

It comes with dual shoe compartment design which gives space for your running shoes, lifting shoes, casual shoes, flip flops or even high heels. This compartment can also be used as a wet/dry compartment capable of holding gym clothes, used clothes or sweaty equipment.

Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment
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  1. Saves money:

The Rgior Gear Duffle bag is an investment that is certain to last to save you from having to waste your hard earned money that won’t last two months. The bag is highly versatile, allowing you carrying anything to anywhere. This is the bag that will make you question your previous decision of buying other workout bags.

  1. 5 External Mesh Pockets:

The 5 external breathable mesh pockets allow easy access to gear and allowing sweaty items to air dry. It is large enough to hold a 32oz water bottle and a blender bottle.

  1. Zipper and velcro pouches:

It comes with two 3″ and 4″ zipper compartments which are perfect for storing wallet, keys, and headphones. The velcro compartments, which is 7″ tall makes it ideal for glasses, phone and snacks.


  1. It is built from strong tough materials
  2. It features very durable zippers
  3. It comes with roomy compartments which helps it hold all gym equipment
  4. It features several mesh pockets


  1. It cost quite a lot

Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment from Kuston

You may not know this but gym bags can be both stylish and functional at the same time. The Kuston gym bag is a proof of that possibility. The bag is constructed from high-quality oxford cloth and features multiple pockets, assuring you of tremendous convenient when you take the bag on a trip to the gym. The bag is durable, allowing it to be used for as long as possible. It is also waterproof and breathable, ensuring that smelly and wet gym clothes and shoes get all the airing that they require.

It comes with a large capacity pocket in the middle, a front pockets which helps to hold rackets for ball sports, and also an inner pockets for items which may be in need of protection, some of which are wallets and phones. Although its pockets are very noticeable, there is more to the bag than just its pockets. It is highly comfortable and functional, helping you take anything everywhere. It comes with two comfortable carrying handles. Although it is a gym bag it is stylish enough such that it can be carried on trips aside the gym.


  1. Material:

The bag is made from high-quality water proof oxford fabric. This confers it with a certain water repellant property. The lining of the bag is polyester.

  1. Large capacity and important pockets:

It comes with one large pocket which holds the major essentials. An inner zipper pocket hold cellphone, keys or wallet. The inside zipper pocket helps to hold shoes.

Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment
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  1. Super water proof plastic compartment:

The material of the bag is high quality waterproof which makes it suitable for wet clothes or towel.

  1. Shoe compartment:

This is specially for your shoes or dirty clothes. This compartment helps to keep them separated from the rest of your clean items.

The compartment also has a venting hole, which helps to eliminate bad smell.

  1. Versatility:

It is very versatile, making it useful for workouts, sports activity, travel, yoga, fishing, camping, hunting, tennis, basketball and many other outdoor activities.


  1. It is a water-proof gym bag
  2. It comes with excellent storage space
  3. It has anti-theft features, meaning that your goods are as safe as possible
  4. It features a dedicated space meant for shoes. This helps keep your shoes from all other essentials in the bag.
  5. It comes with multi-functional pockets with roomy compartments.


  1. Some reviewers complain about the strap breaking after only one month

Sports Gym Travel Bag with Shoe Compartment from MarsBro

Is there any reason you wouldn’t like the MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Gym Travel Bag? The bag is roomy and durable with a dimension of 19.7″x9.8″x9.3″. The main compartment offers sufficient room for clothes, shoes, towel and most other gym accessories. The bag exterior is 100% anti-tearing polyester. It comes with a zippered pocket which house small accessories including cell phone and keys.

MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Gym bag
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  1. It comes with a shoe compartment which has a zippered pocket plus an exterior zipper with air holes. This offers great space to store your workout shoes apart from your other gear.
  2. The inner lining of the bag is made from water-resistant artificial PVC coating. This makes it ideal for ensuring that your clothes and devices don’t get wet.
  3. The shoulder strap is well-cushioned making it quite comfortable. The bag also comes with dual handles which ensures easy transport.
  4. It comes with an internal security pocket which is ideal for keeping important items, with an additional side pocket which is large enough to hold water bottle, body wash, soap or shampoo.
  5. The bag comes with fluorescent zippers which add to the beauty and overall attractive design of the bag
  6. The fluorescent light zippers, simple-looking tails plus fashion logo pattern gives the bag a peculiar sports gym individuation.


