best resistance bands reviews 2018
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Best Resistance band are an integral part of any workout routine you follow, whether it’s yoga on top yoga mat, CrossFit, pilates or anything else, these best resistance bands 2018 will make sure that you are able to make your body fit and toned with the right body and mental balance in right time.

Resistance bands are quite affordable bands made up of latex which helps in building body muscles and flexibility .if you have a good quality band with you then it will help you to handle any type of gym equipment easily to make your body look as your desire easily.

These bands are also called as resistance cords which serve the purpose of increasing the body strength by serving as an essential equipment of any workout gear.with a top quality resistance band, you can perform different gym exercises at your home just by adjusting the changing and adjusting the band settings and adding additional tension and strain on your muscles to get toned in right direction.Resistance cords are easy to carry, portable and are recommended to be used by both experts and novice.

Besides their good benefits in workouts and fat loss etc , they play a major role in rejuvenation also which makes them doctors and physicians #1 choice for light exercises also.

So guys if fitness is something that you want besides making your body strengthen, then a good quality fitness band can do wonders for you.

Best resistance bands 2018

1. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

black-mountain-products-resistance-band-set- best resistance bandsblack mountain band sets consist of 7 high-quality resistance bands in it of different colors and sizes to give you most for the amount of money spent.

it comes with single metal clipping on bands for attaching ankle straps etc .besides this the pack also contains a door anchor ,carrying bag ,ankle strap ,starters guide and s exercise chart to follow the best workout  routine

not to forget that all the black mountain products including this resistance band set comes with lifetime warranty to cover any defects and damages while buying or using these bands .

It is one of the most popular exercise bands available in the market and people have rated it 5 stars due to its affordable price , durability and high quality on Amazon.


Pro’s Con’s
  • High quality and durable
  • Lot of accessories
  • variable resistance settings
  • some people find problem in adjustment of tensions and resistance
  • people find it difficult to adjust door anchors also



2. Bodylastics Resistance Bands – MAX XT Sets

bodylastics-resistance-bands-max-xt-setsbodylastics resistance band is one of the best bands in the market when it comes to resistance bands as it gives you variety of bands with different levels of resistance to fit your requirements without any problem.

on this resistance band set, you could get up to 142 lbs of resistance and perform your workout routine with ease.

It comes with total of 6 bands in different colors and variable Resistance level along with 2 heavy sold handles ,door anchor,normal anchor ,ankle straps ,travel storage bag ,Resistance clips for adjusting the band Resistance as per requirement and instruction manual.

this set of high-quality resistance bands is made up of natural latex, iron clips , neoprene, nylons cords, and natural latex.besides that, it comes with patented snap guard inner safety cord which prevents any kind of band damage if stretched beyond its limits.

we have found according to some user reviews that the snap guard is very effective in protecting your body and face in case the need arises .this makes the users of bodylastic band rate it with 5 stars .besides that it comes with 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.


Pro’s con’s
  • patented anti snap safety design
  • high quality
  • long lasting and 100% replacement guarantee
  • they are long
  • some people didn’t liked its attachment ring and wrist attachment system



3. Resistance Loop Bands – Set of 5 Fitness Exercise Bands

resistance-loop-bands-flex-active-sportsThese amazing resistance bands from flex active sports are good for physical therapies and fitness workout .they usually comes in 5 colors and in a set of 10 strong exercise bands with variable Resistance levels according to your need.the color on the band depicts its resistance level where Yellow depicts -Light (2-4 lbs), Red depicts – Medium (4-6 lbs), Green depicts – Heavy (10-12 lbs), Blue depicts- X-Heavy (15-20 lbs), and Black depicts- XX-Heavy (25-30 lbs).

these bands are made up of natural latex for high durability and longevity.besides that it comes with ebook for exercises and workout along with carry bag. these bands can be used for a variety of exercise like yoga,cross fit,Pilates,normal workout etc .they are also effective in treatments of knee replacement , torn ACL, torn MCL, ankle injury etc

they come with lifetime replacement guarantee with no question asked to give you the peace of mind with these workout bands.


Pro’s con’s
  • durable
  • affordable
  • free workout videos and lifetime guarantee
  • some people find it short
  • some people them slippery with yoga pants
  • some people find it tight



Some body workout exercises with top resistance bands

here comes some of the simple and effective exercises to do with your resistance cord to get effective results in maintaining your body strength and making it toned according to your requirement .go ahead take a look at them ,do them and get the desired results .you can also use weighted clothing with these bands to add more Resistance to your workout regime

1. pushups

normal chest workout with resistance band adds more intensity to work out which ultimately helps you to grow your chest muscles further by putting additional pressure on them without doing the regular chest press exercises on weight benches.


All you need to do is get in the normal chest workout position above the ground, wrap the resistance band around the upper part of your body and start with the Resistance pushups to feel the difference right away in few days of resistance workout regime.

2. Lateral band work

For this type of workout with exercise bands, all you need to do is just place the band above your ankles and try to walk side-wards, making a half squat position one step at a time, do this for few times in sets of 3-5 steps each.


3. Tricep kickback

To perform the triceps kickbacks ,you need to place your place you foot in front of you with the resistance band under your show sole .now you need to pull your elbow back with the 1 edge of resistance band in your hand up to 90 degrees .do this many times to gain strength in biceps and good triceps in no time .


4. Biceps curls

To do some nice bicep curls for providing power and strength to your hands, shoulders and biceps you need to stand upright with the resistance band below the center of your shoes and then hold each end of the band in each hand After that keeping your forearms at right angle to your up right body pull the band upward and then release .do this regularly


5. Bend over Row

bend over row can be easily performed with top exercise bands.all you need to do is keep your feets alighted with the width of your shoulders and stand at the center of band ,holding its each side with your hands .now you need to bend little bit bringing your knees forward and trying to keep your back while bending your elbows backwards try to pull the band upwards, thus putting pressure on your back


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I hope you liked our collection of some of the best resistance bands 2018 in the market along with fitness band exercises to make fitness a habit and living a healthy life full of bliss all around forever with these top quality exercise resistance bands.