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Soft And Smooth Skin – Infallible tricks

Soft And Smooth Skin – Infallible tricks
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Every woman suffering or have suffered from dry skin, is not it? This is because the natural loss of oil from our skin makes the skin dehydrated. So it takes several precautions so that this does not happen. And we, as always, are here to help you! Today’s tip is to soften the dry skin with some simple and easy smooth skin tricks!

smooth skin care

So if your skin is in this situation or if you already want to prevent for the winter, it is better to follow all our tips, you’ll love them all!

smooth skin tricks

1- Choose soap

It may not seem but the soap you use in cleaning your skin makes all the difference in hydration of the same. You should invest in a good mild soap that will help restore the protective layer of your skin. A good tip is to look at the time of purchase, if the label of soap has something to do with “soap for dry skin” or even “moisturizing soap” – these are the best options.

2 – Hot water and sponge do not match the face

When washing your face, you may forget the hot water, that because it removes the lipid mantle in our skin. So always prefer cold or warm water and no sponge on the face! The friction of the sponge with your skin helps to aggravate the degree of dryness and increase the sensitivity of your skin. So never use sponges! Use your own hand to wash your face.

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3 – Do not rub the towel on the face

Many women have the habit of rubbing his face with a towel as if the world were to end. It does not help to alleviate the dry skin, on the contrary, aggravates dryness of your skin. So forget your old custom to rub the towel in the face! Instead give light taps with the towel on the skin.

4 – Hydrate well

Is there anyone who follows a daily ritual to wash, tone and moisturize skin twice a day? Although this sequence is the most correct to soften the dry skin almost, no one does. But that does not mean you have to put aside because there is no time to do this ritual. Rather, you should look for alternatives to make up for your skin and your lack of time. Our tip is the moisturizer! Choose a facial moisturizer of your choice and once out of the shower, apply it on skin – that it will help your skin to absorb the moisturizer.

  1. Food rich in nutrients

Food is also a very important factor when it comes to soften the dry skin. So be sure to include in your diet full of nutrients such as flaxseed, Brazil nuts, quinoa, etc.

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As you have seen there are several simple tips and beauty rituals that you should follow to ease the dry skin. After all no one wants to walk around like that, is not it?

Then share these tips with your friends and try to soften dry skin today!

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