  1. It is highly versatile
  2. It comes with lots of interior room
  3. It is water resistant


  1. The cons are quite few and far in between, but some reviewers comment on the lining quality, suggesting that it could be better

Mouteenoo Gym Sports Duffel Bag for Men and Women

This is one perfect gym bag from Mouteenoo that doesn’t come with a bulky design rather it is compact and well designed and comes with many functional compartments to help keep your property safe and organized. It features one outside mesh pocket, one inside mesh pocket, 1 side shoe compartment, 1 inner zipper pocket, 2 outer zipped pocket that allows for quick access of items.

The main compartment is spacious enough to contain gym clothes, shoes, wallet, headphones, towel, keys etc. The shape and size of the bag allows it to fit easily into gym lockers. The bag is constructed with high quality water resistant material coupled with strong nylon thread, ensuring that it does not tire at the seams. It features an adjustable shoulder strap which allows for comfortable wearing.

Gym Sports Small Duffel Bag for Men and Women with Shoes Compartment - Mouteenoo
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  1. Sturdy and durable:

The high quality water resistant material plus the strong nylon thread ensure that it won’t tire at the seams. Each of the pockets employ top quality SBS metal zipper, which helps to eliminate any form of zipper problem.

  1. Separate Shoe Compartment:

It comes with a unique shoe compartment which is zipped and helps to keep your shoes and dirty gear apart.

  1. Simple and comfortable:

It is quite a simple duffel bag which lacks any form of complexity in design. Its adjustable shoulder straps ensures that you can wear it at the length that works best for you. Also, you can take off the shoulder strap and use just the handheld strap. The shoulder strap comes with pads which allows for comfortable wearing.

  1. Best design:

The material used in the construction makes it lightweight and durable, allowing it to fit everything without being overdone or massive. The bag is just the right size for gym, overnight trips and sports.

  1. Mesh Pouch:

It features a mesh pouch which is big and strong enough for water bottle.

  1. Small pocket to hold valuables:

It has a specially designed pocket which is built for headphones or small valuable items

NPUSA Mens Large Duffel Tactical Gear Shoulder Travel Bag

The Npusa High quality bag is a unisex duffel bag that is ideal for gym purposes, tactical assault, military, hiking, camping and hunting.


  1. Material:

The bag is made with 600D high density polyester which allows for daily durable use. It features an interior water proof PVC lining which helps to protect it from water. The bag is available in ACU Navy Digital Camo, ACU Digital Camo and tan.

NPUSA Mens Large Military Molle Tactical Gear Shoulder Strap Travel Bag
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  1. Excellent storage:

It offers excellent storage. It features 2 front buckle strap pockets, 2 side zippered pockets, 2 zippered front pockets and a U-shape opening the main pocket.

  1. Shoulder strap and zippers:

The shoulder straps are padded and is removable and adjustable.


  1. The bag is sturdy and well built
  2. The strap is quite comfortable
  3. It has enough room for five days of gym clothes, hats and sneakers
  4. It features a good array of pockets for varying needs


  1. The strap buckles are plastic
  2. The strap clasp is a metal spring which may fall out turning the strap useless

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Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle

The Under Armour Undeniable II Medium Duffle Bag can help you pack your gear and other essentials which you are going to be needing for the day. This bag comes with just the right space to store your workout clothes, shower items, and shoes. It comes with two vented end pockets which allows users to put apart wet gear. Also, it comes with a D-Ring which is found on the front panel and gives an extra attachment point. The bag is extremely durable and can be used for almost all weather conditions. It can be used to travel with great ease.


Under Armour UA Storm Undeniable II MD Duffle
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  1. It is a medium-sized duffle bag and features UA Storm treated fabric which gives protection regardless the condition
  2. The bag features a design which keeps your gear protected when you travel and safe from unusual weather conditions
  3. It comes with a spacious main compartment which has a zippered closure and an organization pocket
  4. The bag can be carried with ease as it features an adjustable, HeatGear shoulder strap with grab handle
  5. Your gear and valuables can be kept dry with the bag’s abrasion-resistant Polyurethane bottom panel
  6. The bag is built with 600D Polyester which comes with Durable Water Repellant finish. This helps to repel rain and snow.


  1. It comes with sufficient space for virtually everything you need.
  2. The design of the shoe compartment ensures that it does not take up half of the bag like most other bags.
  3. It features thinner pocket on the opposite end which is great for flip flops, phone or wallet


  1. Some reviewers complain about the bag not having a mesh pocket or a strap for water or blender bottle
  2. Another major con that reviewers mentioned is the plastic clips which is used for the shoulder strap. This plastic clips creaks as users walk, giving a feeling that it could snap pretty easily

Multipocket Thomtery Gym Duffel Bag

The Thomtery Gym Bag is a high-quality medium size bag which is perfect as a carry on or a weekend bag. It is the perfect weekend bag. It is quite durable and can easily hold more than 44lb of items. The bag is constructed from unique Dragon Nylon which gives its durability and water resistant feature. It comes with a luggage handle which allows for quick and easy transportation.


