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Best upright vacuum cleaners 2022

Your search for a high-quality and Best upright vacuum cleaner in 2022 can be hectic especially when you are buying it for the first time and on a low budget. Even at that, there are tons of vacuum cleaners in the market, and such a situation can affect your buying decision if you are not cautious enough. One thing you should note is that no matter your needs, there is a vacuum cleaner for you.

Even if you have a small flat or large home, it will never clean itself you need the best vacuum cleaner to ensure deep cleaning is done regularly.

Most vacuum useless prefer the cordless type than the cord type for convenience and for cleaning tight spots. However, it is pertinent to note that a lot of things comes to play before you finally decide to buy a specific vacuum cleaner.

Here come some of the best Upright vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022 with the discount from below links, to read the detailed reviews for upright vacuum cleaners before buying scroll down

Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes and styles and colors. But they all serve just one purpose, which is to ensure you perform deep cleaning in your home for hygenic and healthy living atmosphere always that is free from germs and unwanted elements in surroundings.

After using a vacuum cleaner, you will notice the difference between the result you will get and the one you usually get from your regular manual cleaning processes. Its significance can only be recognized by those who have achieved an excellently cleaned environment with the help of this tool.

A vacuum cleaner performs many special functions, and as such, it is an excellent addition to every home in general. As a homeowner, the best investment in your home could be a premium vacuum cleaner. From its invention till date, no one has ever questioned the significance of vacuum cleaner.

Hence, anyone that decides to purchase one is believed to be doing so in his interest. Every household needs a vacuum cleaner due to its diverse functions ease of use. It has the power to speed up cleaning tasks in the home or wherever it is used.

Despite its relative importance and ease of use, you can not completely rely on any model of vacuum cleaner you find on the market. A local search of vacuum cleaner within your area will reveal hundreds of models. In such a situation, how can a buy make the right decision. Especially those buying the machine for the first time.

Most people end up buying the type that clean but not to that extent that gives them a good value for their money. There are a lot of vacuum cleaners from top brands whose prices are rocking in thousands of dollars. But the following products will do a nice job and will not make you redraft your budget as they only cost a few hundred dollars.

 Best upright vacuum cleaners 2022


The Kenmore Floor Care Elite Pet-Friendly Upright vacuum cleaner is a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner that offers real value to families. One unique thing about the Kenmore model is its ease of assembly and usage which is a common feature that is absent in many other top brands on the market. It is considered as a 3 in 1 because it combines the power of three motors and provides the user an additional 20% more air power when compared to a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. It still maintains a powerful suction no matter where it is used.

Kenmore Floor Care Elite Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum
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Besides, it can also see dirt that are too small for your naked eyes. During use, its infrared dirt sensor activates a LED. And it automatically informs you on where you should focus more on during cleaning. And it turns off as soon as the floor is cleaned.

Kenmore is known for producing a high-quality vacuum, cleaners that even allergy sufferers and pet owners can use safely and comfortably. This is a good product to buy, and its price range is $199 for the those meant for carpet and bare floors while the same is still sold for $299.99. the difference is that the former has a belt while the latter is beltless.


  • Suitable for those suffering from allergies.
  • A powerful vacuum cleaner that combines the power of three.
  • A combination dusting and crevice tool for baseboards and tight corners.
  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Ease of usage.


  • The exhaust from the vacuum blows out strong at 90-degree angles.
  • It may blow dirt and other substances to areas yet to be cleaned.


For one thing, the Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most durable models on the market. The vacuum cleaner is a commercial grade vacuum that offers all the power and performance you expect from an Oreck. It occupies less storage space and suitable for cleaning low pile carpets. It hs a comfortable hand grip for convenience.

You don’t need to alter the manual settings anytime you want to clean harder surfaces or move between carpets. Whether you want to perform commercial cleaning or surface cleaning, this vacuum cleaner can stand the test of time regarding durability, ease of use and great value for your money. It is highly portable as you can push and take it anywhere you go. Little wonder why most travelers consider it as an indispensable option. Its components were sourced from the U.S markets, and it was built and assembled in the U.S as well.

Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, XL2100RHS
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Oreck has an extensive helping hand handle that makes vacuuming easy and comfortable. With it, you can avoid squeezing and bending your hand unnecessarily. It is one of those brands that has received the prestigious ‘Ease of Use’ commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Unique lightweight feature
  • Its low profile design ensures you clean tights spots and under furniture thoroughly.
  • It protects your wall, furniture, and baseboards from damage.


  • It lacks the perfect size and shape.


Hoover is a brand known for its production high quality vacuum cleaners. It is widely known as a trusted name in the world of vacuum cleaners. Hoover has a range of various budget friendly floor care appliances and a prominent one is the Hoover WindTunnel Rewind UH70120. It is time to take your cleaning to the next level with this powerful vacuum cleaner.

The Hoover WindTunnel Rewind UH70120 is a full-size Upright Bagless vacuum designed for the homeowners. It is a feature-rich product, moderately priced as it goes for about $100 which is considered fair enough for the average vacuum user. Removing dirt from your carpet can be a real challenge without a powerful vacuum cleaner designed specifically for that purpose.  The Hoover UH70120 was designed to meet that challenge with all the features and tools to make your life with easy.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70120
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The overall quality and built of this vacuum cleaner is good for the price range and budget friendly as well. One important feature of this cleaner is its WindTunnel technology that enables consistent suction. This empowers it to lift and remove all kinds of surface debris and deep down embedded debris.


  • It has an extension wand, a crevice tool, dusting brush and a powered hand tool for super cleaning.
  • It no-scuff bumber acts as the protection to your furniture as you clean.
  • Light weight and easy to take anywhere.
  • Suitable more on carpets.


  • It may blow dirt around
  • Not suitable for flat surfaces.


Though waking up every morning to a house cleaned up magically without having to do anything is a dream, and undoubtedly a very good one, there are various products made to do this chore into a simple and straightforward task to overcome. The new SHARK Navigator NV356E Vacuum cleaner is one of the Best and example of such a unit which can assist you with a large range of cleaning activities seamlessly

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
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Shark provides you with just what you need to have your home properly cleaned up without having to stress yourself too much. For several years it has been the choice of so many customers.


  • Awesome suction that does not open once it’s dirt cups gets filled
  • Top-notch and intuitive at removing debris and dirt from both bare floors and carpets.
  • Tolerable and low noise level
  • Comes with HEPA filter to capture all unwanted allergens from your room easily.


  • Unavailability of light, so cleaning isolated and dark places can be a problem.
  • When used alongside hose attachments, it’s unit becomes harder and heavier to hold for a long period.


The NEU Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight NEU182A is one of Eureka’s effort to give you a premium vacuum cleaner at the lowest possible price for the customers or users. This model comes with complete conveniences and features that you will require in any existing upright model: XL dustbin size, ultra-lightweight, brush roll height that is adjustable, active suction, a lot of maximal and tools reaching capability. The best thing is that this model has a good price which is smaller than the most popular and affordable unit (Bissell 9595A).

Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Eureka NEU182A lightweight vacuum is a brand new model, which comes with all the benefits of a good full-size vacuum cleaner at a low price.


  • (10 lbs.), a wide dustbin capacity up to about 4 Liters,
  • Best for all floor kinds with the brush height being adjustable.
  • Bright and remarkable LED lights on the brush roll.
  • Anti-allergen filters for capturing the pollen, dust, and pet hairs.


  • Breaks down when too much pressure is applied.
  • Is a substitute to most other vacuum cleaners.


Your search for a vacuum cleaner that can run across your new carpets ends here. With this Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum cleaner from Soniclean.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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You don’t need a vacuum cleaner that will make your carpet worn out quickly. Vacuum cleaners should serve as protection of property and not otherwise. This model of vacuum cleaner from Soniclean is your perfect choice.

