Top 4 Benefits Of Black Beans

Top 4 Benefits Of Black Beans
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If there’s one thing that Brazil like is beans, is not it? Even more when it comes accompanied by that famous white rice, the duo becomes unbeatable. But when we talk about Brazilian beans connect instantly to red beans – the most common and most consumed – forgetting the good old black beans. Thinking about it we decided to bring to you today the top 4 of the benefits of black beans. After you know it better you will want to include in your recipes every day!

Benefits of black beans

benefits of black beans

1 – Help in heart health

Some of the main and most excellent benefits of black beans are their high amount of fiber for example soluble fiber. For those who do not know this kind of fiber, collects water and ends up turning into a clot in the digestion process, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. As we all know the reduction of blood cholesterol helps prevent heart disease and even heart strokes.

If nothing else, the black beans also contain small number of fatty acids (omega 3) also known as the “good” cholesterol that helps control the levels of “bad cholesterol”. This acid is still antihypertensive, i.e. it helps improve the flow of blood in the body.

2 – Help the digestive system

As previously seen the black beans are rich in fiber and also protein. These two components help in the transportation of food in the digestive tract and to be digested more slowly than other foods, beans leaves you satisfied for long time. Thus, beans help cleanse the digestive system thus avoiding the potential excesses.

3 – Help in sexual dysfunction

One of the benefits of black bean also includes sexual flora. This is because you can find a rare nutrient in food called molybdenum. This mineral has a number of benefits to our body. Among them is the power to reduce sexual inability and erectile dysfunctions in men over age. It is worth mentioning that to achieve these benefits requires regular food consumption. Do not just eat only once a week.

4 – Help in the nervous system

That’s right, in addition to all the benefits of black beans that have seen it still helps our nervous system. This is because the food is high in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B9 known as folate. This vitamin has a very significant role in the process of amino acids for the nervous system. Researchers have found that organisms without folate are much more likely to develop neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

So now that you know the key benefits of black beans include it also in your daily meals. After all, it is the constant use of the same leading to such benefits.

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If you do not much like black beans and prefers black beans, a good tip is to cook the both together. Put 70% of black beans and 20% red beans. So you get all these benefits and also please your palate.

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