fitness tips to follow in your office space

fitness tips to follow in your office space

Keeping yourself fit is a heavy task these days as almost 40+ hours per week are working hours. One also needs to spend time with family, friends and some their time along with regular office chores. Due to all these, it is being tough to stay fit and hit the gym or exercise regularly. As some find it difficult to manage time for exercise, there are certain groups of people already found enough time to exercise even though they are working.

fitness tips to follow in your office space

All one need is willpower and you can achieve anything if you are willing to do. It is not hard or tough to maintain regular exercising habits even though you are working as many individuals are practicing and you could too. Taking small gaps during work or including some stretches in the work makes much sense. As it does not disturb your work and does not distract you from the main work.

Here are the fitness tips to follow in your office space and make yourself worth more by improving efficiency.

1. Start with your commute

A perfect start is the one thing, which helps you to stay motivated throughout the task. If you drive to the work, park your vehicle at the end of the lot and walk towards your place. Use the stairs instead of the elevator to reach your place. If you go by public transport, get down at a stop earlier to your stop and walk to reach your workplace.

2. Use a standing or adjustable desk

A standing desk is a great way to keep out of your seat always. It helps in reducing the negative effects of sitting for long hours. They are easy to adjust and effective in gaining what you are can also buy a portable mini desk elliptical to keep up with your fitness even while working as it comes under your desk and you can work on it while doing your work also.

Alternatively, you can also stand and attend calls if you are not given the access to the standing desk. You can also perform small and easy exercises like squats and calf raises to activate your muscles and increase the intensity. Thus helping in achieving the productivity you would like to gain.

3. Drink lots of water

Keeping your body hydration is the one thing you could give to your body, which in turn helps you in a great deal. Water flushes out the impurities and keeps your skin and body healthy and stay hydrated in the workplace you can take fruit infuser water bottle daily with you from home.

It not only keeps you healthy to concentrate more but also pushes you to get up frequently, thus helping take breaks frequently. The more you stand from the workplace, the more it helps in letting you do more activities that are physical.

4. Take breaks of fitness

They are so simple to follow. Just you need some 5 to 10 minute time, you will enjoy it to the great potent. You can perform them at your benefits. Try 2 – 3 times a day for effective results. Perform any of those, which are comfortable for you and try all those if possible as each muscle get equal benefits when you try every other stretch.

Here is a list of stretches to follow in detail. Keep an eye on them.

Neck and ankle stretch: Slowly tilt your head on to each side of the shoulder. Repeat 10 times on each side

Shoulder stretches: Roll both the shoulders in clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat 10 times for each motion.

Wrist stretches: Stretch arm out keeping the palm down. With the other hand pull fingers up for 3 seconds and down for 3 seconds. Repeat for both the hands.

Calf and ankle stretch: Draw circles with your toes in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions with each leg repeating thrice.

Stand on a single leg. With the other leg, point your ankle towards up and down. Repeat for 10 times with both the legs.

Leg swings: Lift one leg to the back and slowly lower it. Bend the knee and swing back and forth for 30 seconds. Repeat it with two legs.

Calf raises and glute kicks: Raise your heels from the floor and slowly lower them. Repeat 10 times. Can simultaneously do with both the legs.

Stand on one leg straight. Touch your buttocks with the other leg’s heel. Repeat 10 times.

Side stretch: Stretch towards one of your sides and grab anything for support. Hold on for 10 seconds. Repeat another side.

Torso stretch: Twist from side to side focusing on the torso or core. Hold on for 10 seconds on each side.

if your office has gym facilities then go there to workout on rowers, stair steppers, workout bikes, ab benches, inversion table for back pain relief and other fitness gear to stay healthy even while working.

5. Support your wrist

When you type or use the mouse for a long time the wrist muscles are affected and eventually become weaker. When you neglect the wrist area, it may lead to severe conditions like arthritis and joint related issues.

You can rely on wrist supporting accessories like gloves,wrist weights or sleeves or standalone cushions. They can be placed at your comfort level on the desk and are good in supporting proper typing mechanics.

