best bike trainers reviews 2018 – Buy ONLY after reading this!
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Bike trainers play an integral part in making body fit and healthy in long run and that’s the #1 reason we thought of making a condensed list of best bike trainers in market in the year 2018 and ahead to give you value for money without Compromising with the quality of product you get to maintain a good body.

Not to forget that you can also use weighted vest along with waist cinchers with your bike trainer while on your workout regime to gain more core strength in different parts of your body. Doing yoga in your workout routine will also help you gain peace and soul strength along with body strength.

So come on folks lets drool over the list of some of the cool and high-quality bike trainers available in the market right below to make your body look in perfect shape.

1. Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

kinetic-road-machine-2-0-fluid-trainerThis awesome bike trainer comes with fluid resistance technology to get a bike riding experience like outdoors. it comes fully assembled and gives its buyer stability along with lifetime warranty because ,the company seems to have trust in its high quality standards of the product which seems to be backed by hundreds of 5 star review by its buyers making it a number 1 choice of a fitness enthusiast who wants to buy a bike trainer and has a good budget because good things comes with a nice price tag .so does this bike training machine as it is not cheap as its other alternatives but its price tag is justified by its quality which made us feature it on #1 spot for best bike trainers .

There are no heating or noise issues on this bike trainer as it comes with magnetic couplers and high quality fluid along with ergonomic body design for stability of the machine and rider at all times without compromising the speed of rider.

when you first buy this you will need to make some adjustments according to the requirements, but it cane remain same as long as you don’t change the cycle every day to new model 🙂

Not to forget that this amazing bike trainer can work with all bikes but it fits perfectly on 29 x 24-inch tires to get a flawless experience of like riding a real bike in the vast open air with the winds of freedom blowing across the oceans and long park alleys.

Pro’s Con’s
  • Lifetime warranty
  • fluid resistance
  • high quality and durable
  • high price
  • some people experience little noise will on a workout .


2. Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

magnet-steel-bike-bicycle-indoor-exercise-trainer-standNow comes the time to reveal something more economical then the #1 kinetic bike trainer .its one of the affordable bike trainer which anyone can buy who comes with a limited budget but is looking for high quality and durable bike trainer.

It comes with 5 internal resistance setting for workout according to your performance requirement and body shape .besides this its portable which makes it easy to fold, travel around and store appropriately in a small amount of space .but its portability doesn’t need to comprise its built quality as its made up of heavy-duty high-performance steel frame.

Its dimensions when fully assembled are as follows 21.4*19.4*15.5 .it comes with state of the art quality, magnet system which gives progressive magnetic resistance in 5 modes to maintain the speed according to your requirement and stamina. Its a magnetic bike trainer.

Its a great choice for indoor bike body trainer and not come close to outside bike trainers ,so if you want a good outside bike trainer with smooth working with no or very little noise then you can go for fluid bike trainers but if you are not concerned with whether its indoor or outdoor bike trainer and you only want something to get good workout which is long lasting and affordable than its for you .

Pro’s Con’s
  • Affordable
  • 5 resistance mode for variable speed setting
  • long lasting
  • noisy, but it won’t bother if hearing music
  • some people find design not good


3. CycleOps Wind Trainer

cycleops-wind-trainer-blackTo start with let me make it clear that its a wind resistance bike trainer that comes with a fan . it comes with vortex blade design which is capable of providing progressive resistance with just changing the gears to change the resistance settings and maintaining the speed as per the requirement.

It easily fits 26”,27” or 20”-24” and comes with custom bike skewer for fitting and making adjustments as per the requirements. its fan is made up of zinc material to add resistance to the flywheel.

Moreover, it comes with a solid metal frame which is capable of using with mountain as well as road bikes easily .it comes with foldable legs able to adjust according to the floor type which makes it more portable and travel-friendly for all people.

Not to forget that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee for getting value for money product and replacing when something goes wrong with it.

Pro’s Con’s
  • less space required
  • durable wind bike trainer
  • long lasting
  • produces lot of noise
  • price could have been lower


Now is the time to discuss some important types of bike trainers available in the market-based on the type of resistance it provides.

1. Fluid: Fluid bike trainers are the most efficient one as they provide fluid mechanical resistance for all the parts and gives it more durability along with long life to the machine.They are silent in working and comes with a flywheel filled with high viscosity fluid. They give you more control over the resistance and operation but sometimes get overheated quickly.

2. Magnetic: They come with 2 opposite magnets which provide resistance for working smoothly. generally, its found that magnetic bike trainers provides linear resistance and are less favorable than fluid bike trainers. 

3. Wind: Its the cheapest of them all and some times comes with a lot of noise .its found that there is a fan attached to the equipment which rotates as the cyclist drives, the faster the cyclist pedals the bike, more will be the resistance produced.

4. Centrifugal : In This kind of Bike trainer the main difference from the other types is that its pressure plates tend to give resistance to its rear end tires .morever you can change the resistance intensity as per the requirement and the main benefit of using it that it works with very low or negligible noise but its downside being that if used too hard for extreme workout, it can break but if you are using it light without being harsh then it will work fine .

5. Roller Bike Trainers: High-end, expensive and comes with almost zero resistance, they can be little harder to use for the novice but give the best real-life feel of driving a cycle inside same as you would on real roads where both the front and back tires rotate.

