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How cardio can give you a slim waist and flat tummy

Getting into proper shape and losing that extra fat is a journey of hard work and consistency, and there are many ways to adapt to strive for your health goals. One effective and efficient way of losing pounds and pumping up your health quotient is cardio.

If hearing the word cardio makes you relate to the condition of sweat dripping off your forehead while running non-stop on the treadmill then you’re somehow right. Cardiovascular exercise means that you’re doing an activity that involves body motion, strength, and stamina.

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How does cardio burn fat?

The most efficient form of burning fat is through following a mixed workout medium to high-intensity weight training along with aerobic exercises. We know that performing regular exercises improves the ability of our muscles to burn up fat and boosts the phenomenon of extra fat loss. If you are thinking of adding a cardio session to your daily routine to get rid of that flat tummy then you’re thinking right as adding cardio sessions to your routine will give you the following benefits

  • Burns burns calories therefore burn the extra fat
  • Boosts metabolism and improves digestion, helping in weight loss
  • Strengthen your heart and make your immune system strong
  • Focuses on large muscle groups, such as your legs or core

Doing Cardio for weight loss

To lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. The total amount of calories burning in a day should be more than the calories consumed. The calorie deficit you are the more you will lose weight. If you’re not sure how to be in negative calorie count, you can always use some calorie counting app to ease your way of chasing your goals.

As long as taking a strict check on calories intake is important, you cannot ignore the amount and type of exercise you are doing. You should get at least 30 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise and 10 to 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise at the beginner level.

You can also include some strength-training activities and compound movement exercises that involve all major muscle groups of your body twice a week.

If your goal is to lose one pound per week, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume in one week.

Exercises to help to achieve your goals

These cardio exercises will help you to burn that extra fat quickly and give you a slim figure.


Burpees are compound movement workouts including the combination of squats, jumps, and pushups. This exercise targets the fat from the entire body, making it one of the most effective cardio workouts. Burpees overall target all the essential muscle groups such as the chest, legs, and core. For efficient results,

  • You need to perform at least 20 reps in one minute
  • Give your body some rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat the exercise for 5 minutes

Jump rope

Jump rope is an effective form of cardio exercise. It can burn up to 250 calories in 15 minutes. Jumping rope requires focus and coordination, especially as you move from beginner to advanced moves. It works on your calves and improves their elasticity. Jump rope also targets the arms muscles and abdomen. Wearing gloves while performing the exercise will give you extra grip and confidence. For effective results it is important to perform the exercise correctly

  • Grab the handles of the jump rope gently
  • Stand in a relaxing posture while keeping the elbows close to the torso
  • Slightly bend your knees and swing the rope from the wrist and pass it over the head
  • Now jump to let the rope pass beneath your feet
  • Keep doing it while maintaining the form

if you want some intense cardio workout with ropes then you can also use battle ropes to perform various exercises which beneficial for your body.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are also an efficient entire body workout to add to your daily routine. This exercise is part of plyometrics which is a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance work. Performing jumping jacks involve the entire body and are a good way to work the heart, lungs, and muscles at the same time. To get maximum results

  • Stand straight in a natural position, stretch the arms to the sides, and spread the legs wide apart.
  • Jump and clap your hands while spreading your legs at the same time
  • Return the arms to the sides of the body, and join the legs
  • Jump again, and repeat

Lunge Jump

The jump lunge is an advanced-level variation of basic lunging. To perform it, you need to jump high and, while being mid-air you have to switch your forward foot before landing. It is a great exercise for those willing to lose fat. To perform it in a correct way

  • Keep a steady position with one leg forward and one leg back. Similarly, place your hands in the same way
  • Tighten your core, get in the ready position and quickly wave your arms upward to jump. While jumping, switch your legs before landing.
  • Land in a lunge position and repeat.
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