Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

best power racks 2018 with HEFTY discounts

best power racks 2018 with HEFTY discounts
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Best power rack 2018 is one the best tool for dedicated people who want to take their fitness to next level by putting a considerable amount of effort through the workout. power racks will help you to build solid muscles and body strength by reducing unwanted body fat and building endurance and muscle mass if you use them wisely over a period of time.

Here we have shared some of the effective and efficient power racks available in the market for you to buy with a discount from below link after analyzing their features and reading user reviews.

Best power racks 2018

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

This is a power rack from body solid with a walk-in design for easy usage. it comes with lift offs which provides warmth while workout. it also features safety rods which helps your workout safe and effective always when using this power rack.

it comes with 20 adjustment levels which are 3 inches apart from each other. it also features knurled chinning bar which seems to be 41 inches wide. it is made fro 11 gauge high strength steel to help you in your workout regime without any compromises.

it is suitable for people up to a maximum weight of  800 lbs and comes in dimensions of 82″ H x 49″ L x 46″ W. To read the latest user reviews before buying this power rack your body health and fitness with discount click button below.

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

This power tower beast from fitness reality comes with a weight limit of 1500 lbs and is made from 2 x 3 inches tubular steel frame for durability and stability. it comes with 2 adjustable 2 x 20 inches rubber grip handles which can support people up to 600 lbs of weight.

it also includes double safety bars of 11.5 inches each along with 2 35.5 mounted bars for additional safety besides that it features 2 adjustable chin up bars with 600 lbs weight range for pull ups and chin ups related exercises.

on this power tower, you can add additional pull-down bars, other bars, fitness benches as per your requirements for complete fitness.

it comes in dimensions of 71.5  x 52 x 86 and weighs around 256 lbs. fitness reality gives 10 years warranty on the frame along with 3 years on parts and 2 years on the wearable. To read its latest user reviews and buy at discounted rates click button below.

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

PowerLine PPR200X Power RackThis power rack from the powerline has a wide walk-in design for easy movement while workout. it features double heat tempered lift-offs and 2 safety rods. it is great for different kinds of exercises like squats, flat benches, shoulder shrugs, dips, presses and more. weightlifters can also use it to work out very effectively.

it has 18 adjustment levels for comfortable workout positions and vertical bars are 24 meters apart from each other giving you a good amount of space in between for workout easily. it also has 41 inches wide chin up bar for pull ups and chin ups.

it comes in dimensions of 44 x 82 x 46 inches. the company provides 10 years warranty on this power rack. overall its great power rack but some people complain that some paint got off after some time of use. to read latest user reviews prior to buying click button below


Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

This power rack from fitness reality will fulfill your workout needs up to a certain extent and will help you build solid muscles. It can withstand up to 800 lbs of weight and gives its user good side movement and comfortable workout environment due to large walk in space.

Its made up of 2 x 2 inches of steel frame and features 2 long safety bars with dual mount and 3.25 inches of chrome lock for added safety. the safety bars have 19 adjustable height levels to workout easily as per your preference and these safety bars are also compatible with 7-inch Olympic bars.

this power rack also features overhead pull up and chin up bars with nice grips for adding strength to your upper body by doing a chin up and pull-ups.

it comes with an adjustable bench with 12 position backrest adjustment possibilities along with 2 position front leg adjustments for complete comfort and safety while using the power rack to build your body muscles.the bench can be easily folded for easy storage of the power tower.

this power rack comes in dimensions of 50.5 x 83.5 x 46.5 inches and weighs around 21 lbs. you can use it for multiple exercises like shoulder press, bench press, pull ups, chin ups, squats and many more.

its study to use and easy to assemble that’s the reason lot of people who buy it like using it regularly without any complaints so to read some latest user reviews before buying this power rack click button below.

Best Fitness Power Rack

Best Fitness Power Rack

This is an amazing power rack from best fitness which is made from 14 gauge steel frame having 23 position points each 3 inches apart to workout at any level you want according to your requirement.

It comes with full-length safety bar and a double adjustable lift off for your complete safety while working out on this power rack. it features a full length chin up bar for doing pulls ups and chin ups easily without any problems.

It can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs and comes with good quality powder coating paint to prevent rusting etc

It comes in dimensions of 45.5 x 46.5 x 82 inches and weighs around 110 lbs.the company provides 3 years warranty on frame and 1 year on its parts.

Its a must have equipment for strength training and muscle build up. you will enjoy using this power rack if you want to take your fitness to next level and are dedicated to doing so in long run.

Benefits of using power racks

improve metabolism

power racks provide you with a lot of options to follow a fast exercise routine to get fit and it has been found in some studies that doing vigorous exercises daily helps to improve your overall body metabolism so power racks come very useful in increasing your body metabolism rate when used daily.

cost-effective for home use

power racks don’t cost much to purchase and use at home. its cost is comparatively less than what you would spend on a gym membership fees and fuel cost for going to the gym in your car daily and cost of time wasted in traffic while going to the gym. so buy a quality power rack from above and save a lot of money while building a fit body.

helps in weight loss

using power racks for following your daily workout routine will result in lots of calories burnt and sweat from your body which will ultimately result in burning off unwanted body fat and reducing your overall body weight. so to remain fit with ripped muscles and balance out your healthy diet intake you should workout daily using power racks as it will burn calories and help you stay in shape.

tones and build muscles

toned muscles building is one of the main benefits of power racks as it allows you to practice a variety of advanced and quality exercises daily which helps to make your muscles ripped and stronger with more endurance thus building a strong body but don’t forget to eat good amount of healthy food daily because without it you won’t be able to build muscles as your body workout requires fuel for building muscles and nutrient-rich food provides the fuel without it you will start having body pain and other problems which are not good at all.

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