Benefits of Bike trainers

There are lot of advantages of using bike trainers like if you are a keen cyclist who goes for cycling outside daily, but due to bad weather you can’t go out on some days ,then this trainer would come to your rescue or if you are an indoor kind of person who likes to perform his exercises indoor then also its a great equipment to have in your home gym or any other place in your home like entertainment center where you can do your exercise workout on it while watching tv or your favorite movie ,this will save your time too .

Moreover using indoor bike trainers helps in preventing many kinds of injuries which you might get while riding your bikes in hilly terrain, mountain areas, busy traffic areas etc.

Many people in this world live in areas where weather conditions are not favorable year round for cycling so by using these indoor bike trainers you can workout throughout the year to remain healthy and fit without weather problems likfe rain, extreme snowfall, sharp sun rays while going out for cycling.

Bikes trainers are good workout equipment for interval training in which you workout for some time and then take 5-10 breaks to increase your endurance and metabolism rate manifolds which allows you burn calories throughout the day even when you are not working to lose all those extra pounds easily without stressing your workout regime.

Drawbacks of Bike trainers

When their are positives ,theirs something bad too and in case of using bike trainers it’s that when using bike trainers for a long time then it happens that rear tyres of your cycle starts to wear off fast even without hitting the road, so you can use a cheaper tyre if you like and are planning to use the bike inside for long .

The other thing is that sometimes while using the bikes with indoor trainers it happens that while clamping on the trainer the quick remove system can break and there could be some damage in the frame, so be careful while setting up the bike with your trainer or else you can also consider using best exercise bikes as an alternative to bike trainers

Moreover, if you are a novice and starting to learn the bike riding on a trainer inside than you won’t be able to learn to get your balance right as it’s on support, but that won’t be a problem if you use roller trainers and start cycling directly outside.

So after taking into consideration the benefits and drawbacks of bike trainers given above along with some nice bike trainers, you must be wondering what kind of trainers is best for me, the answer to that question lies below.

Things to consider while purchasing a bike trainer


sometimes portability and ease of transport for bike trainer is an important factor for some people before if you want something portable then make sure it lies flat when folded and too heavy to carry around and it can be taken in your vehicle to race tracks and other events in case you need it for practice and warm up before the event.

size of resistance rollers

make sure that the resistance rollers are of appropriate size when compared to the body of the trainer as small rollers would wear out easily in less time and big ones will last longer. so inspect and compare them too while purchasing a bike trainer.

types of resistance

there are many types of resistance to consider while purchasing a bike trainers, all types of resistance are discussed above, so buy the bike trainer with resistance type which suits you the best according to your requirements and budgets.

Attachment compatibility

Make sure that bike trainers are compatible with standard tools and gear for them available in market. like, check if the real axel supports are compatible with modern screwers available in the market or it comes with its own screwer for fixing.

Moreover, check out if the bike trainer is robust and compatible with all the bikes types in the market or does it only works with one or 2 types of cycle. it should be easy to use and install and less time to consume to make the workout rewarding.

Better stability

To ensure that bike trainer is stable of all kinds of different surfaces and provide you better workout experience make sure that it comes with leveling screws and large footprints to ensure smooth workout even at high speed without getting ripped off or hurting you after getting tripped due to stability issue at high speed.

If you are beginner for using these trainers and cycling in outside world then my best advice would be to use any of the stationary trainers given above but if you like to cycle outside and are unable to go out due to any reason then you can choose roller trainer or any other like fluid as it will give you good cycling experience but not the best as you get with real cycle in outside world .

Rest all depends on different factors like your budget for trainers as fluid ones are expensive and wind trainers are cheapest, resistance intensity, quite trainers cost more but with some noise cost less, schedule .how often you would use and its durability to handle your intense schedule and much more

While purchasing nice bike trainers, there are some good accessories which you need to buy along with the top bike trainer to get a good experience and maintain the good health easily .so here we have come up with few essential accessories to complement with your bike trainer.

Mat: I think its an essential accessory to buy with a bike trainer as it helps to absorb all the vibrations of the bike trainer while its in work .so if you are using the bike trainer at the home then it could be very useful to prevent other people getting disturbed from your vibrations.

Also, it helps in keeping the floor clean as all the instruments goes on the mat, all the sweat which your body releases will drop on mat, not floor thus keeping the floor clean .a good quality and affordable mat that you buy is Body Solid Super Mat RF34B Bike mat which durable in all aspects

Sweat Net: you can also buy a sweat net that gets fixed with your bike to absorb the sweat that might drop from your body while workout. our recommendation for buying a sweat net is CycleOps Bike Thong Sweat Catcher.

Riser Block : As we all know that bike trainer lifts the backward wheel of the bike to easy maneuver, but won’t it be good if we lift up the front wheel also to the same height as off back wheel to give a firm grip and stability for a rider of bike on the best bike trainer .So this work is done by Riser block, which comes in many varieties and from different brands but we like Sunlite Forza Riser Block as its high quality and can easily handle 27” inch wheels of bikes.

So folks go ahead and buy one the best bike trainer from the list of best bike trainers 2018 available in the market on discount along with the bike trainer accessories to get the best experience and keep your body in shape only with these top quality bike trainers.