best body fat scales 2017- analyse reviews ,pros & cons

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As the advancements in technology has occurred body fat scales have also evolved a lot and become more accurate than previous generation traditional bathroom scales or tape measures in 2017 .these best body fat scales help us to find out the our weight readings and give us an indication of our future health .

Their are many types of scales such as Wifi scales which communicates with home network etc .If you have a good weight scale then you will get accurate weight and will get motivated to stay fit by loosing or gaining weight after weight analysis on these top fat scales .

As we all know that healthy person with appropriate body weight looks good and don’t face any healthy issues for long time dues to obesity but obese person doesn’t looks good and encounters some health problems .

It is very easy to analyse you weight on these best fat scales at home and keep a check on your weight .so here we have come up with some of the best body weight scale and weight analyzers to give us accurate weight readings and body fat percentage so we can look good and stay healthy for long time .

best body fat scales

1. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale w-400 lb. Capacity & Auto Recognition Technology-top fat scalesThis is a nice digital fat scale which can measure body fat ,total body water ,muscle mass ,bone mass effectively .it comes with touch screen interface and automatically recognizes upto 8 users as soon as you step on it with its advanced user identification technology .it is very user friendly body fat analyzer and you will like it .

if you want a cheaper option from this company then you can also take a look at EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Lighted Display which is also a good body scale



  • easy to use
  • multiple functions to use


  • It does not give options to track over time progress
  • It scans and display the readings to very fast


2. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale-best body fat scalesIts a elegant and nice looking smart scale which works flawlessly to measure the body weight,body fat percentage and body mass index .it can keep track of upto 8 people and let them know their fat status individually .

you can setup the wireless sync function easily to get results and stats on your smartphone and to earn various badges which you could share with your family to make them know that you are fit and healthy .



  • multiple user accounts
  • wireless sync with home network


  • some times the result are not accurate
  • 802.11B network protocol is only supported by fitbit Aria


3. Tanita BC554 Ironman Glass InnerScan Body Composition Monitor

Its a nice and accurate body composition analyzer which can measure your weight,body fat ,BMR,Metabolic age ,body water percentage,and much more to give you complete body analysis . its unique muscle mass index check the muscle mass of the whole body and then report it to you .it can keep track of upto 4 people with you age ,gender,weight etc as soon as you step on the scale to give you the desired result of all the metrics within seconds on it LCD screen.

Tanita-BC554-Ironman-InnerScan-Composition-fat scale


  • easy to use
  • gives you physique rating
  • lots of features


  • some times reading fluctuate
  • not too cheap


4. Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale

Its a high tech digital body scale which allow you to sync your results and readings to your smartphone easily .it works good and comes with 5 year warranty to keep it working for 5 long years and give you good health forever .its design is also appealing and looks a good in any bathroom and other rooms as a replacement for bathroom scales .it will work flawlessly to give you the accurate results every time

WEIGHT-GURUS-body-scale-digital body fat scale


  • loved by many and rated 5 stars
  • easy to use


  • smartphone camera is used to read barcode to analyse information on smartphone


5. Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale with Tempered Glass Platform

its a nice smart weigh body fat scale to know the accurate body information like body fat,body water,bone mass etc for good health .its design is also good and body is made up of high quality tempered glass for longevity  .

with this you can keep track of upto 8 users for complete analyses on daily or weekly basis about your body information using its BIA technology .over all its a good choice as fat scale ,and not to forget its rated 5 star by lots of users for its simple yet effective features and design.

Smart-Weigh-Precision-Tempered-Recognition-fat scale


  • economical
  • easy to use and trusted by hundreds of people


  • some times shows variable results of various index


How to get rid of obesity

to get rid of the access body fat which is about 20 % in men and 30 % in women respectively approx you should exercise daily and keep a check on your eating habits

some of the practices that can help you get rid of obesity are as follows

  • you should wear weighted clothing like weighted vest,weighted sleeves etc as it gives resistance and endurance to body while workout and reduces the weight in long run making you more fit and healthy
  • drink lots of water daily as it keeps your body hydrated and avoids the urge of drinking high calories aerated drinks with lots of sugar which adds to your body fat
  • eat lots of veggies,fruits,grains and healthy food to keep your body fit and away from fast food which adds to your body weight ,you can also try fat burning drinks to lose weight .
  • When you eat out at restaurants keep a check on menu i.e avoid food with lots of oil and go for other healthy choices of food which is baked,boiled etc

How losing your body fat will change your life drastically

When you start losing your weight to become fit ,you start to gain more self confident and also looks good .you become a totally different person when you glaze yourself in mirror ,you will notice the difference and feel good about your hard work to become more fit and members and friends will also compliment you for your fit body which will make you feel happy .

some friends will not like that you are losing weight because then you will restrict yourself from eating fast food with them as you use too earlier.but you can eat with them outdoors once in a while but don’t fall in the habit of eating out as it will make a bad effect on your body and you will again become obese ,it recommended that you follow healthy eating plan and weight lose diet for weight lose without any side effects.

but don’t forget that their will people like some of your family friends and peer mates who would take in consideration your hard work in getting your body in shape and losing weight and they will definitely give you good compliments which will further motivate you to work smart and stay fit for life .

by losing weight your body will become more active and you will not be lazy any more .you will be able to take part in activities like running which requires more stamina as it will be built slowly. ans also you will be able to sit comfortably on air plane seat,amusement park rides,stadium seats etc easily without any problem or discomfort

Their will be situations when you cant keep control of your food and cant continue with your daily fitness regime to stay healthy and slim like party,holidays etc ,but once its over its advised to now lose track and get back to your daily fitness regime forever to stay a healthy life without any problems as it will help you to leave calm and happy life in your old age also free of any diseases .

These best body fat scales ,body analyzers etc will help you to keep track of your body fat and weight to keep it according to your body requirement and stay healthy all the time in 2017 and beyond.

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