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best yoga mat reviews 2017-Read THIS before buying

best yoga mat reviews 2017-Read THIS before buying
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yoga is a practice to keep your body and mind fit for life time .its an alchemy that turns every body into energetic soul ,when in full effect it gives midas touch to body strength ,sustaining peace all around .

Practice yoga to stay fit and healthy ,but to do that you need to buy a nice quality yoga mat to get the experience that nothing else can give .so get rid of your old and poor quality yoga mat if you have any to get a new one from the list of best 2017 yoga mats given below to get an unforgettable yoga session every day ,thus elevating your quality of life and standard of living with peace all around and creativity along with productivity at peak in everything you do in life

Some of the important features of yoga mats to look out for while purchasing a good yoga mat as per your requirement

  1. durability : A good yoga mat will always come with durability and firmness to withstand all kinds of yoga practices and regimes to witness the sands of time from generations to generations .

  2. portability : Make sure that the yoga mat is portable ,as you may be carrying it to different place to perform yoga regime ,so a yoga mat with appropriate weight and dimensions will make it portable and travel friendly . 
  3. grip and stability :A firm mat with good grip and stability will make sure that all your standing yoga postures and exercise goes like a breeze without any obstruction or slipperiness .
  4. comfort :before buying a mat take a look at the comfort factor of mat that’s its proving ,check for extra cushion as it could prevent squirming while performing kneeling postures along with bending giving you a comfortable yoga workout on the mat .

  5. price : while buying a yoga mat keep its price in mind and buy one which suits your pocket ,but also not to forget that you don’t buy yoga mats every other month ,so spending some extra money on yoga mat to get better quality would be of more worth in long run rather than buying a sub standard one with lower price tag every few months .

  6. size :before buying a yoga mat take a look at the size of the mat ,and buy one which fits your body type and size otherwise you would end up in a bad mood leaving a bad review about the mat just because it didn’t fit your body size .

  7. smell and stinky nature: you may find some of the yoga mats having strong smell when you buy them ,its due to the materiel used in the mat manufacturing .some time it can be unbearable for some people ,so you can choose the mat accordingly ,although its for sure that which ever mat you choose ,everyone of it will have little bit ting of smell because its new and packed but it will go as you start using the mat and it becomes old.

So folks after keeping all the essential features of a good yoga mat in mind we have come up with some of the best yoga mats found in market which you can buy with discount and they are worth your money .its time to drool over the list of top yoga mats for best yoga practices right below to keep our body and mind healthy

Best Yoga mats

1. Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

gaiam-print-premium-reversible-yoga-mats-5mmgaiam yoga mat is a good quality and durable yoga mat that comes with nice reversible design pattern on it to keep it looking good and make you feel good while practicing yoga .

moreover not to forget that it comes with yoga workout download guide to perform the yoga like never before to keep your body healthy and fine for long time .

It comes with extra cushion space of 5mm which makes it soft on edges to perform yoga asanas with ease on its 68″L x 24″W surface .

however it as its downside too as some people found that its print is not of high quality and sticks around while on floor and will start fading after some time of good use ,but if you can ignore this minor glitch in print quality ,then you can buy this one with discount easily .

Pro’s Con’s
  • Light weight and durable
  • printed
  • good quality
  • print fades after some time of usage
  • could have priced little bit lower


2. Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat


Manduka is one of the trusted and reputed names when it comes to yoga mat and they well deserve it also ,as many people have rated it 5 stars due to its extra level of comfort along with lifetime guarantee to get it replaced it some thing went wrong ,which gives a edge over other substandard products in market ,as we all know ,the one who is strongest and has faith in its product only dares to lifetime guarantee .

although some people find it extra heavy which makes it difficult to carry while traveling but being a 71 inch mat with 0.25 inch thickness add extra level of comfort which definitely outdo its little extra weight for its owner

this high quality comes in variable sizes to choose according to the requirement and is very versatile to use on variety of surfaces like carpet ,floor ,wood etc for best performance without wearing out edges or seeping in your sweat while performing yoga into the mat which could potentially be a bacteria breeder in future but not in this mat 🙂

You can also buy Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat if you want extra long mat to fit in yourself easily .

