how to gain muscle fast

Discover How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast

You train, train and train, but the expected result does not come? Patience, developing a muscular body is a lengthy process and it does not happen overnight. And, for some people, it is even slower because this occurs depends upon the individual’s metabolism. While some are easier to burn fat and produce lean mass, others take longer.
gain muscle fast

But it is indeed possible to gain muscle mass fast, whatever the disposition of body. You can speed hypertrophy – increase in volume of muscles through weight training – with a few simple changes in your routine. Follow reading and discover what you need to do to enter the fitness universe and have the body you always dreamed of in less time.

how to gain muscle fast

Three pillars of hypertrophy

To understand how you can gain muscle mass fast, it is essential to understand which the basics of hypertrophy are, or what happens to the body after the training and the increase in the muscles. It can be said that this process is due to a “tripod”, consisting of three legs: training, proper nutrition and rest. Understand each of them below:


You already know that to develop a more muscular body, you need to demand more of training. When you pull the weights like dumbbells , best adjustable kettlebells in the gym, it is causing micro-injuries in muscle fibers. That is why, on the day after training, you get sore muscles.

What happens next is very simple: micro-injuries stimulate the body to produce stronger muscles to replace those that were damaged. The interpretation is that there is new condition to be adapted, which is a routine that requires more muscle. That’s why; the load of exercise is increased gradually to follow the evolution of the muscles, since the same weight as before will not be enough to break the current fibers, more robust.

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Proper nutrition

Contrary to what many think, to create muscles, the process does not stop there. After all, it is not the air that the body will take the necessary materials from to rebuild the broken muscle fibers, but proper nutrition. So to have good results and gain muscle mass fast, it is essential to maintain a special diet, directed to hypertrophy.

The menu of who does weight training is not the same who aims only to lose weight. After all, to make up for an intense workout, there is a greater demand for certain nutrients, especially protein. Ideally, you should consult a nutritionist to guide a balanced diet, especially created to gain muscle mass fast, and respecting the particularities of your metabolism.


Many people end up training at a frequency higher than the recommended, thinking that this will help you gain muscle mass fast. This is a big mistake, because, in fact, muscle growth occurs during rest, not when the exercises are performed.

So sleep about eight hours a day is important, as a break. Thus, you will be giving time for the body to develop the muscles from the special diet.

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Importance of supplements to gain muscle mass fast

You can speed the process and gain muscle mass fast, and the best way to achieve this goal is by taking natural supplements. In the first two weeks, you will start to notice the development of your body.

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Discipline is essential

With or without natural supplements, you can not gain muscle mass fast without much effort. This is true for training in the gym with right fitness gear including steppers,bikes rowers etc and to follow the diet and sleep hours that your body requires. But if you follow the three hypertrophy tripod bases and, moreover, consume natural supplement, you will see the results appear much earlier than you thought.

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