It exerts a soft pressure on our carpet. Cleans it amazingly well. Its digitally controlled multi-speed motor can vacuum hard floors and carpets no matter how dirty it has become.


  • Extremely lightweight design and easy to move around.
  • Efficient suction
  • Improves carpet cleaning performance.


  • The parts seem fragile and may break if not handled well.


Dirt Devil Razor Pet Steerable Bagless Upright Vacuum UD70355B
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This Razor UD70355B Upright vacuum from Dirt Devil is a powerful tool that cleans carpets and hard floors excellently well. It is designed to effectively remove pet hair on hard floors and other surfaces in your home. Its lightweight design makes it easy to be maneuvered around hard to clean areas and corners in your home.

With its sturdy, no loss of suction technology, the vacuum is guaranteed to give you value for your money. How do you want your dirt to be removed? This powerful Steerable Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner will certainly do an excellent job.


  • A properly fabricated suction to effectively remove pet hair and other litters thoroughly from the floor.
  • Features an advanced three-stage filtration system.
  • Perfect build and design.


  • Noisy suction that may irritate any user.
  • Low capacity for storing wastes.


According to customer reviews, This Vonhaus 2 in 1 stick and handheld vacuum cleaner is the most recommended vacuum cleaner designed specifically for hard floors. It has a HEPA and SPONGE filtration system which effectively lock in small particles that are too tiny to be seen with the eyes. And most top rated vacuum cleaner will release these particles into the atmosphere of your home. It is ideal for stairs, rugs, carpets, hard floors and under furniture.

VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld Vacuum Bagless with HEPA Filtration
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It comes with a crevice tool, a brush, hose adaptor and a shoulder strap for easy maneuverability. Little wonder why it is considered as the best option for hard surfaces and little pet hair removal.

It 1.3-liter dust capacity ensure it accumulates enough dirt that can be emptied in the bin when you are done. VonHaus has indeed produced an excellent cleaning tool for the modern home.


  • Small size and great quality.
  • Specifically designed for hard floors.


  • Its size may be too small to enable easy maneuverability.


This 9595A Upright lightweight vacuum from Bissell has the OnePass Technology with strong suction and an innovative brush style. Bottom Easy and Empty dirt tank and a foam that has a washable filter thus making maintenance simple. The premium attachments give a faster and better cleaning so you could get along with your day.

This handheld, powerful, motorized brush tool gives a short work of debris and dirt on stairs, furniture, upholstery, in your vehicle, and more

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass
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Capture debris as well as dirt low and high using the wand for an extension. This tool can be used on its own or with any attached tool such as the Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, or TurboBrush. Very good for ceiling fans, cleaning ceilings, and baseboards without have your back strained.

Bissell is a brand trusted by potential customers for delivering the best vacuum products for every home use and beyond. There provide different versions and levels of vacuum products. The CleanView bagless vacuum with one pass is just one of those products


  • Good cord length.
  • Good vacuum for the price.
  • Looks very cheap but cleans just like a Dyson.


  • Hardly stays active after one year of moderate use
  • Frustration beater bar extension.


Are you on the watch for a bagless vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver and control? This vacuum cleaner from Black and Decker is great at it. It is super comfy and performs greatly on any pet’s hair. The suction is good too. What more, it is budget friendly and gives you great value for your money.

Black & Decker AIRSWIVEL, Lite Ultra Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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It is highly portable as it weighs just 8.8lbs which guarantees you easy handling and storage. This is a far low-cost maintenance vacuum cleaner and a great choice for anyone on a tight budget all year round. A large dust cup of about 2 liters is one of its distinguishing features.

This series of upright cleaner from Black and Decker requires just one motor, unlike the conventional vacuum cleaners that need to motors to maneuver very well.


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic built
  • Only needs one motor
  • Budget-friendly price


  • It may stop working when you least expect
  • Often need repairs more than other specific vacuum cleaners in the market.