  1. Shoe compartment:

It comes with a shoe compartment which helps to house your shoes. The compartment comes with two ventilated air vent which helps to keep your shoes and dirty clothes separate as well as eliminate any odor or other issue.

  1. Shoulder strap:

The bag has a widened and thickened shoulder straps which has a breathable mesh. This helps to eliminate or reduce the pressure on the shoulder of the user.

Thomtery Gym Duffel Bags
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  1. Waterproof:

The material used for building the bag is of high quality and helps to prevent rain water from destroying the property inside. The material also confers the bag with anti-theft features. The bag is also durable.

  1. Multi usage:

It comes with some features which confer it with multi usage capacity, such as the anti-theft lock, the anti-skid of the bottom handle and the back side anti theft pocket. The dual handles allow for a versatile carrying option. The bag can be used in many occasions, such as gym, basketball court, badminton, yoga club etc. The bag can comfortably carry all that you need when you are going out for sports.

  1. Large capacity:

The bag has a large capacity with size; 19.7*9.6 inch/50*24.5. This makes it ideal for business trips, ports, travel and other daily life needs. It features multiple pockets; one main bag, an independent shoe pocket, one front pocket, a compartment bag, and a purse bag. It is spacious enough for basketball, trousers, clothes, laptop cups etc.

  1. 100% customer satisfaction:

The bag comes with a 24 months warranty and friendly customer service. The 24 months warranty last from the date of purchase. It also offer a 30/90 days refund policy.


  1. It is spacious and easy to pack
  2. It is flexible making it easy to squish into small spaces
  3. They are highly fashionable

Benefits of using gym bags

Although they may come with a simple design, there are a lot of advantages to using gym bags.

  1. Used for hiking:

Although the key use of these bags is for going to the gym, they are also very useful, smart and ready for routine outings. They are apt for camping and hiking activities. This is because they are spacious and strong. This way, they are able to carry all the important essentials.

  1. used as a perfect travel bag:

These bags can also be used for short weekend trips with the family. They are not just fit for sporting activities but they are efficient travel bags. They feature different compartments, allowing users to store their belongings such as shoes, underwear and clothes in different compartments.

  1. Can carry large loads:

There is always a tendency for carrying excess luggage when traveling. Gym bags are designed to carry large loads. This is because their design makes it possible for evenly distribution of weight. This way, it is easier to carry around.

  1. Flexible:

Suitcase are known for their rigidity, which can sometimes be a disadvantage. A gym bag on the other hand is flexible, making it easy to fit into small spaces. If you have ever passed through the challenge of wrestling your bag into a tightly packed overhead compartment then you will appreciate the ease of traveling with such flexible piece of luggage.

  1. Quicker to operate:

If you live a fast life, then the gym bag is apt for you. The bag is efficient to support you living a life of full speed. These bags are easy to open and close, and they are also easy to load and unload items quickly without wasting too much time.

  1. Space saver:

Gym bags are not usually as bulky as most other backpacks. This allows them to be able to lay flat and can be tucked into small spaces.

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What to look for when buying a gym bag

Gym bags are designed for transporting important items when going to the gym, yoga class, fitness center or pool. Basically, these bags can be used anywhere a change of clothes is required. Compared to a few years back, gym bags have become extremely popular. They can be used as backpacks to school, an overnight bag or for traveling.

One of the most important factor to consider when buying such bag is the frequency of your intended use. Some other factors include its resistance to wear and tear, designer’s label, material used in its construction, and the color or style of the bag.

Talking about designer, some of the top designers of gym bags include Puma, Nike, Under Armor, Adidas and Victoria’s Secret. so go ahead and buy yourself a gym bag from range of best gym bags for men and best gym bags for women given above after looking at the points given below

  1. Material used for its construction:

There are different types of materials that can be used in the construction of gym bags, but some of the most popular include; leather, canvas, and nylon. The material you are to choose will be dependent on the frequency of the usage of the bag. Before buying it is advised that you thoroughly check the details of the material used in the construction.


Canvas is preferred for their lightweight nature plus their lower cost as compared to leather. They are made from cotton or linen fiber which is tightly woven to improve its durability. These bags are highly resistant to wear and wear. In some cases they are treated with oil, this helps to improve their water resistance capacity.


Nylon even comes at a much lower price as compared to leather and canvas. They come in different fashionable colors and designs. They are usually the best when it comes to design.