6. Ball chair can help you

Exercising ball chair can help you maintain a posture and increases your overall strength. As you have to constantly, maintain balance on the ball chair keeping the core and leg muscles activated throughout the day. Thus, helps the blood circulation throughout the body the whole day long.

7. Be attentive on maintaining the posture

Slouching all day is worse than sitting all day during the work. Maintaining and sitting on the right posture not only improves your health but also improves your productivity. Sitting straight gives you a feeling of accomplishment. While slumping or slouching makes you tired and lazy faster. On the top, it leads to severe back pain, which haunts you for no reasons later. Try ergonomic desk chairs if you feel it difficult to maintain the correct posture for long hours or buy a quality posture corrector for yourself

8. Adjust to natural light

During the day, getting the natural light is ideal, so stay close to the window to get natural daylight. In fact, people working under daylight when possible get good night sleep when compared to people working under artificial lights. Exposing to enough daylight reduces stress and keeps the circadian rhythm in check.

If windows are not an option, then consider desk lamps as an option rather than one overhead light, as it helps in reducing eye strain. Cooler, bluish lights are effective for analytical thinking whereas as warmer bulbs are good for interacting or socializing. Use the perfect lighting for your needs and stay productive at work.

9. Stop eating at the desk

To get a true break from your work, stay away from your desk and keep a separate place to eat preferably with others. Have a dedicated area only to dine at and get away from your own work environment. It not only keeps crumbs away from the keyboard but also helps in resetting your brain for afternoon productivity.

Also, it helps in reducing overeating while you work or surf the internet. If you are distracted while eating, you are much likely to overeat. Ending up with loading unwanted calories, which lead to overweight. After all, we are not great at multitasking.

10. Keep healthy snack at the desk

It is easy to get attracted to junk food when you are feeling hungry. Save yourself from the temptation towards unhealthy eating habits by maintaining healthy snack box at your desk. Try dry fruits, nuts or fresh fruits if you have access to a refrigerator.

Always rely on protein-rich snacks with fewer sugars and healthy carbs like an apple with almond butter, celery, and peanut butter and carrot sticks and hummus. Rather than just preferring a single fruit, mix it with nuts making it protein-rich and healthy fat along with sugars.

11. Take breaks and move

Remind yourself to take enough breaks if you are engaged in the work so deeply. Set alarm for regular intervals and just take a walk around or go up and down the stairs. You do not need to take long breaks for this. Just 5 – 10 minute break for 2 – 3 times a day will do good in an unexpected way.

You can take your friend along to get refreshed with a meaningful chat in between. It helps you to refresh well and gets you back to work with a fresh mind. Taking breaks at times for a long day would help in improving the analytical ability skills along with problem-solving skills. Thus, you can be more productive at work and can achieve good marks at your superior.

12. Change waiting time to moving time

Waiting for a photocopy at the photocopier or waiting at the meeting room to get it to vacate as your booking time approaches or at a coffee vending machine or wherever. Try doing some calf raises or squats or simple stretches that do not embarrass you in front of your co-workers. If you have started group exercising then it is good and fine, that your colleagues would not mind seeing you take stretches during breaks.

13. Take a walk instead of mailing

Take a minute to walk to the person instead of emailing or calling the person and pretend these are olden days and you are provided with these many facilities. You need to catch every single opportunity to stay fit for yourself if you work sitting for the whole day. By the way, communicating through face to face can help you in a great way, as the person may feel more responsible and prioritize your work. This also brings an extra time for socializing and knowing the person much better.

14. Prefer standing or walking meetings

Yes, it is a good way to stay fit even when you work. Whenever possible try standing or walking meetings as it increases the efficiency and the meetings do not get bored. For one to one meetings or small meetings try walking to the lane. The change in the pace and scenery can help reduce stress and increases productivity and refreshes your mind. This way only the needy will be discussed and you can recall well all the necessary points to be noted.

As you can see there are many health benefits along with the performance benefits, one can try any or some of these fitness tips to stay fit while working. As you get equal benefits, we recommend you to follow them regularly to be efficient and productive at work keeping yourself fit and young.

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