Dirt, dust and other unpleasant elements always seem to find their way into our homes no matter how careful we are. It is hard to get rid of dust as it is in its nature to come back. Things also get worse when you have pets in the home. The hair from pets is another issue since it gets to everywhere like sofa corners, carpets, clothes, and many other areas of your house.

A good vacuum cleaner helps in keeping your office, car or home clean and tidy by removing harmful debris and dust. Buying a good vacuum cleaner isn’t that much of an issue, but a poor choice can cost you dearly. If your old vacuum cleaner has broken down and you want to get it replaced, one look online is all that is required to realize that buying a new vacuum cleaner might be more tasking than you thought. It is possible to buy a machine today and end up regretting tomorrow.

Before buying a new vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider your flooring. Generally speaking, for houses with plenty of carpets, mostly in a large area, an upright vacuum cleaner will be a good pick. Moreover, if you prefer the canister style vacuums, then there are a few good choices available. You will need to ensure that it has a height adjustment options with a floor nozzle and wheels.

If you love tile flooring or hardwood with few rugs in some places, or you prefer carpets, a canister style vacuum will be an excellent choice. Some are equipped with a combination of floor tools which easily switch to clean scatter rugs properly. For true vacuum lovers, there are many machines which feature high-quality motorized floor nozzles which can properly take care of your deep-pile carpets.

Before buying that vacuum cleaner, here are some major things to consider:


Sometimes, you may not have considered how frequently you use the vacuum, but this is a critical aspect to take into consideration when buying a new vacuum. For people who shed their shoes as soon as they hit the door, walking on floors which quickly accumulate pet crumb, fur, and dirt or sand that were tracked in, daily vacuuming is a regular activity.

On this note, a vacuum which is simple to access and quickly used can make this routine much easier. Consider a robotic vacuum that can carry out your cleaning tasks while you are running errands or at work allowing you to return to grit-free floors. If your dirt appears to be concentrating in specific areas, a stick vacuum will be best for quickly taking care of all the daily messes whether on carpets or hard floors, as well as handling more extensive weekly vacuuming.


In other words, do you have stairs in your home? Will you be carrying your vacuum up and down? There are many light-weight, maneuverable, and cordless vacuum which have unique long run time and suction power that can handle homes or buildings of multiple floor types.

Also, there are lightweight vacuums in both canister and upright styles which help you to transport them from one floor to another easy. Extra thought is the floor type on each level. While it sounds insane, sometimes, having more than one vacuum cleaner is a great idea.

If you have a floor which benefits from a vacuum that can handle different floor types, your upper floor may only need a machine best for hard floors or carpets or vice versa. In any case, consider buying a smaller stick vacuum for the space that best suits it, and saves yourself from going up and down the stairs with your larger vacuum.


If you love vacuuming away all the accumulated dust from curtains, furniture, baseboards, and moldings rather than dusting them off, you will want a vacuum machine that includes a range of accessory tools. Most comprise at least a combination of crevice tool and a brush, while others have an upholstery tool, additional floor nozzles, and special accessories for special types of cleaning.

If you have lots of stairs, or you own pets, consider a vacuum which has a mini-motorized tool for easy use. Most machines even offer a wider variety of extension wands and specialized tools which you can buy separately whenever you need for them.


We all know how vacuum works, well if you haven’t used one yet, there is always an amount of familiar sound that is being generated during use. Generally, the bigger and heavier the machine is, the louder the noise. For office spaces, and for homes where a quiet sound level is required, there are some special vacuums which have been made with insulated motor housings and others will newer low-noise motors for more quiet operation.

Some have the capacity of running as lows as 47 dB at its maximum power yet still delivering 120 CFM. Vacuum producers such as Seco, NaceCare, and Miele have recently remodeled some of their vacuum machines for quieter operation. Always try to check specifications for your selection before making a purchase.


Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is of great importance that you fully understand how it is maintained. This is based on how you define “a lot,” and how easy or difficult maintenance is for you. Vacuums without bags don’t have bags that need to be replaced, but dustbins still need to get washed and emptied from time to time, especially if you have allergy sufferers in your home.