Leather is the most expensive material used for the construction of gym bags, more expensive than nylon or canvas. They are usually a symbol of status and accomplishment. Leather gym bags are favorite choices for executives who wish to travel from their offices to a fitness center. Some of these bags come with special waterproof compartment which demarcates wet swimsuits from other clothing. Leather gym bags are typically resistant to scratches and are water repellent.

  1. Style of the bag:

The style of the bag is another important factor that must be put into consideration when buying a gym bag. The style of the bag will be determined majorly by the intended use. How you travel, the type of activities that you will be involved in during your journey, the duration of your engagements etc, will determine which bag fits you. Take for instance, if you love to go to the gym with your yoga mat then it is expected that you choose a bag which comes with  mat holder. Also, if you plan to travel using a motorcycle, then a bag with appropriate strap becomes necessary.

  1. Compartment-Counters:

If you plan to carry your shoes to and fro the gym, then make sure the gym bag comes with separate compartment for shoes. This compartment will be used to keep wet and extra clothes apart. You should also consider pouches for office papers, laptop, mobile, toiletries. The compartment for holding laptop should also be padded and should have extra space outside to hold water bottle or umbrella.

  1. Construction and security:

The entire construction of the gym bag should also be considered. You must have an intense eye to ensure that the bag gas a hardwearing construction, durable brass made zippers, and high-grade rust resistive. Look out for the clasps, fasteners and other hardware types.

  1. Design:

Gym bags come with designs for specific activity, some of which are crossfit, yoga, Pilates etc. Some of the questions that you should ask include; how much can be bag hold? Does the bag need to be waterproof?

  1. Size:

Size is also another factor that matters when it comes to choosing a gym bag. Gym bags range in sizes from small handheld duffels to larger bags that can be used to travel. Mostly, people prefer the medium-sized bag as this is usually sufficient for their items.if you dont want a big bag then go for small gym bags from above choices.

  1. Straps:

You must also decide what kind of straps and handle you are most comfortable with. For most people, the regular two handles at the top of the bag will do just fine. But for others, a single longer strap which sling over one shoulder will do the job. While still for others, a bag with a backpack style with two shoulder straps is best. This is especially when you are carrying several items. its one of the gym bags essentials that you should always look for before buying the bag.

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FAQs on Gym Bags

  1. Can gym bags be machined washed? And how?

Yes, gym bags can be machined washed.

You will need to turn it inside out and remove any straps. If the straps can’t be removed you must tie them in a loose knot or cinch them up. The reason for this is so they would not be tangled in the wash. You can wash it with a couple of towels so as to give some friction. But it is important you use towels of similar color so as to avoid color bleed.

  1. What are the most essential things I must carry in my gym bag?

Below is a list of things that you must include in your gym bag;

  • -Change of clothes
  • -Deodorant
  • -Water bottle/fruit infuser bottle
  • -Gym essentials such as gloves, towel etc.
  1. What are some of the best gym bags of 2020?

Below is a list of five of the best gym bags of 2020.

  • -Everest Wet Pocket Gym Bag
  • -The North Face Base Camp Gym Bag
  • – Mier Backpack Duffel Gym Bag
  • -The North Face Big Shot Gym Bag
  • – Adidas Team Speed
  1. How do I keep my gym bag from smelling and bacteria?

Due to the usage of gym bags it is not unusual for them to smell or be contaminated. Below is list of five rules to keep your bag in good condition

  • -Separate wet clothes from other items by putting them in a protective organizer
  • -You must not let shoes contaminate other items. Shoes must be stored in dedicated compartments.
  • – You must not dump your bag after use and postpone unpacking. Leaving your bag unpacked creates an environment for bacteria to thrive.
  • – Store your personal care products in water-resistant bag. This helps to prevent them spreading bacteria around your bag.
  • -Wash your water bottle regularly. It is a good thing for the environment if you use refillable water bottle by the unintended consequence is that contribute to growth of bacteria if you do not clean it regularly.
  1. For what other purpose can I use my gym bag?

Aside from its primary purpose of taking items to the gym, your gym bag can also be used as a beach bag, gear storage bag and can assist you with moving small important items from one place to another.


When choosing a gym bag there are several parameters that must be considered, some of which include style, weight, size, cost, and durability. Among the above style is more of a personal preference. The way you wish to use your bag will also determine your choice.

Do you plan to go straight to the gym from home or do you plan to take it along with you to work? If you plan to take it to work then you may not want to pick something that appear too sporty. Whatever you choose, ensure you go with a gym bag that caters to your need.

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