Pro’s Con’s
  • comfortable and durable
  • good on variety of surfaces
  • high quality
  • slippery and smelly in start
  • could have been priced lower
  • little bit heavy


3. Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

jade-harmony-professional-3-16-inch-yoga-matJade harmony is high quality professional yoga mat to give you the right balance and stability while performing yoga posses on this mat to keep your body and health in right shape .not to forget that its made up off natural rubber with an open cell structure .

so you will definitely like it if you are an eco friendly freak of just love environment as this company also plants a new tree for every mat sold,but downside of this being is that natural rubber may stick ,expand when exposed to natural sun heat ,thats why it would be good for you to avoid direct sun light yoga practices ,instead go in shades of tree with cool breeze around or indoors in big hallway to practice your favorite yoga moves .

besides all this this mat comes in 2 sizes of 68 inch and 74 inch and offer slip resistance along with perspiration on the surface of mat to give you the best yoga practices on this jade yoga mat .moreover you can wash it out in open with normal soap and water to rid of dirt from it

Pro’s Con’s
  • comfortable and good quality
  • eco friendly
  • price on higher side
  • not good for heat exposure


4. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Mat

hugger-mugger-para-rubber-mathugger mugger yoga mat is also seems to be a natural rubber made long lasting and durable eco friendly yoga mat with nice marble like effect to make it look nice .it comes with slip resistance surface to perform your twist ,turns and jumps with ease while performing yoga on this amazing mat by hugger mugger .

it comes with 1/4” thickness for good comfort and cushion to perform yoga moves without hurting your body or feet at all .its sustainable and durable too

people who buy this at discount loves it ,because of it good quality and you can choose from variable color marble texture as per your liking .

Pro’s Con’s
  • firm grip and durable
  • nice marble texture colors
  • eco friendly natural rubber material
  • it stinks with bad odor in starting
  • price could have been low


5. Clever Yoga Premium Mat BetterGrip Eco-Friendly

clever-yoga-premium-mat-bettergrip-eco-friendlyclever yoga mat is one of the most sought after yoga mats in market ,that’s why it made to this list because it is made up of high quality and is very economically priced .its made up off 100% recyclable and eco friendly TPE material which helps the mat to remain odor free and uv resistance all the time to give you a yoga experience which you deserve to make your each day good

it has strong grip and doesn’t slip which makes it easy for you to perform all the standing yoga asanas and other exercises easily on either side this clever yoga mat as its reversible too.

it is 72 inch long and 6mm thick which gives additional cushioning for extra comfort ,but some people complain about being thick ,as it adds weight to the mat which people cant carry ,but they can carry their fat belly around ….just joking 🙂 .go and check your belly fat with body fat scales and then do yoga to get rid of it .

not to forget that it too comes with lifetime guarantee ,so if you don’t like it or got one with some defect than you can get a replacement or full money back easily .

so guys if you are looking for something economical ,that performs and fulfill all the essential need of yoga mat ,then its for you ,buy this and you wont regret as its durable and any or all members of your family can use it easily .

Pro’s Con’s
  • high quality
  • good grip
  • economically priced
  • extra thick
  • some people find it sticky and without grip
  • stinks sometimes


so guys if you are serious about your health ,yoga is something i would recommend everyone to do every day for rest of your life and see the change in your life,your days will be much more energetic and vibrant and you will never feel on low energy throughout the day.also not to forget that yoga also helps in preventing varicose veins in muscles too.

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but for performing yoga appropriately you need a good yoga mat ,thats why we have listed some of the best yoga mats for you to choose from and buy with discount and do yoga keep your body and mind healthy on these awesome and best yoga mats.

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