Any vacuum that has a HEPA filter built-in will be needing a filter replacement from time to time based on own home surroundings. The same applies to other types of filters unless it is a washable filter. Brush rolls will collect pet hair, threads, fur, and other dirt and will need to be cleaned afterward to maintain its operating capabilities.

For quality vacuums which last for many years, sometimes accessory tools such as the dusting brushes could get worn out and need to be replaced.


There are many benefits which come with vacuum cleaners, as it has become an important machine for cleaning dust and dirt in most offices and home.

They are amongst the handiest home appliances ever made. They reduce the chances of an allergy break out, purify air quality, and provide an easier way of cleaning floors. To make the vacuum cleaner more effective and functional, manufacturers are coming up with latest designs, shinning body, and other great features.

The vacuum cleaner is just an electric device which makes use of an air pump in sucking up dust and dirt from floors and other various surfaces.

This machine has so many benefits which most homeowners are enjoying today. However, the type of floors you have and the cleaning you wish to carry out will determine the type of vacuum cleaner which will be needed. As mentioned above, there are many benefits of a vacuum cleaner, and we shall discuss some of these benefits.


Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner isn’t only hygienic, but it is also safer compared to the use of brooms or other manual tools. A Vacuum cleaner has the capacity of cleaning within minutes, whereas manual tools may take hours. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can get your home thoroughly cleaned within few minutes saving up time and energy in the process as they are fast and easy to use. Also, you do not need too much effort and energy in handling vacuum cleaners.


Today, vacuum cleaners have been made with a series of advanced features which you can’t even envisage. If you own a vacuum cleaner with advanced features, cleaning will become easier for you. Additionally, using vacuum cleaners with sophisticated features, you also get the benefit of having an automatic revealing sensor to help you work more effectively.


Because the vacuum cleaner isn’t an expensive home tool; you will always have the benefit of spending less and saving money. The average price for a vacuum cleaner might differ depending on the type and size you need for your cleaning.


Also, most of the handheld vacuums are cordless, and this makes them easy to carry from one place to another. If you don’t want to worry about a cord getting caught up or tangled with something while moving your vacuum, we will advise that you use a cordless vacuum cleaner if you like the handheld type as they have many great benefits or you can also go with top quality backpack vacuum cleaner is portability is of greater concern to you. If you prefer a vacuum with a cord, ensure it is long so you won’t be limited by your outlet.


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, this is one of the major benefits. Sometimes you want to clean up quickly or clean up a little mess in a small area.  Whether it’s a bunch of cat hair on the rug you need to clean up before your guests arrive quickly, or if your toddler just made a mess while feeding, a vacuum does a great job in cleaning efficiently and quickly.

This cleaning machine is good for homes and offices; owning a vacuum cleaner is a great investment which many homeowners have invested in. This machine cleans the floors quickly and can be used in conjunction with good quality steam mops to keep your home fully clean and free from bacterias always, saving up both time and energy. Some vacuum cleaners such as the robotic vacuums are made to carry out your cleaning tasks even while you are at work or on an errand.


Below are the frequently asked questions on vacuum cleaners which we receive from most of our readers. If you still have questions after going through this section, please feel free to drop a comment or contact us.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For Stairs?

A cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is best for stairs, although, most modern designs of vacuum cleaners are made with an extension hose which stretches over a few meters for easy cleaning of stairs.

When Can I Wash Vacuum Cleaner Filters?

I recommend that you wash only washable filters, and these filters should be cleaned up every month when used occasionally, 1-4 months when used from time to time.

How Often Should A HEPA Filter Be Replaced?

Most HEPA filters can last until 3 years and will need to be changed after this period to maintain the highest filtration. Try to check your filters at least just once each year to check for soiling or filter damage. If you perceive a musty smell when operating your vacuum machine, there is an indicator which shows when there’s a problem with the HEPA filter.

What Are The Best Types Of Vacuum Cleaner Bags?

