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Best Rowing machine reviews 2017: DONT buy without reading this!

Best Rowing machine reviews 2017: DONT buy without reading this!
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Best rowing machine reviews 2017 for you to find out and buy best rowing machines for the workout regime to get the toned and fit body with better blood flow and muscle health when following a good workout plan on a top quality rowing machine and elliptical machines in 2017.

Benefits of rowing machines

  • rowing machines are good for the whole body and all those people who buy a rowing machine does use it daily because it gives you full body workout benefits and strengthens almost all body muscles as its a compound exercise involving many body muscles groups like arms,legs ,mid body etc .
  • besides that it also burns lot of calories easily within 1 hour of workout ,thats the one reason why people love to include this machine in their cardio workout sessions .
  • Its my personal advice to place it besides a window to get fresh air while rowing and you will love it ,you could also listen to some music for lovely workout session .

So come on folks without any further delays lets drool over the list of some high quality rowing machines that will help you to get your body in shape with consistent workout and patience .

Best Rowing machines

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5


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Concept2 model D is a good quality indoor rowing machine effective for low intensity full body workout .

It comes with adjustable monitor arm and  gives minimum noise and feels smooth while working out .Its performance monitor gives you accurate row count and other data for analyzing your performance.

its body is quite ergonomically designed and comes with nickel plated chain ,adjustable footrest and handles for smooth workout .its seat height can be adjusted upto 14 inch maximum

its caster wheel make it easily transportable to other locations and it can be easily separated into 2 pieces for storage purposes .

It has maximum capacity of 500 lbs of bearable weight and comes with 5 year frame warranty

Pro’s Con’s
  • durable and good quality
  • lots of 5 star reviews on amazon
  • simple setup with screw driver
  • price could have been lower
  • screen is small
  • seat is uncomfortable for some


2. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor


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It is one of its kind hand crafted rowing machine which comes with water flywheel which is in enclosed water tank to give you real water rowing experience which seems to be smooth and quite on this machine with appropriate level of resistance.

It is equipped with series 4 performance monitor to track all kind of workout activities like stroke rate,heart rate etc get an overview of the workout.

its made from honey oak and solid ash which absorbs all kind of unnecessary noises and sounds ,thus giving you quite workout on this water rowing machine.

it weighs about 117 lbs and measures 84 x 21 x 22 inches (W x H x D)

Pro’s Con’s
  • durable and good quality
  • quite in working
  • lot of 5 star reviews on amazon from people who bought it
  • some people find it expensive
  • warranty should be longer
  • footrest could have been bigger


3. Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 


Click the Image for lowest price of this rower

it comes with performance monitor 5 to give accurate workout data which includes metrics like speed ,number of rows etc .

it also features adjustable monitor arm along with 20 inch adjustable seat height and footrest .

its flywheel is smooth and works like charm to give you good workout session every time you choose to go on rowing this machine .

its very effective for full boy workout and easily separates into 2 parts for storage . its caster wheel makes it movable

it comes with 5 year frame warranty and 2 years over all warranty and is capable of bearing 500 lbs of weight
this machine requires 9 x 4 foot print feet for comfortable workout and foot rest .

Pro’s Con’s
  • good buy for all
  • lot of people love it
  • comes with lot of good features
  • some people find it expensive
  • sometimes it creates little noise


4. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower


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Its a durable and good quality rowing machine which comes with 12 workout routines and 6 cardio profiles along with 1 manual ,4 custom as per user requirement and 1 heart rate program .

Fitness monitors keeps tracks of various workout metrics like time,speed ,calories burnt ,distance covered watt etc

Its fitness monitor is is touch based so you can use touch-based gestures to adjust the workout time ,work Resistance and many more things via this touch panel .

It features a  nice and high quality aluminum rowing beam .people who buy it loves this and you will also love rowing on this amazing rowing machine .

Pro’s Con’s
  • very sturdy and durable
  • buck for bang price after discount
  • long lasting and touch screen
  • locking knob may be of some problem sometimes
  • customer service should improve
  • warranty could have been longer


Types of rowing machines

Mainly their are 4 types of rowing machines available in market differentiated on the type and intensity of resistance that they provide .below we will discuss about all 4 types and let you know the major features of all these rowing machines of various types

  • Air Resistance

This is one of the best technologies present in market right now on rowing machines for you to buy .it works very good ,as you pull the handle on the machine the spinning wheel attached to it builds resistance in the form of wind where the intensity to pull is directly proportional to intensity of resistance deployed by it . its good for novice and mid level workout people .

  • Water Resistance

water rowing machines are high quality rowing machines which are capable of producing much high level resistance similar to what a person would experience while rowing in the real water .

its for all those people who are serious for their workout and body fitness including athletes .

  • Magnetic Resistance

They are light weight and simple to use rowing machines that comes in affordable price range. they use electromagnetic effect for building resistance for workout and are good for novice for light workout session of 10-20 minutes daily as they don’t provide high intensity for good workout .

  • piston Resistance

piston machines are much more common in starters who are getting starting with rowing machines and does not bear enough budget to buy a high end machine .in this you will have to workout against piston as it will generate friction and resistance as you pull it .

Some common mistakes to avoid while using rowing machines

If you dont wont to ruin the workout session due to body pain which may occur because of wrong setting and some common mistakes which you may do while working on a rowing machines ,its good to read out the manual ,some tips given below or take help of a trainer for effective workout on a rowing machine to build some serious muscles in ling run .

1. check out for damper settings

while getting started keep the intensity low and dial up at 3-5 during the warm up session ,once you are comfortable with the position and body posture then you can ramp up the resistance level for intense workout as per your preferences .

2. make use of lower and upper body

While using rowing machine make sure that you are applying effort form your lower as well as upper body equally of in 60:40 ratio respectively for making it a complete body workout and building the endurance in body with ripped muscles with these rowing workout session .

3. make sure that you rowing with proper guidance

To row in a correct ,its advised to seek help form a trainer ,watch youtube videos to row the machine correctly for taking its full benefits .

All you need to do is push it with your legs and pull with your arms ,seating in a right posture and comfortably on it .

4. make use of full momentum for complete rows in one cycle 

Make sure that you choose the right resistance level while doing the workout and do it with full momentum ,as choosing the high resistance level than you are capable of will lead to body pain and muscle rupture ,which could cause harm rather than doing any good to your muscle and they will not be able to grow .

thats why its advised to do it with all safety and upto the level that your body can bear ,dont go hard straight away ,increase the Resistance gradually for long run muscle growth and over all health benefits .

so make sure that you avoid these 4 mistakes given above and row correctly to built up muscles and stamina like never before with the best rowing machine in your workout arena leading your path of success to make a  muscle rich and fit body to acme 

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so folks rowing is a exercise to get body fit and when you have a good rowing machine and you follow all the necessary steps to avoid any harm to your body and make use for rowing machine accordingly daily for better body fitness ,then you will see that you body is becoming more active and can also visit to get some insights about workout exercises which you should perform daily to keep your body active .

so go ahead and buy one top class and best 2017 rowing machine with discount on lowest price from above choices and make your body fit and healthy .

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