Vacuum producers recommend purchasing branded replacement bags, although, you can find cheaper alternatives. I think Unifit, Vivanco, and Airflo vacuum cleaner bags are the best.

What Are The Best Accessories Included With A New Vacuum Cleaner?

In most cases, a crevice tool is a necessary tool for tight spaces. Also, attachments like an upholstery tool for a power tool or sofas, to lift ingrained dirt is a must-have accessory for easier and great cleaning. When purchasing an upright machine, get one that has a detachable hose to attach the tools mentioned above easily.

How Can I Clean A Washable Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

Use clean water when washing the filter and rinse it very well until the water completely runs clear. Then allow the filter to dry naturally for a day or two (depending on the temperature). To prevent malfunction or damage of the vacuum cleaner, the filter must dry completely before putting it back into your machine.

Which Is Better, Bagless or Bag?

From the beginning, all vacuums were designed bagless. They aren’t cheap as well, ranging from $30 to $59 each. It is almost impossible to spend so much on a paper bag, so I advise you end up saving more with bags and buy best upright vacuums with bags.

Should I Buy A Canister Or Upright?

Canisters and uprights are two separate tools for two separate jobs. Uprights are made mainly for wall and carpet. but best canisters have more suction and are more effective on cars, bare floors, steps, and furniture, so buying one will depend on the task.

Do I need Attachments?

In case you plan on using your vacuum cleaner in cleaning furniture, drapes, your vehicle, staircases, ceiling fans, or mattresses, then you will need attachments. So Yes, I think attachments are needed.


A vacuum cleaner is an indoor machine, and just like other home and office appliances, proper care is needed to keep it working as it should. Due to its different working parts, it sometimes requires little extra maintenance and excellent cleaning. Here are some easy safety tips you should do:

  • Check the belt
  • Take your vacuum to the shop
  • Empty bag less models regularly
  • Check the filters & hoses
  • Clean your vacuum cleaners after use.

All these aren’t difficult to carry out when you know what needs to be done and how to do it. Having your vacuum cleaner to work properly is very easy, and it doesn’t require too much time. Five to ten minutes of maintenance work could add many years to its life.

Getting a brand new vacuum cleaner can cut into your budget, but finding out time to keep it in good state can be easy and quick when you follow these safety tips. Let’s look at some safety and maintenance tips to help you in taking care of your vacuum cleaner.


One of the easiest and quickest things a vacuum owner can do to maintain his/her vacuum cleaner is to replace the bag frequently. Most people think that bags only required to get replaced when they get full. Moreover, to keep your cleaning machine function at its best, then you will need to replace the bag regularly even when it isn’t fully packed with debris.

Dirt needs space to get into the bag, and if there isn’t enough space, there won’t be sufficient room for the debris the vacuum cleaner picks up. There are some signs you can look out for which indicates when a bag is full, or getting almost filled up.


Does it sound straightforward? But with various models, types, and brands of vacuum cleaners today, attaching a bag might turn out to be a little difficult for most people. People using it for the first time usually face problems such as this.

If the bag is not well attached, debris will find it difficult in finding their way into the bag. If not properly attached, this can badly affect the cleaner as the moving parts won’t be able to carry out their job effectively. This maintenance technique helps a lot in prolonging the lifespan of your vacuum cleaners.


Regularly, you will need to inspect the brush roll of your vacuum cleaner. Over time, some ropy items could get wrapped around the roll, and this can cause it to break down or not to spin the way it should.

These include items like hair, floss, and string. I would suggest you remove the roll from your vacuum if it’s okay with you. You will give it a more thorough clean by removing the roll, but what’s the essence of doing this if you can not get it back on.

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Just like all other home appliances, your upright vacuum cleaner also works very hard in keeping your home smelling good and looking great. For many homeowners, having vacuum cleaners is an investment to their homes.

And just like all investments, making sure it gets properly maintained is the best way of protecting it. There are many safety tips and other precautions you could take to help ensure that your best rated upright vacuum cleaners lasts long and function the way it should for many years.

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